South Florida Center For Cosmetic Surgery

Fort Lauderdale, FL

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On June 13th 2016 I had an abdominoplasty procedure. The day before the procedure I was called and it was stated that my surgeon had an emergency and he would not be able to perform surgery. I had already made preparations to have it done. No was not an option! I took vacation time, therefore I decide to go with the new doctor. I was very pleased with my procedure. When it came to customer service it was terrible. I met one lady that worked in the office name (Melinda). She was very rude. Both the girls and post-op have attitudes. They're very unprofessional. I've been trying to get in now for my post-op visit. I have not been seen since my two-week visit. I still haven't seen the doctor that did the surgery. I've been calling every day they (Never) return calls or they call a week later and tell me that they still haven't contacted Dr.

On the day that I came in for my two-week stitches to be removed the lady who remove them was on the cell phone with her children while clipping my stitches off my incision and out of my navel. Once I got home I noticed stitches were still left. I clipped those myself. I have fluid build up on my right side. I've been trying to get in. I've been calling. No one has contact me. No one has called me. I even went as far as to call the office manager to speak with her before I left this review. If you want my opinion I wouldn't go there because I feel as if I had something that could kill me I would have been dead. They show no concern or no regard for the patient after they (TAKE YOUR MONEY). I hope this helps someone. All I can tell you is to run as far away from this place as you can. The whole office needs to be restaff starting from post op on up. This was my first experience and I would never refer them or use them again!

I went to the South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery for a breast lift, small implants, tummy tuck, and lipo. Dr. ** was my surgeon. He was very polite. That was the only nice thing that I received from this practice. Within days after my surgery, a massive infection grew in my right breast. Despite following all of the care and hygiene instructions. The result of this lead to the removal of the implants, half a cup of puss being cleared, sloppy sutras, a very disfigured nipple and a great deal of scarring. I was never told what caused such a deep infection.

My tummy tuck left me with a huge, lumpy, uneven, jagged scar that goes from hip to hip, excess sticking out on my left hip and my belly button was moved 4 inches up and also is nothing more than hard lumpy scars. I was not ever told anything would be done to my belly button. This occurred in April 2015. I have been trying since then to find a lawyer who would help me with no luck. I didn't even receive a refund for the implants I don't have. These people are BUTCHERS & THIEVES. DON'T GO HERE. The saving was not worth it because it will cost me close to $30,000.00 to fix my body. Zero stars. And yes, a year later, with $300 in scar removal treatment. They are all still painfully horrible to look at.

On August 12th I was scheduled to have plastic surgery at the South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery located in Fort Lauderdale. This was a follow-up procedure to correct a minor issue from a procedure last year (August 2008). My procedure last year was followed up by numerous post-op visits. I live overseas so I always have to plan my trips carefully. Two hours before my surgery was to occur I received a phone call to state that the physician was "called away to emergency surgery" and could not perform my surgery as well as the anesthesiologist need to speak with me.

The anesthesiologist then informed me that he was not the doctor that put me under during the last procedure but had some concerns that I did not wake up as easily as he would have liked me to (he was not there). This was taken from some "nurse's notes" on the file as the previous anesthesiologist made no worrying notes at all. He then suggested that my BMI was 1 number off and he would like for me to bring that down by losing 6 lbs.

I requested the surgeons contacted information and refused this.

On June 15th 2009 I visited the center and got the final approval for my surgery. The doctor said we were fine to proceed with the follow-up surgery as he was happy with everything. He even went as far as indicating that he saw including additional weight loss since the procedure and was very pleased with that. At no stage before the previous surgery or throughout the entire year since was there any mention that I even needed to lose any additional weight.

I flew into Miami on the 11th and did all of my blood work as well as paid for my surgery - $2500.00. On August 4th I booked and paid a deposit to confirm my surgical date. I booked my airfare along with a companions fare to travel with me, car, hotel and the services of an aftercare nurse. There were no issues with my blood work and I also filled my prescriptions in preparation of the surgery.

The morning of the 12th - 2 hours before surgery I was very surprised and shocked to receive this cancellation phone call. Needless to say I was not pleased.

The center now refuses to give me my money back. I also did a follow-up phone call with the anesthesiologist who admitted that losing 6lbs may have no impact on my ability to wake up sooner from surgery. In fact, the notes indicated that there was a nasal tube put in for 15 minutes or less - not an extraordinary amount of time.
After the last procedure I was never told of any issues or that it took me longer to wake up.

Besides the expense that I have had to incur to come to Fort Lauderdale Im also very concerned that this useful piece of medical information was not passed onto me as a patient. I cannot express how disappointed I am that in the last year no one spoke to me about this issue. This might have been an important medical piece of information I needed to have.

Why was this information never given to me? Why is the anesthesiologist just now looking over my file and calls hours before the procedure? Does he not do more prep work before then?
When you know that patients are traveling from overseas additional steps should be taken to handle those cases and your staff would know that they are incurring additional expense to make the trip. Theres no international client support whatsoever.

I followed up with a phone call to the doctor and after the cancellation and found out that the staff at the Florida Center lied to me about the surgeon having emergency surgery and not being available for surgery that did. The doctor indicated to me that was NEVER the case and he was surprised they would tell me that.
Given this additional information I certainly want no further dealings with this company. I have requested a refund and reimbursement of my expenses. They have had their lawyers respond to me saying that they will issue a refund if I sign a release form but refuse to give me my expenses back.

After much back and forth on the e-mail I received notice that I would be receiving my money back. However, on September 1st I received a letter from their lawyers indicating that they would be handling the matter on behalf of Florida Center. A written request has been sent through to this agency for them to send you the full medical file. In the release letter that their lawyers have sent me they act as though my refund is some sort of settlement that is my money pre-paid for a procedure they never performed. Furthermore, they make reference to 2 doctors (in the subject line and the release document) that I have never heard of before. I have no idea who those individuals are.

I would like for this facility to me investigated namely in relation to the dishonest components of my case and why they felt it necessary to lie to a patient as well as provide no information that I requested.

My wife got a breast reduction in this place. Dr. ** did not do the surgery like it was supposed to. He agreed to do it again but up to now, nothing. He made my wife wait for a long time on May 20. A nurse named Kelly set the appointment to do the surgery again but the doctor was not even there. My wife lost her vacation time from work to get the surgery done again. Dr. ** did not want to do it. I made a complaint to Better Business Bureau (abbreviated BBB) that they were going to refund some money.

It has been 2 months again and nothing. The second time that they were going to do the surgery, they charged me for the anesthesia, $1000. They did not do the surgery but they kept the $1000. They told me that I had to wait to refund the money. All day long, I waited for nothing, no surgery. I tried to make a complaint with Florida agency for health care administration and nothing seems to work. Please help me or tell me how to get help in BBB. They have 16 or more complaints on record. I guessed they are familiar with this type of problems. The complaint from BBB is ID **.

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