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Lifestyle Lift offers a revolutionary approach to facial rejuvenation. By eliminating the dangers of general anesthesia, substantially reducing the cost, and shortening long recovery times, Lifestyle Lift is a better and safer alternative to traditional procedures. With nearly 200,000 procedures to date, our highly qualified Facial Plastic Surgeons, Plastic Surgeons and Head and Neck Surgeons have mastered this revolutionary procedure.

Our priority is our patients’ safety and happiness. Lifestyle Lift only recruits expert medical directors and highly qualified physicians and offers our patients access to physicians qualifications upon request. We are proud of our low complication rate and our excellent customer care. But don’t take our word for it. Our patients are extremely satisfied with their Lifestyle Lift experience and we know you will be, too!

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I had Lifestyle Lift surgery in Dallas office on 2006 at a cost of $4500. They did some lipo and lifted my chin-somewhat. The results were minimal and lasted only a few months. The trade-off? They DISFIGURED my ears. I have no lobe and where there was a lobe it is now attached to my face. For years there was considerable scarring in front of and behind my ears. Thankfully the scarring diminished about 5 years after the surgery. My temples had a lump on each side where it appears they bunched up skin. It took years for the lump on my right temple to diminish to the point of nearly invisible but the lump on left side of my face is still there. For years I have also had a lump in front of my ears. It is more pronounced on one ear than the other. It appears that is were they gathered skin and just sewed it up.

I never went back to "fix issues" because clearly they have proven their incompetence the first time around so why would I risk further disfigurement? After seeing numerous disaster plastic surgeries from Lifestyle Lift and other surgeons around the country to include those that do surgery on celebrities which are known to pay millions, I have come to the conclusion that 90% of plastic surgeons are incompetent and only in it for the money. They couldn't care less if they disfigure someone. In spite of it all, I consider myself one of the lucky ones. My disfigurement is nowhere near as bad as others I have seen online compliments of Lifestyle Lift.

My belief now is that facial/chin plastic surgery should only be done on someone whose face is already disfigured as a result of accident or illness and surgery is done to eliminate or alleviate that disfigurement not for the purposes of eliminating wrinkles or sagging skin. There are better, safer non-invasive procedures these days that can eliminate or reduce wrinkles and sagging skin in face and neck. If I could go back in time I would have NEVER EVER done this procedure. Ever since this surgery I have little faith in Doctors in general and avoid them like the plague. I do my research and look for alternatives if I have to have a procedure done. Please please please do not do this! The amount of "successes" are small compared to the failure rate. And yes they will disfigure your ears (pixie ears and more) in order to what they consider successfully complete the surgery.

I was also ripped off for a deposit I never got back of 400.00. Is there a class action lawsuit in effect? Can we sue to get our funds back?

I got a lift Nov. 13, 2013 and have gone back every 6-8 weeks for the past 2 years, hoping they could fix this long, worm-like lump under my right eye. I keep hoping they can fix it. I paid $10,000 for this. All the money I had and now the phone number they gave me is disconnected. Dr. Capinelli, ** , has moved out of state. During the past 2 years they moved between 2 office spaces, very nice offices, but now I'm not sure where they are. I'm going to keep on trying to locate and contact them. If there is a lawsuit going on, I want to be counted in!

Updated on 04/04/2016: I have hired a new Dr. to fix the problem Dr. ** left me with - the worm-looking bump under my eye. This new Dr. ** at Minneapolis Plastic Surgery will cost $4,874.00. I already paid Lifestyle Lift $10,000.00. I think there should be a lawsuit. I would like to be reimbursed for the $4,874.00 I had to charge to get this mess fixed.

On May 9, 2012 I had a neck and lower eye lift done in Syracuse, NY for $9000.00. My initial follow-up appointment went well but I did not see the doctor who performed my surgery. My next follow-up appointment on May 21, 2012 I was not seen by the doctor. On November 12, 2012, I returned to the clinic to report my disappointment with the outcome of the neck lift procedure and was told by the nurse no doctor again, that yes there was a problem, the results of the procedure were not what they told me they would be and they would correct the problem at a reduced cost.

