My dad found some good deals for dentists, who have a nice rate for first time patients to receive a dental exam (X-rays) and teeth cleaning for around $40.00. Yeah, they do the X-rays--and yes, I do have issues with some of my teeth. But this dentist and his office were really pushy like car salesmen--only worse. Anyway, I did need two teeth worked on so they had me in that chair the same day they took X-rays. Boy, do I regret that. The one crown came back and looked and fit okay, but the other looked horrible and did not even match the color of my other teeth. It was much whiter and brighter and stood out like a sore thumb.

I was told that the reason he (Dr. **) ordered it that way was because he planned to work on the one tooth behind the new crown and put veneers on the teeth on the other side. This was done on 11/09/2009. I made him redo the one crown. It only took six months to finally get it done and over with. Not only that, but as far as the cleaning my teeth was part of the deal, I was told that they wouldn't do a regular teeth cleaning and that I needed to have a deeper or more expensive cleaning. The dental hygienist went around my mouth with some metal instrument and was calling out random numbers. She proceeded to tell me that I have periodontal disease and if I didn't get root planing and scaling done, that I would soon suffer bone loss and my teeth would fall out.

Anyway, my dad was with me had asked her if this super expensive ($2,300.00) procedure/deep cleaning was absolutely necessary, in which Ms. ** replied yes. We agreed to have it done only to find out later after researching periodontal disease and this dentist's practices and reviews online that it was just another rip-off scam.

Apparently, he's not the only dentist who is doing this practice: offering a low price for an exam and teeth cleaning (especially to those of us who are down and out with no dental insurance or even a job) and still taking advantage. I am outraged. So, my gums did bleed the first day or two that I was in that office. Once I started flossing everyday--guess what? The bleeding stopped. This is ridiculous when the professionals we are supposed to trust--as like any other health care professional--and they are conducting themselves and their businesses as many lying and cheating auto mechanics.

It's not right! I am out $2,300 for a cleaning that was not a necessity, but just a way for someone who feels that they should always get paid more and is above just giving a regular teeth cleaning. Also, I had to wear that crown that stuck out like a sore thumb. It was worse than my regular tooth that this crown replaced--all because of a small cavity or decay between that tooth and my right front tooth. I was self conscience to sing or go do any job interviews. I did go to one--but I didn't get called back.