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My daugther Felicia was referred to Dr Johnson for a TMJ evaluation. After having her wisdoms pulled she was experiancing her jaw locking. Insurances does not cover the initial evaluation. I paid at the time of service about $275 for the visit. They took pictures of her mouth, xrays, bite wings and a mold of her teeth.

After the exam, "Christen" said they wanted to really help Felicia and I needed to schedule another appointment to continue treatment, but I would have to qualify through their financel services in order to get treatment because insurance does not cover TMJ services. She scheduled another appt and gave two pamplets on the financel services they use. I told her that I had filed a bankruptcy in 2007 and I don't think I will qualify. She gave me papers to fill out and told me to fax them to her and she will send fax them to the financel service that they use. She assured me that they are pretty good and that I should qualify, but if i do not, then the next appt would be cancelled. I had to qualify before any further treatment. I told her I work for the sheriff dept and I am on grave shift and I will not be able fax until my days off.

Within a couple days Christen began to call me numerous times to see if and when I was going to fax the info to her. I went to Kinkos and faxed it, almost immediately she called me that it was denied and she wanted me to call the other financel institution or come in to the office to see if I can qualify. I told her I don't think I will, I still have a huge school loan I am paying and I owe on 2yrs of taxes. She began calling me and leaving messages to come in the day of the appt at 8am to see if I qualify and if I do I can go out to eat or shop until Felicia appt at 1:30.

I told her no that would be too hard, I work nights and I don't get off till after 7am, I work in Brighton and would not make it that early and then to also wait if I did qualify would be too much. That would be like over 24hrs with no sleep. She wouldn't take no for answer and kept persisting. I also called at 7am and talked to a female at Dr Johnson and told them I am not coming in, I need to sleep. I can come in a little early before the appt. Within a couple hours Christen left a message on my phone that I couldn't come in until I qualified and she wasn't going to hold that spot for Felicia. So I left it at that.

Not even a month later...First appt was early April, the cancelled appt was late April. In May I received a letter from collections saying I owed $115 for missed appt, $200 for the molds and Over $2000 for splints. I called the collections and I called Dr Johnsons office and was told by Christen that it was for services rendered. I paid for the initial exam and I was told I had to QUALIFY before any other treatments could be rendered!

Christen refused numerous times to let me talk to anyone above her and at one time when someone else answered the phone they told me they we're told to put all my calls to Christen. I told Christen and the collections that I felt it was illegal what she did, isn't there a waiting period of 30days, then 60, then 90 before legally it can go to collections? Christen claims she sent me numerous bills and left numerous calls about the bill, but she didnt and the only mail I received was a post card for services they provide.

I disputed the bill and wrote a letter disputing it in July. Also she made a mold of my daugthers teeth which I was not informed that it was not part of the inital visit I paid for! This is why she was constantly bugging me to try and qualify! I agreed to pay the $200 for the mold and I stated I wanted the molds sent to my daughters primary dentist. I paid it off in Sept and immediately was sent a paper from Bonding Collections showing it was paid, they also were acting as the mediator between me and Christen. The collections said they informed Christen that I wanted the molds.

I called to get the molds and Christen immediately told me she couldn't do that, that it has been too long and they don't keep them that long and they were destroyed. I told her I should not have agreed to pay for services that were not part of the initial visit and she should have not taken molds or anything else if I needed to qualify in order to have further treatments for my daughter. She said they had to do it because they have to do the treatment in a timely manner. She also claims that the collections nevers sent her anything that it was paid in full.

I talked to collection and they said they did and would fax another one. (first of all it wasn't a life or death and the doctor said she didn't have to have treatment, but recommended it) She told me that she no longer had the molds and the were destroyed. (I figured she would say this with how she has been treating me from the beginning) She also said she has never heard or received anything from the collections showing it was paid. I told her I had my papers and I can take them to the office and she said she could not accept my papers she had to get it from the collections.

I told her I was tired of her lies and excuses and I wanted to talk to someone over her and again she refused, she said "I cant do that" I said "why? There has to be someone over you." She said "I am the office manager." I told her I wanted to talk to Dr Johnson. She said " I'm afraid that's not going to happen." I said "why?" She replied " he is with a patient and I cannot disturb him" I told her to tranfere me to his voice mail. She flat out told me NO! and she said she "was tired of dealing with me." I told her I would see her in court. She hung up on me.

Within 30 min she called me, left a message on my cell phone ( still have it saved) saying that she did not have the models and that 98.9 percent of the time they break and its broken and they don't have it and it was destroyed. she also stated that she left a message with collections. I called her back after receiving the voice mail and she again changed her story, she said she found the molds but they are broke and I again I told her I see her in court.

Within 15 min she called again and told me a diffrent story that her she sent her assistant to the back who found the molds but the front teeth are broken off. I then called my daughters primary dentist and asked about the molds, they said they are hard and usaully do not break unless dropped on the floor and if they broke it they should remake one.

I want my $200 back for services that they performed and didnt tell me it was not part of the initial exam. She sent me to collections withing 3weeks and for her own mistake and I think that is why she refuses to let me talk to Dr Johnson, she is covering her mistake! She further ruined me credit and I was more then kind to pay for the molds! I want my money back. I paid for a product I did not receive and my daughter did not benefit from!

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