At that time they scheduled me for a return appointment which they later cancelled. I tried many times to contact the office to reschedule an appointment and I was always put on hold and could never get through to talk with anyone in the office. I am disappointed and dissatisfied with the outcome of my neck lift and even though I attempted to have my situation corrected I was never able to do so. Please contact me if there is a class action lawsuit. I would like to be included.

I went back after lift with problems and was given shots in my face behind my ears. And I spoke to Dr.** and the director about getting things fixed right. They said to get a couple more shots and if I wasn't satisfied I could get things corrected. And I have been trying everything to get up with them to find out on the web they have went out of business. Who do I talk to? The lawyers that had a number online, say they no longer will have anything to do with the issue. So how do I go about getting my 9000.00 plus back and pain and suffering for what these people have done. Please some advice me how can you sue them when you don't have a address now.

Updated on 01/28/2016: All the offices were closed, no call to their clients. I went online to contact them, no reply. I tried to look for Dr. **. I'm having problem to see if there is going to be a class action lawsuit. We paid for services and my wasn't complete and some correction were going to be fixed.

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Had lift done. Dr admitted was not done right & offered to redo it. I would be charged a fee for using the facility only. Before I could schedule the procedure, they closed. I spent 6,500 dollars for nothing. I still have some bruising and it's been over a year since I had it done.

I had the lift, and was very disappointed with the result. I had the eyelid lift as well with no noticeable difference. It was explained to me that the stitches would be behind my ears, which didn't happen. Before my ear lobes were very small, now I have these elongated lobes, looks like extra skin hanging. My jowls now hang. When I went in I had frown lines I wanted to get rid of, I now have more than I started with. I also had a double chin which was the main reason I did the procedure to begin with. I now have what they call turkey chin. I had my procedure at the Cincinnati, Ohio office by Dr **.

My husband suggested I do this, he now says he is sorry he did. Needless to say, my before and after photos will not be used on any of their brochures. If ever there is a class action suit against this group I certainly would be part of it. I also have numbness that frequently comes on the left side of my face. Anyone thinking of getting this procedure, please don't give it a second thought.

Went in for Lifestyle Lift and resurfacing on total face in 2012, my face was so tight it was hard to smile and I had a lot of spots on my face (forehead, chin and upper lip) that had oozing scappy spots. After healing, my face had deeper lines and scars, my face fell drooping and neck was very loose and I can still feel pulling from my ears down the side of my face with expressions and eating when doing this the skin puckers up. I look older than before. I have a huge scar under chin and behind my ears looks chewed up. I had problems healing under chin and ears, I had bleeding and oozing behind my ears for about a month after stitches were removed.

After calling their office I was told someone would get back to me, no one did. After repeated tries to call and phone just rang with no answers or the same runaround and excuses, I gave up. I managed to keep the areas clean with otc products till completely healed. I did go to a clinic and I was told they wouldn't help me because it was cosmetic and I needed to go back to the dr. that performed the surgery - as I said I was given the runaround. This was very painful and now I can't wear my hair up because of the horrible scars and have to deal with this pulling when I make any facial expression or chew and the scars from the resurfacing and incisions. This company hurt and ripped off a lot of people!

This was the most painful and awful experience I have ever gone through with no results to show for it or the over $5000.00 that they charged me. I look the same with scars and numbness and painful bumps under my skin. These Dr.s should not be allowed to practice anymore. I received a letter from the DR. that performed my surgery stating that Lifestyle Lift was closing and he was going into practice somewhere else. If he is still allowed to practice after what he has done then he should be able to refund my hard earned money.

I paid $7000 for a procedure to improve my appearance (facelift) at the Lifestyle Lift offices in Roseville, CA. This occurred in June 2013, and I was told to expect that my face would look 7-10 years younger, and I could expect recovery to take 30 to 45 days. For 6 months I experienced severe nerve pain in my ears, and still have some discomfort today. My appearance improvement was not even noticeable to my closest friends and family. The whole experience was a disaster in my opinion. I would gladly participate in any lawsuit. I met with the Doctor 3 times after the procedure, and my complaints were met with indifference. I was told Corporate would be informed of my displeasure, but I was never contacted.

