Dr. Anthony Jennings

Cherry Hill, NJ

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Due to hormone abnormalities diagnosed by my primary care doctor, he suggested I seek the help of an endocrinologist. I had heard that Dr. Anthony Jennings treats various hormone issues so I called his office, explained my health history and was told to come in and I would evaluated and cared for. On March 19, 2010, I came in prepared for my consultation with lab work in hand taken by my primary care doctor.

My appointment with Dr. Jennings lasted about 30 minutes. He seemed thorough at the time as he noted my dry skin, hair loss and swollen joints and commented that I did not look well and that my abnormally low growth hormone levels may be indicative of chronic illness. He had taken a detailed health history and I left a copy of my lab tests with him. Dr. Jennings ordered blood work and told me that he would call me with the results the upcoming Monday or Tuesday and from there we set up my next appointment and treatment plan. After leaving his office, I felt I was in good hands. I even thought he seemed like a nice guy. Dr. Jennings never called. I left 8 messages for him and his staff (two secretaries) always had an excuse that he was "very busy." When I had left the third message, I was told by John(secretary) that Dr. Jennings would call me that night at 8:30 pm. There was no call.

A few days later, I phoned Dr. Jennings. Again, I was told Dr. Jennings was "very busy" and would call me that weekend. There was no call. A few days later, I called yet again. I asked for an appointment and I was told "No" because the way Dr. Jennings does things is he calls the patient after blood tests and then an appointment is set up at that time. After a few more calls, and no response, I had asked the secretary, John, why Dr. Jennings had not called me. I was sick, crying and my hair was falling out. He chuckled and stated the same "he's busy" response. I asked for my medical records. John stated he would send them but never did.

I called last week to find out why Dr. Jennings never called me; again I was told "he's busy". I asked again for my records and if Dr. Jennings was going to call me. I was told "I don't know", then I was hung up on. I never heard from Dr. Jennings. Lab Corps stated they would send me a copy of my lab tests since Jennings' office never did. Dr. Jennings filed with my insurance company straight away to obtain payment. He's been paid, rather quickly. Apparently, they're not too busy when it comes to getting paid but patient care takes a back seat.

Recently, I had contacted an endocrine support group in Philadelphia area. Evidently, Dr. Jennings fails to follow up with patients on a regular basis, so I am not alone. I certainly did not get anything out of this appointment. Dr. Jennings got paid, but I got no care or follow up. This is bad business. Consumers have a right to know that this can happen to them if they risk seeing this doctor, especially if they're traveling from a long distance as I had.

I spent money, have taken time off from work to see this doctor and he never followed up, even after my 8 phone messages. I feel people need to know this information before they travel 3 hours to and from to see this doctor. I am searching for another doctor. Meanwhile, I remain ill. It's more a health/dignity issue than money that concerns me. I am not interested in any legal matters, I just want patients (consumers) to know this doctor does not run an ethical business. Please investigate this issue and post my story and use my first name only. And if you happen to know of a good endocrinologist, please let me know. Thank you.

Dr. Anthony ** misrepresented the cost for his visit. He failed to disclose a third party fee for blood work, after I specifically made it very clear I did not have health insurance and inquired how much would the visit cost.

It is not fair that this doctor should get away with misrepresenting what the costs for his visits were by $855.00. It is his responsibility to disclose to his patients that there is a third party fee for blood work, especially if he is taking the blood. When he is doing the blood work himself, he is implying that it is included in his visit. Typically, for thyroid blood work, if the doctor takes the blood, he will charge an additional fee for the blood work, if it is not already included in his fee. He would be off the hook, if he sent you with a prescription for blood work but not if he is taking the blood himself.

Prior to my visit on February 9, 2009 to Dr. **, I specifically asked what the cost of the visit would be, since I had no health insurance. I was told the visit was $250.00 and that the blood work would be done in the office. I was later sent a bill from Labcorp for an additional $850.00 for blood work. The other doctors who I spoke to over the phone charged approximately $60.00 additional to test the thyroid. The doctor that I have been seeing charges only $595.00 for testing 70 things, plus it includes two office visits, a full report breaking down what it all means, and a personalized program to get your blood work where it should be.

I am now receiving harassing phone calls for a credit collection company regarding this bill that Dr. Anthony ** should be responsible for. I was told the visit would cost $250.00; the blood work was done during the office visit. This falls under the category: misleading advertising, misrepresentation, billing problems, and improper selling practices. I would appreciate any help you can provide in this very important matter that is now affecting my credit.

On Feb.9, 2009 I had a Doctor's visit with Dr. Anthony Jennings. Prior to my visit I asked how much it would cost since I did not have health insurance and would be paying cash. I was told it would cost $250.00 and that the blood work would be done in the office.

Well, shortly after the visit I was charged with a fee of $855.00 from LabCorp for bloodwork. I have called Dr. Jennings 6-7 times and he would not return my phone called. By the way, I never even received a copy of the blood work.

My previous Doctor that I went to for my thyroid included the cost for blood work in his fees and the other doctor I was considering seeing charged only an additional $50.00 to test for the thyroid. I would be more than happy to provide those names and numbers to you so that you can verify the information. It was never disclosed to me that I would be paying an additional cost for the blood work. An outrageous amount of $855.00 for blood work.

I was charged a fee of $855.00

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