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I was in their 2 locations and seeing diff dentists. During my recent visit, I just schedule an appt for regular check up. Didn't even know the dentist was on vacation and the replace dentist was seeing patient. She was not able to help me for anything beside cleaning. Going back again in 2 weeks because my tooth was in pain. Schedule an appt and went up. Dr. ** was telling me I have to see the same dentist who did the filling to fix the problem. I was told the dr was paid individually and even they in the same group they not responsible. They claimed they called me not to come and reschedule. No called was received on my end and only text I received to confirm an appt 1 hour before my appt. Took 2 days off and nothing was done. Not professional at all and will not recommend anyone to go. Even you do go, make sure you know which dentist fix which tooth! Otherwise you will be going few times for the same job but diff tooth!

I am actually the business owner and the dentist who's providing the orthodontic treatment for the 2 patients. The following serves to clarify the whole situation on why treatment was terminated:

During the initial visit, the father brought in both of his daughters for orthodontic consult, and the initial price for each is $4200. The father bargained down to $3600, because he said he was going to pay the whole thing in cash upon the following visit, at which time all the treatment records such as x-rays, diagnostic model, pictures, and separators were done and placed. The father changed his mind and decided to use his insurance to pay part of the cost.

At first, he was told that the price will not be $3600 and should be $4200, since he violated the initial agreement of payment. But then he started to reason with me and asked why there would be a price difference. I explained to him that the price for cash payments and the price when we have to deal with insurance will not be the same. But after an hour of explanation, he just said $3600 or I refund the money back to him (which was $200 payment for the x-rays and records taken).

I advised that it's not refundable. But in the end, the following verbal agreements were made:

It was $3600 for the orthodontic treatment for each patient, and the father agreed to pay the initial payment of $1600 and $200 for each subsequent visit. And he must pay the whole treatment payment in full first, and reimbursement will be given back to the patient once insurance is paid in full. (Note: The dental insurance company will not pay the whole treatment in full, until the treatment is complete. Also, the insurance will only pay partial payment over the period or treatment time which in this case is 3 years +.) The father must pay the whole treatment price in full prior to the completion of the treatment.

On July 2009, my two daughters had dental treatment at Yeung's Dental PC. The whole treatment's course is $3600 per person. The dentist said the whole treatment is 3 - 4 years. At April 2010, Dr. Yeung terminated the treatment and refuses to return the money back. Reason is: I already paid $2500 per patient and claims the insurance around $800. My insurance covers $1500 for each patient. During that time, we received 6 dental treatments. As for my daughters continuation for treatment, we have found another dentist. Now we have to pay the money to the (new) dentist again. So I demand the money back and I deserve the right to sue Dr. Yeung.

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