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We called Dr.'s office, left several messages with prescription refills. Pharmacy also called for the past four days. Nobody sent prescription refill to the pharmacy. Pharmacy gave a few pills. We even ran out of those. Left two messages for the on-call doctor today. Nobody yet returned our call. We are very surprised this negligent act.

My 12 year old son was refer to a neurologist from his pediatrician due to a Tic disorder that has worsened even after tonsillectomy and now also involves his rt eye.

After the request was submited by the pediatrician and I didnt hear anything I called Facey and was told: the request was deny by Facey for my boy to see an specialist, they feel that is no need for him to see a neurologist because he is not having seizures. I filed an expediate appeal with Blue Cross and after they got in touch with Facey Blue Cross was told the same thing .I went back to the ENT that did the tonsillectomy on my son 2 1/2 months ago and he also insisted on me taken Marky to the specialist.The tic my son has is a weird noise coming from his troat and gets very loud and he twitches his rt eye.

My son is becoming very conscious of the noise he cannt control,every where we go people looks at him, and at school the teachers are very concern. The speesc therapist and one of his teachers called me to see if they could help somehow. We do not have $265 dollares to consult the specialist and pay out of our packets. I dont understand if we pay for the insurance how can they deny a child from getting medical help? and specially the answer I got :he is not having seizures so is no need to see a neurologist. Please help us , Im desperate to get my boy some kind of help, Thanks,

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