Emergency Physicians of Central Florida

Orlando, FL

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I am disgusted about Florida Health Care. My cousin's daughter is in dire need of medical attention. She is in her mid-20s, a pretty sick girl & the doctors & hospitals down in the Orlando & Miami areas refuse her medical attention as she has Medicaid? The doctor who inserted the feeding tube refuses to take care of her? This girl is in critical need of medical attention. This is sad, you help people from other countries. This girl is not going to make it, she has lost more than 1/2 her body weight in less than a year as her stomach muscles are not working.

What is wrong with you people down there? This girl has a child. How can a hospital refuse you if you have Medicaid? How can the initial doctor who started this case refuse further treatment? A feeding tube is something you imagine on an elderly patient in a nursing home. This has been already a life-changing event for this family, but the feeding tube has not fixed the problem. Somebody needs to help this family. Please, somebody find this family help.

I have entered this complaint after exhausting all possible means of prevailing upon Florida Emergency Physicians to cease and desist the continued dissemination of private health information to unauthorized parties and Florida Emergency Physicians, to comply with the privacy rules of HIPAA. Additionally, I am allowed under the HIPAA law [HEALTH INSURANCE PORTABILITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY ACT OF 1996], to protect my privacy and medical records from third parties. I do not recall giving permission to Florida Emergency Physicians for them to release any medical information to a third party.

I am aware that the HIPAA does allow for limited information about me but anything more only to be revealed with the patients authorization therefore my request is twofold and as follows: Validation of Debt and HIPAA authorization. Florida Emergency Physicians communicated private health care information to one or more unauthorized parties without any permissible purpose under HIPAA privacy rules, and absent my signed authorization. This unauthorized dissemination of private health care information has been, continues to be of great detriment to my welfare, and is a violation of the HIPAA privacy rules.

On 5/19/06 I was in a bad car accident and was taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center in Orlando, FL. Recently I received an official document from ORMC stating that Medicare and State Farm had paid my hospital bills at 100%. I was very relieved as I live on $400 SSDI per month. After that I started to receive bills from the above mentioned company. I have no idea who they are or what they did. They just want money. They appear to be ER doctors at the hospital, but since the hospital bills were paid in full why are they billing me? They work in the hospital. They are harrassing me with all the mail. I have no idea who they are, but they need to stop. The hospital collected all the money for my stay.

I am very ill. I have a lot of stress and pain from the accident and they are making things much worse for me emotionally. I will not open up any more mail from them. They need to talk to the hospital if they want more money.I am not a cash cow.

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