I have been battling a severe toothache since late October of 2009. Not because I refused to go to the dentist but because I could not afford the out of pocket expense due to my own insurance not covering dentistry. I began seeing Dr. Kahn early in 2010. My doctor prior to Dr. Kahn was Dr. Ashok P, who is a wonderful personable doctor whom I did not want to leave. Due to me moving out of the area, I needed to find a doctor close to me so that I may be seen when medical problems arise. I am a chronic asthmatic and have been since birth. I have been placed on permanent disability due to my asthma.

I have only seen Dr. Kahn on 2 separate occasions and both I never really felt comfortable or that bond that a patient should have with his/her doctor to be able to discuss issues or medical problems that I may have. I feel that you and your doctor should have that type of professional/healthy relationship, that way you’re not apprehensive to talk about things going on with your health, not feeling embarrassment or the feeling of being judged. Dr. Kahn did not make me feel that way at all.

Upon the first initial visit, I felt he did not want to touch me. He dodged around the reason for me coming in, didn’t pay attention to what I was saying and never fully examined me. He treated my toothache but not my complaints with my asthma. I came home and spoke to my partner and other family members and they all advised well try him again, you may have read him wrong. I agreed.

During this time, my toothache and asthma started to flare up on me much worse than it had in the past. I came back to see Dr. Kahn. He gave me a prescription for another antibiotic and a pain medicine. Once again, he did not examine me nor did he get a good reading on my blood pressure. I came home and once again with the same complaint. I decided to see Dr. Kahn because I could not keep going to the E.R. for these toothaches, because they were saying the same thing over and over, I need to seek a dentist or see my personal doctor. As I informed the hospital doctors and staff as well as Dr. Kahn it’s not that I don’t want to go, I don’t have the insurance to cover the expense. I’m on a fixed budget, and simply cannot afford the out of pocket costs right now.

On Feb 24, 2010, I contacted Dr. Ford office, spoke with one of his staff members and asked if at all possible I could have the antibiotic and pain meds refilled if I need to come into the office to be seen please schedule me an appt. I will finally be able to see a dentist. I have an appt at Affordable Dentures the following week March 4, 2010. I went on to explain to the staff member that the pain in unbearable its going in my ear, causing my hearing to be muffled, it travels into the right side of my face which makes me feel like my face is sliding off, it goes into my eye socket then into my temple and just aches to the point I can’t see, think and hear function normally. It’s affecting my asthma. I’m using my rescue inhaler more than usual because of the stress of the toothache.

I haven’t been able to sleep in days. I was advised that an appt would not be necessary that I can check with my pharmacy later this afternoon it will be there. Later that evening, I did and it was not there. I called the following day and was advised by the same staff member that he will put in a note for the doctor to call to explain why it was denied. On March 2 at 8:48 am, I received a phone call from another staff member that went on to explain to me why my prescription was denied.

She advised me that Dr. Kahn has to be careful when distributing pain medicine to his patients since most of his patients are drug seekers and try to sell the drugs they are given instead of using them for what they are for. It’s easy for them to come to him for the same ailment over and over again knowing there is no way for him to confirm it since he is just a family doctor. She went on explaining what he considers a drug seeker and that I just need to see another doctor because he is not going to help me.

I have been in the office on 2 occasions asking for meds with the same problem. She said I fit the criteria so Dr. Kahn will not be refilling my prescription. I was appalled, I felt embarrassed, I felt taunted and like all eyes and fingers were being pointed at me. I went on to explain myself and the reasons behind my request for the prescription. She said she did not want to hear it, he has spoken and that is it. She would not let me get a word in edge wise. I tried to ask if I may come into the office and was hung up on.

I called the office back and a new staff member answered the phone I explained to her that I had been hung up on. She said, “Oh you must be the one who needs the pills.” I said, “Excuse me, please let me speak to the Dr. or make an appt,” all the while they are all laughing in the background screaming back and fourth at each other that she had the nerve to call back. Then she hung on me.

I called the third time and immediately asked to not be hung up I was told then quit calling our office and hung up on again. I couldn’t believe what I had just experienced. I could not believe I or others have put their lives in front of this man and his staff to be treated the way I was that day. It’s painful every time I think of it and makes me doubt now any other doctor that I may need to see. Will they treat me the same will my medical records be shared, will I be taken seriously? I feel a bit paranoid about the whole thing. These people have labeled me a drug seeker. Where is the professionalism? Where is the courtesy? Where is the compassion? Well it wasn’t in this office.

Since then, I did make it to my dentist appt and found that the problem is much more serious than simply pulling a tooth. I have to see an oral surgeon to have surgery and have both my wisdom teeth removed on the right side of my face surgically. There is too much bone around the teeth. It would be traumatic for them to try to pull it with a simple pain medicine injected into my mouth. I had x-rays done and 3 prescriptions given to help ease the inflammation, pain and infections in my wisdom teeth.

Before me going to see the dentist, my partner had to force me to go to the ER again because I had been screaming and crying in pain all day and all night. But like I explained to her what happens if I go and they don’t take me seriously. What if my name comes up and I’m told they can’t help me because Dr. Kahn’s office labeled me as a drug seeker.

She finally got me to go the next day. I went to Ambient Care in Seaford De, and was treated by the most caring nurses, staff members as well as physician assistant. They all listened took a thorough history from me examined my mouth and found that I have a hole in the top wisdom and a cavity in the bottom wisdom that seems infected. His advice as well as the staff was to seek a dentist in which I was going to see one in 2 days. I was also given an antibiotic plus a pain med, unfortunately like he advised, what he was going to give me would probably not be strong enough to stop the pain but it will take the edge off, but a dentist would be able to prescribe the proper medicine to help. My blood pressure was 172 over 96, which is extremely high for me but like I was advised it is due to all the pain your body is in trauma.