Dr. Randall Middleton

Huntsville, AL

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I called the office for pain medication for an existing problem. She responded with "We can't keep giving you narcotics," but called in my prescription anyway. I made an appointment with the doctor for the following Monday so I could report this to him. That's when I found out my pain meds had been called in to the pharmacy. He admitted he had other complaints about the nurse and had a "talk" with her. I went all weekend in pain with a rib problem. In addition to the nurse being a jerk, I have waited 2 1/2 hours before being seen by the doctor.

i had an appointment with my family physician, randall middleton. after waiting approx. 45 mins. to be taken back to an exam room, the LPN took my vitals and asked me the reason for my visit. i told her i wanted to talk to dr. middleton about it. she was writing something in my chart and without looking up, said "HELLO?", to which i replied, "I'll talk to dr. middleton about it". when he came in, he made the usual small talk & began asking me to have different medical testing done.

i never got to talk to him about the reason for my visit and when he opened the door to exit, the LPN was standing right next to it listening. she was determined to hear what i wanted to talk to him about. i then went to his teenaged daughter who was working the sign-out desk for him that summer, and she said "he wants to see you back in" and named a time frame. To which I replied, "I won't be coming back". I then got a new doctor and i don't plan to ever go to randall middleton's office again for any reason. i have requested my records be sent to my new doctor, which has never been done in about 18 months now.

I had an appointment at 1030am where i arrived 15 minutes early. At 11am i was called to the back for the nurse to weigh me and ask why i had come. I told her my problem and she took me to get chest xrays. We discussed my condition further where she laughed at me. Then put me in an exam room and took my blood pressure. She left the room at 1120am. At 1215pm I still had not seen the dr. I had to be at work in 15 minutes so i left the exam room and went to the receptionist. I told her i was leaving because i have been waiting 2 hours and had not seen the dr and asked what i needed to pay.

Dr MIddleton walked up behind and said he could give me my prescritption now or later if i wanted to wait. I told him i had waited 2 hours which was ridiculous and i didnt understand how he could give me a prescrition when he hadnt seen me yet and we hadnt talked. he said he didnt realize i was more important than his other patients. Asked someone else how long they had waited and they said 2 hours. in my opinion that is beyond ridiculous. If they are behind they should tell you.

I told dr middleton that i would not wait any longer and he told me to walk out. And i left and went to work. I felt enbarassed that he treated me that way in front of 6 or so other people. I was degraded and shocked that a professional would act in such a manner. I have been going to dr middleton for years and while he has never been a great dr, i have never been treated so poorly. I still have not been treated for my condition, nor do i know what is causing this and what a possible treatment is. I am seeking a new dr but it is hard to find a dr accepting new patients and it will probably be weeks before i can get an appointment.

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