Richmond Bone & Joint Clinic

Katy, TX

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Appointment made on June 5th. Appointment was set for 6/10 at 3:00. All information was given regarding age and incident. As we are exiting the freeway to come to the clinic; a nurse calls and tells me that there would be no appointment with the doctor (**) because of her age and past medical history. Nurse made more excuses than Carter's got pills. Patients beware!

Satisfaction Rating

Absolute worst experience. Do not go to Dr. **! He was extremely rude and arrogant! Basically criticized us for being there and told my husband to just take an ibuprofen. This is after we were referred to their practice because X-rays and ultrasounds were already inconclusive and swelling and pain have not gone away in over a month. Extremely frustrating. When we told him we wanted more information, he said 'YOU OBVIOUSLY THINK I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT' ended the appointment by storming out of the office. He told the nurse to close our file, not charge anything and to say we were never even there. Absolute JERK. I am sending a formal complaint. This doctor is a complete waste of time and can't work with people. Highly DO NOT RECOMMEND!!!


Dr. Trenton ** did not prescribe nor would he prescribed any medication. The doctor didn't not even look at the medication that was brought in to evaluate if it was good enough or proper dosage for the patient. He said, "If that's what you're taking, that's good enough, and I will not write you another prescription for any medicine at all. What do you want from me?"

I went with my friend to Dr. Trenton ** at Richmond Bone and Joint in Katy, TX. At the start of the visit, the doctor passed judgment before he even heard her story and what brought her into his care on that day. The doctor was very rude and sarcastic; he did not give anyone room to ask him questions or to tell him about what was wrong, what she has gone through for the past weeks from the pain from her sports injury to the many nights spent in the emergency room and nights spent up in agony from muscle spasm so intense she can't move her legs or her calves stay in a flexed position for hours.

Trenton's motto is "I strive to educate my patients about their orthopedic condition treatment and rehabilitation," and he is a deacon at the second Baptist church. With having this information, you would think a person who shows this character on paper would be a compassionate and understanding and a doctor who listens and informs you of your options on how to heal and get better.

Trenton ** was very rude and inattentive towards his patient's needs, His bedside manner was null and void of manners and understanding. We all felt that he passed judgment on us before he sat down and talked with us. He already made up in his mind the treatment and procedures he was striving to use with us.

He did not educate us on what the problem could be, and he did not give alternatives nor options on how the patient could feel better or have better knowledge of the injury she has received. He gave the runaround on questions we asked about medicine and about test that could be done to determine the prognosis.

But instead, he was abrasive, sarcastic, judgmental, and argumentative. And he did not appear to want to be helpful or give a care. He would not answer questions and does not stop to hear what we had to say or suggestions. We asked for alternatives and said we are not out seeking pain medicine. But in so many words from this man lips, he said, "Read between the lines," basically accusing the patient of being a drug seeker.

We have been told after a general doctor to an ER Doctor to see an orthopedic specialist. We did and got treated like trash in the street. Other patients who didn't have the same skin tone as us did get treated with respect. We did not get respected nor the service that we deserve. I think no one should assume someone's race, background, class, social status, religion, and sexual preference or think they are on drugs or seeking them.

The doctor should take time out to listen actively to what the patient is saying and take their needs and pain into consideration. Being a doctor, you will meet and see many different types of people in your lifetime. Trenton ** should know better than anyone being a deacon of a well-known Baptist church that you shouldn't pass judgment; it's up to God to judge us in our last days.

After all this, the company referred us to another doctor who did give alternatives and was a little more compassionate for the patient needs. But wasting our time with Dr. **, we did not see the other doctor till after the close of the business day, so nothing as far as test or seeing a pain management specialist was out of the question until Monday. The patient is still in pain, and now, it's the following week, and no test or nothing to accommodate the patient and her needs at this present time.

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