Ear, Nose and Throat Associates of South Florida

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

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I had the worst experience with Ears, Nose & Throat Oviedo office 07/26/2016. I had tried both locations Lake Underhill office Orlando Florida and Oviedo, Florida. These places have no respect for their patients' schedule. I called 1 hour prior to my appointment just to make sure my day goes well. I showed up 20 minutes early before my time, they took my $25 co-pay, and I sat down for an additional 1 hour in the lobby.

I finally asked front desk, "What's going on?" So, they decided to move me from the lobby to another waiting room, and the rude nurse told me there are 2 people ahead of me. I refused to just sit there and wait because it will take another 90 minutes minimum. Do the math, you have an appointment at 10:00 am, you arrived at 9:40 am, 11:00 am you are placed in a room to wait for 90 minutes. That's approximately 3 hours wait. My take is I have an important job just like the doctor. They should not schedule appointments in 15 minutes gap. I found from another patient that her appointment was scheduled for 10:15 am while mine was scheduled for 10:00 am. Oh, by the way, they have my co-pay... This place sucks!

My wife and I went to Dr. **'s office on time and waited 45 minutes. The room is pea soup green walls, very narrow space with awful decor. They have refrigerated water from an old style stainless wall hung, unfiltered, noisy, old school fountain. There's no music at all in waiting room and I felt like I was in a coffin with 5 others about to gasp. ** spent 10 minutes with my wife and he's a very nice doctor. The problem is when we go to pay at the window the girl staff wants 135.00 and my co pay is 75.00. She says because I haven't met deductible. That's **! I was able to see she wants to grab that full office visit. I told her no and got insurance agent on the phone. He said $75.00. She was pissy with me after that. Oh well I'm a smart guy. What can I tell yea lady.

I had a headache for three months and my regular doctor and neurologist couldn't figure out why even after an MRI and CAT scan. So my neurologist sent me to the Ear, Nose, and Throat Associates of South Florida, P.A. for a consultation. I gave my insurance information to them when I made the appointment. When I got there, I paid my co-pay of $50. When I got in the patient room, the lady didn't even ask me. She just put a spray pain-killer up my nose and said the doctor would come in a minute.

When he got in the room, he looked in my ears and didn't say anything about it being a procedure and he stuck a light in my nose. He didn't even look down my throat and said I was fine. He wrote me a script for a pain-killer so fast even after I told him I can't take prescription pain-killers.

I was so frustrated when I left as to how fast doctors prescribe pain meds.

As I was checking out, they had me sign the outside of the chart that I had a procedure, but they didn't say I owed anything. I get a bill two weeks later for $500.00. When I called them, they said they had called to authorize the charge and the insurance company said it was covered. When I called the insurance company with the information, they said they had never been contacted by the doctor’s office. I appealed with the insurance company twice and they said it wasn't covered.

Now, I am the one left paying because the doctor’s office said they had it authorized and the insurance said they have no record of them calling and it's not covered. I did not know anything about the costs or that it was even a procedure until after it was over and I went home.

So, now there has been a credit of $212.09 with a balance of $212.09. I have a statement that says it's current, but I get a call from a collection agency saying I owe $275.71 with no communication from the doctor. I have no idea how to correct this and I'm pretty sure I will have to pay for it. But I think this has been a total scam from the beginning. Any suggestions on how to handle this would be appreciated.

I had broken my nose several times and had bone fragments just under the surface on the bridge that often were uncomfortable and at times caused bleeding when disturbed.I also had developed a deviated septum which obstructed air flow significantly.I couldn't sleep well due to snoring and discomfort caused by this health problem. I saw an ENT doctor for this who suggested that I have a surgery to repair it. It was approved through Aetna health insurance. I went for a second opinion from another provider from the Aetna website, Dr Dedo. He said the same thing, that I needed a surgery to repair septum(septoplasty) and bone(rhinoplasty). I conceded and went through the steps all over to satisfy the requirements of Aetna insurance. Dr. Dedo said that to balance the changes, many people have a slight chin implant(geneoplasty, comedic only) at the same time. I agreed to pay for the chin work by check.

I went in for the presurgical workup just prior to the day of surgery. Dr. Dedo was abrupt with me and said that Aetna never pays him what he's worth and gives him a hard time paying even what they have precertified, so I have to pay him in full now for all services or he won't do the surgery. He said that when they pay him that he will reimburse me. I hesitantly agreed and wrote him a check, indicating on the check that it's for all three procedures.

After the surgery, when I went in for a follow up visit, I overheard him laughing with a employee that sometimes he can get paid twice if things work out right. I looked on the insurance website and found that he was paid for the two nose procedures. I called his office to inquire as to when I can expect to be reimbursed for my payment. I was told that they will get back with me on that. No word came. I contacted the insurance carrier and we had a three way call as which time they said that they will get back with me, and they didn't. When I contacted the insurance again, they gave the poor girl the run around about how they have to rebill it.

Now they have sent in a bill to Aetna calling this a septoplasty only and calling the rhinoplasty a cosmetic repair. Aetna said they had to pay it by law even though they understand my position. Dr Dedo has shown that he had no intention to pay me back and has rebilled this claim for one less procedure to protect himself and to spite me. he changed the diagnosis and procedure codes to indicate it wasn't a medically necessary surgery. There are some other contradictions in this case to further indicate his intent to commit fraud. His wife is his office manager and really seems to know the ins and outs and how to get away with stealing and not get into trouble for it. I sure could use some direction since I hate to let them get away with stealing from my family.

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