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We purchased a ScanSnap ix500, spending nearly $500 on it because it came with Adobe Acrobat software. Unfortunately, we had to have the PC fixed and a new operating system installed. This wiped out our software. I contacted the company to ask how to get our software back. They only sent the ScanSnap manager and organizer. When I asked about my Racksoft and Adobe software, it took a while to find out that I would not be getting back the Adobe. They said it's through a third-party, and, basically, "tough luck." Now I've got an expensive-but-nearly-worthless piece of equipment. I can't afford Adobe Acrobat by itself! I should have invested in Adobe, and then just got a less expensive scanner.


I purchased a Fujitsu ScanSnap S510M scanner in September 2008 and submitted the documentation to request a $50 rebate. After not receiving the rebate after the recommended time, I checked online several times to check the status of my rebate but the system could not find any record of my rebate. After calling a few times (good thing I kept a copy of the rebate form), I finally got in touch with a human being who told me that the company that was servicing their rebates went bankrupt - in that they didn't even file many rebates and that some rebate checks had bounced. I submitted a new rebate request and now it is March and I still haven't gotten my rebate 5 months after I purchased the scanner. The scanner itself is great and I'm happy with it but the company's management of their rebate service is poor and I feel they are taking advantage of enticing buyers but not following through on the promise of a rebate.


I received $50 rebate check from Fujitsu for a Scan Snap Scanner I'd recently purchased. I deposited the check and just received it back from the bank as refused with a copy of the check marked "Stop pay." Now I'm out that $50 plus the bank's fee for the refused check.

Expert Review

Liz MasonerDocument Scanners Contributing Editor

Liz Masoner holds a BBA in Marketing and has nearly 3 decades of business experience. She still remembers when punch cards were the only way to control a computer and is happy to help guide others through the maze of options that now exist in consumer electronics.

Fujitsu is nearly 100 years old and holds a good reputation, but it is better known in Japan than the United States. The ScanSnap scanner line offers models from mobile to heavy-duty options and is well received in the document security field.

  • Flexibility: From mobile scanners to heavy-duty scanners and even no-touch scanners for bound or fragile materials, the ScanSnap line really has something for everyone.
  • Paper compatibility: Nearly every model in the ScanSnap line can accommodate a wide variety of paper sizes.
  • Warranty: The 1 year warranty includes shipping back to the user so you only have to pay for one way shipping.
  • Availability: Finding a non-online supplier may be a bit of a challenge in some areas.
  • TWAIN: Some models do not use a standard TWAIN imaging driver so third party programs might be limited.
  • Best for Home office, Small office

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