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They did not do the job that they charge me for. Instead they made worst and they took my $6000. And every time I want to make an appointment, they always say that they are busy, of course after they took my money, and they will give me appointment after 9 months or 2 times in a year.

Satisfaction Rating

I went for a front tooth implant that took them almost a year to finish when they claim it as a one-day process. 2 yrs down the road it got loose on me. I went back for a repair and they wanted money again. I told them that was a ** job they did. They are working on it but it's taking them almost 6 months and they made a hole that was not a good scene besides not finding the part available... I will not recommend anyone to go there.

Satisfaction Rating

Contacting them now applied for credit. Was not in my right mind. They totally pushed me and they are sending me statements for charges that were never done. I was there for consultation. Never set up a follow up appointment.

Satisfaction Rating

The Patients Rights clearly states what I should expect from a licensed professional as a consumer and a patient. They have failed to provide me with competent professional services. They are neither courteous nor respectful as a professional. They neglected to respond to several of my requests for information regarding my treatment plan and materials they use for the porcelain crowns and the precious metals. I have experienced excruciating pain on my gums and severe headaches. I am not able to eat solid foods because my gums are so irritated from the way the porcelains are constructed. The bite is not correct and it forces the metal to shift resulting in inflamed gums. The porcelain itself has cracked and chipped off exposing the dark colored metal material.

The sanitary conditions there are appalling and outrageous. On several occasions, I had to request Dr. **, to wear protective gloves and face mask for both our safety and health. On more than several occasions, I was seated in a room with other patients' cups of water and debris from the dental work performed on them previous to me being seated.

I contracted Toothsaver (now known as Universal Dental) in Oct 2011. Dr. ** ground my teeth, implanted the posts on the screws and was performing the final adjustments for the porcelain prosthetics. I wasn't aware that Dr. ** was on probation from Oct. 2009 for two years:

Profession: Dentist; Lic. **; Cal. No. **; Regents Action Date: October 19, 2009 (see also February 2006); Action: Application for consent order granted; Penalty agreed upon: Partial actual suspension in certain area until successfully complete certain course of retraining in said area, 2 years probation, $5,000 fine. Summary: Licensee did not contest charges of using compromised teeth as abutments in bridgework, failing to diagnose open margins in bridgework, and inaccurate record keeping

According to their website they provide state-of-the-art, fast and convenient service. I paid them in full on my first visit and eighteen months later, I'm still waiting for my final porcelain prosthetics. They have neglected my rights and concerns as a patient and denied me with written documentation for request of services rendered to me thus far. They refuse to provide me with a copy of my dental records so I can seek advice from another dentist in regards to the work they have completed to date.

According to other dentists, the fusing is the most important part to have long lasting prosthetic teeth. They refuse to submit in writing or verbally the technique they use for fusing the porcelain to the metal. Am I entitled to know what technique they use to complete my prosthetic teeth? I wonder if NYS permits dentists to use a pencil to mark their work in a patients mouth. The pencil is one of their tools they use to mark work in their patient's mouths. Has this facility in question ever been surveyed to ensure the sanitary conditions are not being violated with the NY State Dept. of Health criteria?

Do your research on this place aka Universal Dental before you invest in your long term dental needs. They're located at 57 W57th St NY, NY.

Consumer Increased Rating!

Did not finish orthodontic work, pulled out 8 teeth! - Originally, I signed up for service at their West New York, NJ location in May of 2009. The price for the braces was $4,000 less a $1,000 deposit and paid in installments. Approaching the 2nd year and 4 front tooth extractions later, the business changed orthodontists and locations without notice. I had to call their number to find out what happened. The receptionist claimed that the West New York, NJ location had suffered a roof collapse. I was within a couple hundred dollars of paying off my balance when this all happened. I had to continue at the new Fort Lee location.

The new doctor insisted I had to have a procedure done in order to continue my treatment, and he referred me to a surgeon who charged me $2,450 for tooth models, pictures and x-rays. On returning, I find that the 2nd doctor had left the business. The receptionist told me he had been fired. Doctor #1 returned to the business and told me what the 2nd doctor had recommended was unnecessary and he would work to finish my treatment including installing a new appliance in my mouth. What doctor #1 had stated he would do never materialized because he left the business a 2nd time after the 2nd or so visit with him, and he hardly left records.