Lifestyle lift still owes me my deposit of $450. I have called numerous times. The first time I called I was told by a lady named Kim that she would make sure I got my deposit back. She was going to give my info to corporate and have it taken care of. Never happened and when I call the number she gave me it is always busy. If there is a class action, count me in.

I went into the Bloomington office for consultation and was told and shown many pictures of past surgeries. My surgery was scheduled for June 17th 2014 and was told that I had to go to the Inverness Grove office for the surgery. When I got there it was more of a Dr's office. I was escorted into a room, given another pill to take and was seated into a chair which had a bed in the room. I asked the attendant what the bed was for and she informed me that it was for sleep apnea studies. Dr. ** came in and started cutting on my face, which I could feel and hear. I had my eyelids done first and my eyes still look the same. He then started on my face, neck and proceeded to the laser treatment which hurt so bad. I informed the Dr. that I could feel it with no response.

Needless to say, this was the most horrible experience of my life and there is no difference whatsoever. My eyelids are still baggy, I still have jowls. The stitches by my ears got infected which I went back in to show them and I was informed that it will heal. They did but that is because of the medication that I put on them. I wouldn't recommend this outfit to anyone and feel totally violated for my $10,000 dollars. If there is a class action suit, count me in.

I had laser surgery at Lifestlye Lift almost 2 years ago. Saw no difference and got big painful pimples on my face. Went back, doctor says it's herpes.

On August 29, 2012, I had a FAILED full face lift that cost me $10,050. I paid for half and took out a loan with CARE CREDIT and paid it off with $2,000 INTEREST ON TOP OF THE INITIAL COST. I know my Statute of Limitations and the Extended 90 document has expired. LifeStyle Lift was under the pretense that Doctor ** was one of the best surgeons they had in San Ramon, CA and I believed them. I chose the wrong doctor that was On Probation with the California Medical Board for (4) years and had other penalties added to this.

At the present time, Dr. David ** has his own practice inside Concord, in the State of California, defying the rules set upon him by the California Medical Board. In June of 2014 he supposedly gave up his medical practice, in San Ramon and left for his ongoing practice in Concord, CA. I paid the price with my health. I found out through the California Medical Board that Dr. ** seriously injured two patients in 2010 and the California Medical Board added me on to their files as another one of Dr. Hicks' victims... THIS ALONE WARRANTS RESTITUTION OF MY MONEY... I was offered another facelift, cutting open the same scars and potentially compounding the NUMBNESS AND PAIN I FEEL TO THIS DAY. I decided I want restitution made.

NOTE: My immune system had totally declined. I had a mini stroke, January 10, 2013 followed on March 28th with a bad case of Shingles. On October 25, 2013, I had surgery for a hyper parathyroid removed. My face still has numbness and it has been three years since my face was over injected with the pain killer. I have begged for my money to be returned to me but I have received nothing. I would like to be included in a Class Lawsuit.

I had my procedure done in Rochester, NY in June 2014. I went back to see the Doctor and complained since I was having horrendous nightmares from feeling every bit of the procedure. The outcome was so bad that the Dr. agreed with me. He told me to give it time and return. I now am unable to contact anyone from the company and want to know if there is any recourse available?

Hello, I also spend $17,000 on my lifestyle lift. They did me a redo because I was not satisfied with the results. After 18 months I went again because my face look deteriorated and they told me that comparing my look at the beginning I look too much better and that was the best they can do for me. But, as a miracle, when I finished payment in full my financing, they wrote me offering other services that could improve my face, like botox. If there is a lawsuit please let me know because I would like to get in on it. Thank you.

I have scars on my neck. My ears were tucked back. I have no feeling under my chin. Dr didn't use local. Scars up and down my face. When the Dr cut under my chin I thought I would die! The pain was more than I could take! Then the Dr knock me out with a drug... 3 days later I came around. I hope no one else will put their self through this! If Lifestyle lift returns under another name think twice. If there are lawsuits please let me know.

