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I went to vaping full-time in June and kicked my 20 year smoking habit. For those who might not know, when a coil on an e-cigarette goes bad, it tastes awful. I use an eVic Mini with the Cubis tank, and my coIls are BF SS316, which cost $9.99 for a pack of five. Previously, a coil lasted me about a week, sometimes a little more. These were burning out within a day. Since I'd ordered them from the Joyetech website, I thought maybe they were a bad batch and I could have them replaced.

So I contacted their customer service and gave them the make, model, and scratch-off ID from the box. They have since given me the runaround with constant replies about how I have to contact the retailer, somehow not grasping that they ARE the retailer. At present, eight emails later, I have now submitted their issue form (an excel spreadsheet). All I want is a new pack of coils, and any reasonable company would have sent me a new pack of coils by now.

I ordered parts for my Joyetech Cuboid Mini that I found out I didn't need. I returned the package to Joyetech Customer Service and because I used pay after delivery with PayPal, I opened a case with PayPal so they don't deduct the money out of my account since I didn't need those parts. Joyetech Customer Service is horrible because they took forever to respond to the PayPal case. Finally, PayPal canceled the deduction from my account meaning that I don't have to pay for the items since I returned them back to the company. Joyetech Customer Service emailed me to tell me that I am blacklisted, so I can't order from them directly anymore, and that my account will be closed out. Not only is their customer crappy, but their box mods are not the greatest from what I have read on social media. I don't appreciate being blacklisted with the company, and I will no longer purchase their crappy products. Thanks!

Hi! I work at a local vaping shop in my town. I must say this, I was very interested at how Joyetech handles its returns since as soon as I sell any Joyetech product, people return it. So, let me try to fetch a raw number, let's say, out of 200 Joyetech e-cigs, I got 180 back from people yelling at me for ** I sold them. And they weren't wrong, from my half a year experience, when I hear Joyetech, I think **. Two most common problems with their cigarettes are leaks and faulty electronics (short circuited battery most of the times).

So now, whenever people come and say "Oh, I'd like to try this cig by Joyetech!" I tell them to go their way, it's their decision after all, but I tell them to prepare to a series of problems they are going to face before coming back yelling at me. Funniest thing is, 90% of the price at their products is their name, because people say Kangertech bad, Aspire is bad, but seriously, other than some leaking issues with both companies' atomizers, problems related to their products are NOTHING compared to Joyetech, and their products are also usually half the price! So if you're interested in buying an e-cig, do yourself a favor. Avoid Joyetech. Their mods are somewhat decent, but eGo One, eGo One V2, (add more eGo One with suffixes) are all crap and all die within three to four days!

Within a month of purchasing an eGo ONE from a local vape shop (it has all the authentication codes) the charging receptacle broke and it became unchargeable, or basically worthless. With all the pieces needed, I paid over $100 for the unit. I contacted the company immediately and they played a 2 month cat and mouse game me. Having me send and re-send pictures of differing parts until it became out of warranty and stated that because it was out of warranty they would not take back the defective unit.

Purchased the Ego One Mega in October 2015 and it started burning completely on its own in the middle of the night every few minutes. I smelled smoke and it was glowing. I tried to return it to the vendor but they said I had to contact the manufacturer in China. The Chinese company responded only via email two weeks later, asking me to complete a form and send it back. I did. Then they wanted a photo of it. Sent that. Then they wanted a photo of the bar code with serial number. Sent that. Then they asked for a video of it not working. Sent that. Then they said I had to mail it to their USA distributor, but sent no contact information.

A week later, they sent the address and asked that I respond with the tracking number. I did that. They responded, "please send a photo." Of course I couldn't since I just mailed it. They responded "we never told you to mail it." I forwarded a copy of their email showing their instructions. They responded that they had to research it. This all happened over two months and over 25 emails. I still haven't heard from them. It is the absolute worst customer service - a dangerously faulty product and total waste of time.

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Less than 2 months old; defective battery; e-mailed-- no response.

I was purchasing egrip e-cigarette from joyetech website on 19/11/2015. I put every information and the credit card information to the form but my credit card get declined because of unmatched address and I quit from their website but after 5 minute my bank send me the mail that say "from WWW.JOYETECH.US on 19/11/2015 17:38:43 total amount 152.94 USD purchase was made if this purchase is not yours, call us back." I call the bank, I write email to the Joyetech about this situation, nobody reply my email. I couldn't find any phone number on joyetech website. Joyetech customer service didn't reply my mail. I understand the workers may not give attention. Finally they are workers they may only look their paychecks, is fine, 150 dollars is not very big money. If they need I can donate another 150 dollars to them. But I lost my trust to them. Be careful.

This is another subject and it is about the credit card security today on 27/11/2015 with the same credit card that I give my information, somebody make 2 purchase. One is from NORDSTROM DIRECT 369.41USD on 27/11/2015 14:12:54, the other one is CHASE HOTEL 6,42USD on 27/11/2015 14:14:29 without my knowledge. I am not blaming anybody. I don't know who did this. My informations could get stolen by hackers or some of the defected programs from my computer. Anyway, this is my suggestion - never give your credit card information from web.

Bought an Ego One 2200 on 6/15 and 2 days later it didn't hold a charge. I took in back to Hidden Vape in Wells Ca where they said, "Contact the manufacturer in China." I did & after 2.5 months & 52 emails later they okayed a replacement. That was defective also. I contacted them again within the 90 day warranty and they kept asking for the same documents over and over which was sent in the time frame. Now since the warranty time is over they say, "we can't do anything, you're out of warranty". That is dishonest customer service.

I purchased an Ego One Mega a few weeks after my girlfriend purchased the standard Ego One. The Mega has continuously had the leaking problem that I recently found out other users have as well. I have taken excellent care of my device, however, it stopped charging and will not fire. It hasn't been dropped or abused.

After my order on 9 Nov 2014 I was provided with an USPS tracking number for my delivery (international). Since the day of my item departed USPS facility it has passed 47 days which is too long even for an overseas delivery and I am still waiting for it and USPS website shows the item "in transit to the destination" forever. I tried the raise the issue online via USPS website However I have been informed that USPS has no international support/feedback and I need to contact the sender (Joyetech). I asked for help from Joyetech customer service 2 times via email. However they just re-sent me the USPS tracking number which I already had. The annoying thing is I should have been informed about the approximate delivery time and if I have faster options or not (no online choice option). At the end of the day I purchased an item for which I haven't got the slightest idea that when it will be delivered. Tomorrow? Another 47 days? Never? It doesn't sound fair.

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Benji WatersE-cigarettes Contributing Editor

Benji Waters has been working in the electronic cigarette industry for over 3 years. He is a well known blogger on What E Cigarette? and Electronic Cigarette UK and regularly consults with suppliers and manufacturers on current products and future technology.    More about Benji→

Joyetech is a leading manufacturer in the e-cig industry. They have developed several systems that have been copied and widely used in the industry. The eGo C is one of their flagship products.

  • Performance: Nice vapor production
  • Workmanship: Quality materials and parts
  • Battery: Color indicator on button showing remaining power
  • Refills: Can be difficult to refill and low capacity for liquid.
  • Price: Joyetech tends to be a little more expensive compared to similar devices.
  • Best for Light users, long-term smokers, relapsing smokers, current e-cig users

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