Dr. John Greco

Red Bank, NJ

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In November 24, 2008, my son and I had our eyes examined by Dr. Greco and was informed after my eyes were dilated that I need to agree to pay for my refraction if my insurance company did not reimburse him. I agreed and several months later received a bill form the office claiming the refraction was not covered. I paid $130.00 for the two refractions at $60.00 a piece and a late fee. I also added a note telling them that my family will not be returning to their office. I then received a call from Dorothy who told me that I am covered and she would take care of it.

I then waited to hear from her, I followed up with her in October 2009 she was no longer there, I then spoke with Kay. Kay was nasty and no help, and told me to contact my insurance company. I then again called my insurance company and Nicole at Blue Cross told me that the office was paid on 11/27/2008 for my son's visit in the amount of $58.19 and December 1, 2009 for Michael' s refraction in the amount of $58.11 and then called the office back and they told me she didn't want to send me two checks and haven't been paid for my yet.

I again called my insurance company and the claim was never put through for my refraction. I contacted the office again in January, Kay then said she would take care of it and I would receive a check 15 to 20 days which is a bigger joke because the office was paid on 1/27/2010. I sent a letter to the office on March 1, 2010 demanding my money and have still have received my refund of $130.00 including the late fee, because they have been a lot later in paying me, then me paying them.

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