This was the worst experience of my life! Not only was I openly lied to, but LSL even went as far as writing me a letter explaining to me that I was the one that was wrong and I really didn't need plastic surgery, but a mental doctor. This place has since filed for bankruptcy (March 2015), but my fear is that they will reopen as under another company name, doing the same thing as before. In my experience, they cut both of my eyes differently, one looked like a cat eye, the other had a downward slope to it. My ears were so tight and hurt constantly. I had swelling everyday for 3 months, which they said was normal. The pain of the shots was horrendous and I was told to stop acting like a baby. I had stitches poking out from behind my ears for 3 months where they missed taking them out. Hands down, worst experience ever.

LSL uses doctors freelance, the doctor earning so much per operation performed. They have been sued by Cuomo in NYC and in Florida for unethical advertising. I know of 4 women who have died from this and many others who have been maimed and scarred for life. Kent, the owner and CEO of the company has 5 or 6 other companies under the umbrella of Scientific Imaging. All companies are in bankruptcy. Watch out for this company to come back and do the same thing to people again. In plastic surgery, cheaper does not mean better. If it sound too good to be true, it usually is. LSL is not JCAHO certified, they do not have sterile operating rooms and they don't seem to be held to the same standards as other doctors running reputable businesses. They are not cheaper in the long run because the results do not last and you are scarred for life.

I had a Lifestyle Lift on August 12, 2012. I paid $8,000 for that and another $4,000 for laser work on face, neck, and hands. I was told by my doctor that I "should get a lot of years out of it." Well, after a year it started to droop down again very quickly. Then it started to sag even more and very quickly. I am so angry and hurt over this. Today, it looks just like it did when I went in to the appointment. I also paid (as mentioned above) for the laser that didn't work at all. I wanted to have a lot of brown spots removed. They are still there -- have only faded slightly. I had the laser on my hands. Those brown spots look the same as they did also.

I did see my doctor a month ago and was told by him that he was not allowed to go very deep with the laser. Why didn't I know that beforehand?? I had the laser done not only the day of appointment, but complained, and went back to have it done again (about 9 mos. later). Well, I am so upset and depressed about it that I don't know what to do. I was told to join the lawsuit against them and that is what I intend to do. Please provide the proper information as to get this going.

My first lift, 2012, I was so excited but no one noticed and the pain along my ears and down toward my jaw never went away. I had a redo a year later with the same results... turkey neck remained. Then I had a new doc do bags under eyes softened by adding my own body fat to smooth out the under eye area. The graft failed because I use a CPAP machine which tightened right over the area of the graft. I took the headgear to the doc and he agreed that would have done it. I was supposed to reschedule a redo when I got a different mask. By then the office was CLOSED. I can't wear my contacts now because one bag is a lot bigger than the other and the glasses cover that.

I had the Lifestyle Lift procedure done back in 2007. It cost me a lot of money and I saw no change in my appearance ($8,000). No friend or person could see any difference except I am now left with a clicking jaw, scars around my ears and a very low morale or confidence level. Stitches were actually popping out from around my ears from inside the skin. I was hoping to look like their commercials except you later after the procedure find out it is all a a big FAT lie to mislead a consumer. You look the same and worse. I am disappointed to the point of angry and want my money back. Also compensation for their lies that help the owner's wife and whole family to run around in their Maserati cars. If there is a lawsuit I want to be a part of a class action. Now in Washington State.

Hello, I also put a $500 refundable deposit down on a lifestyle lift. When I called to schedule the procedure I discovered they were out of business. If there is a lawsuit please let me know as I would like to get in on it. Thanks.

