Dr. Maria Yerovi

Bloomfield, NJ

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I would like to respond to the negative feedback on Dr. Maria Y. First of all, if your son was so ill, you should have brought him to the emergency room. They are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Secondly, my son has been a patient of Dr. Y since birth. She is a dedicated doctor. She takes time with each patient and is extremely thorough. When my son was diagnosed with a brain condition, Dr. Y researched his condition and got the best possible specialists to see him.

She is not a clinic doctor, she is a family doctor. So no, she would not probably see your son. Her service is to the families she serves. She is a wonderful doctor who never keeps patients waiting in her waiting room. She does not bite off more than she can chew. Obviously, you are more acquainted with the immedicenter type of treatment. Maybe you should consider developing a relationship with a qualified physician before you start bashing. My son has never been treated with anything but kindness and the best medical concerns from Dr. Y.

Dr. Y. refused to give medical treatment to my 3-year old son. My son woke up with his eye close and swollen. I took him to his regular doctor just to find out she was closed for winter break. I knew there was another pediatrician in the building so I went to Dr. Y.’s office. I told her our situation and ask her to please see my son; it did not matter if I had to pay for the visit or wait. Dr. Y. told me that she was not taking any new patients and if she did she only takes them from newborn.

I was beside myself. I pick up my son and walked away thinking, I taught doctors made a pledge to take care of people in need of medical assistance and thank God my son didn't a serious problem. I know we have emergency rooms, but why should I take the time of those doctors that are caring for patients that need immediate attention? I was able to contact the doctor that is covering for my doctor and took my son for medical care. I could not sleep all night thinking of this awful inhumane experience my son and I encountered with Dr. Y. that I decided to write this complaint. I think Dr. Y. is in the wrong field as a doctor and especially a pediatrician, who should be more caring.

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