I went to this place, Life style Lift.. they recommended a lipo to the chin. I met with the slightly strange doc. I got a good price so I booked it. Well the end results was ok for a month, then my jowls blew up like I had cotton balls on my jawline. One on each side of my face.. it finally went down, 6 months later. Then it was tight for a second... now I have a turkey neck. So I can prove it. I did not have this before. I had a big roll of fat that extended from ear to ear. He never said anything bad would result. I called a number of times and no help. I would like my money back. I realize it has been a few years but that's life.. it has been very busy and confusing times. Now that I am in a better place I can deal with this. He said the fat does not come back, well it looks like it does and the skin hanging under my chin is horrible... I can find this on my credit card 5 years ago.. summertime.

I had a lifestyle lift and by the time I was healed my face had fallen back down to all of my original wrinkles. I made another appointment to see the same surgeon and he did not offer a refund but did offer to redo my face lift at no cost to me. I went through a second lifestyle lift and again, by the time I healed, my face had completely fallen back down to the original state. I made a complaint to the Better Business Bureau. They did several conference calls with BBC, the Attorney from Lifestyle Lift, and myself on the phone line. Absolutely nothing was accomplished and the BBC was of NO help at all. I was very upset that Debby Boone would be on public tv praising a company that promises happiness but delivers misery. Yes, an attorney who specializes in Medical Malpractice does need to organize us for a large group lawsuit.

Went to Lifestyle Lift to get some creams, etc.. I was talked into by RICH ** to have a procedure done and it would only be $6,050.00 instead of $15,000.00 if I signed up immediately that day because they had a SPECIAL deal that week. So, I gave a deposit of $500.00, with a balance owing of $5,550.00 due day of procedure, and they scheduled a date for the procedure while knowing full-well it was out of business. I then asked why there was no one at the clinic and they said if was a holiday and no was scheduled to come in. When I called to schedule my procedure, that's when I found out that they were out of business and no phone number to call for my deposit/refund.

They did not produce promised results. They had agreed to return half of the $8000.00 I had paid for no results. Kept putting me off, then one day, my email was returned, and their phone was turned off at the Roseville office. I was told by an attorney that my only hope is for someone to start a class action lawsuit and to get in on it. I just spoke to an attorney's office who had one against them in 2011. I was told that they did not do those anymore and they wouldn't know how to go about starting one. If anyone knows how to do this, count me in... Please. I used a retirement account for that stupid bit of vanity (my vanity).

In July 2014, I underwent a procedure at Lifestyle Lift to correct sagging skin under my chin. I had numerous follow-ups due to scarring and slow healing. I received a letter from the treating physician ** MD, FACS stating he would cease being my treating physician due to the abrupt closure of Lifestyle Lift. I still have significant scarring and an unhealed place behind my ear. I cannot find a doctor to provide follow-up care.

Followed the many fantastic commercials. Now I know that they only make you dream. In my case it has been a nightmare. I only live to cover my half inch scars around my face. The surgery itself was very painful and the results very narrow. They were supposed to schedule to repair but never did and after me calling lots of times I gave up. I dropped lots of tears. They gave me a lot of run around. They had no intention of doing anything for me. They are gone now but left behind a lot of pain. We, the hurt, the disappointed, the ones that have negative consequences should have gotten together and made a class action suit for our pain... Will have to continue to cover the scars except when I go to the hair dresser that notices and then I tell the truth about Lifestyle Lift and warn them to warn other. So little by little I pass the word.

Six months after a Lifestyle Lift, I went back to office and complained I was not happy as I had lumps on my neck and bottom part of my chin that the surgeon said would be gone in six months. They were not. I made two appointments with the surgeon to arrive at office and then be told he did not come in that day. No one contacted me ahead of time. I just tried to call the office again and there was no answer. I have now learned the company is facing bankruptcy. Is there a list I can get on to get my money back should a resolution come in the future?

My first facelift procedure was done in March, 2014. It had to be redone in September, 2014 because the neck was sagging and cords were pronounced. Dr. ** attributed it to the fact that my body had absorbed the sutures too quickly. Now it is July 2, 2015, and the cords and sagging returned to the point of total disappointment. I understand the Huntersville, NC, along with many other offices, has closed now. I spent over $8,000 for this procedure and now have no recourse..