The business at this point changed doctors yet again. The new doctor agreed with doctor #2 after I had to explain the situation since there was no note of it. She recommended I remove 4 of my 3rd molars which I did for a quoted $800. But the receptionist instead charged me $1,000 after the procedure. The extra $200 came from my sister's balance (not authorized) whose dental work they also didn't complete. Doctor #3 left the business in May 2012, and they no longer have a doctor available. They transferred my records to a doctor across the street (without my consent or knowledge). Doctor #4 wants an additional $2,700.00 to complete the work without surgery in 12 months. I've made phone calls and faxed 2 letters and the $2,700.00 estimate. The owner of Tooth Savers has ignored me. I've asked for a partial refund in order to finish my work, which they failed to do after changing doctors and then not having a doctor at all.

I was unaware that there was no doctor until the end of July when I received a forwarded letter from the wrong address. I paid my account in full, and the service was never completed. I did nothing wrong on my part but follow the advice of their team. I never once missed an appointment or a payment. This company took my money and did not complete the service. The refund request is for the amount written on the estimate from the 4th unrelated doctor whom they sent my records to.

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Satisfaction Rating

In October 2006, Tooth Savers started major dental work in my mouth and completed the work on June 16, 2012. Implants were placed to make a whole piece for the upper part of my mouth. Meanwhile, a lower piece was placed in my mouth for which I complained to Dr. **. She told me she was not happy with the piece either but the upper piece needed to be worked on first and she will place the lower permanent piece since the temporary was in very bad shape. When the upper piece was finished, she will make me a new lower piece, just to bear with it and not to worry about it. After reminding her about the new lower piece this year, I was told that I had to pay for a new piece because it has been some time since it was placed in my mouth. This lower piece has gaps in the front and there should not be any gaps. The total amount was $10,000 that I paid in full the first time I visited the office and the work begun. Please help me. Thank you in advance.


On April 18, 2011, I went to ToothSavers Dental to get a tooth implant. I was seen by Dr. ** and ended up walking out midway through a tooth extraction. Dr. ** appeared to be on some sort of drug and was very aggressive and unprofessional. I contacted ToothSavers on Tuesday April 19, to inform them that I did not want to use them for my dental work, because I was uncomfortable and my mouth was swollen.

I spoke with Mitchell ** and he informed me that Dr. ** was terminated and a prescription for antibiotics and painkillers was called in to my local pharmacy. He also offered to cut me a deal on the $6,000 that was financed by Chase Advance. I went back on April 20 to have another dentist take a look at my mouth. I believe his name was Dr. **. He ended up extracting 3 teeth. I was only supposed to get 2 teeth extracted and I was going to replace them with implants. I spoke with Mitchell ** afterwards, and initially he agreed to take $1,000 off my bill in which, upon my request he put it in writing.

After taking a look at how my payments were going to look, I spoke to Julia, the front desk person, and told her I was uncomfortable with the way the payments look. She returned to tell me Mitchell agreed to take $2,000 off my bill, because of what I experienced on my initial visit. The deal was, I bring in my bill every month and they will take out $167.00 a month for 12 months. I have that in writing as well. My mouth was swollen and felt uncomfortable and besides, in what word is someone going to offer you 5 dental implants for $4000? Impossible. I called them on Monday April 25, and informed them that I won't be using them for my implants and I want them to refund the money back to Chase. I was told that someone would contact me that afternoon and I didn't receive a call. I called the office everyday and was told someone would get back to me and no one did.

Finally, I spoke to Julia on Friday May 6, and was told that they did not have a relationship with Chase anymore and they couldn't refund the money back to Chase directly. Instead they offered to write me a check for $3,925, because they are charging me $2075 for the service that they are providing. I am disputing that charge as well. I spoke with a Chase representative and was told that although they are not in business with them anymore, ToothSavers can refund the money back to them.

I put in an official dispute claim with Chase. The place is a big scam. As far as I see it, the price of the service is inflated. I only was supposed to get 2 teeth removed somehow they removed 3 and $2,000 that they agreed to refund me back should cover their inflated cost. The paperwork states that they will take $2,000 off my loan. I want them to refund the entire $6,000 back to Chase. What can I do about this? Do I have any legal claim?


I would like to dispute 250 dollars plus all extra charges which are on my account and I am requesting to close my account. The reason I will not pay this money is that Dr. ** is laying in his advertisement that his consultation is free. He also did not told me that he will charge me $250 for the panoramic picture. If he would, then I would definitely not proceed with any examination. I had one fast visit in his office and then he opened an account very quickly and started charging me for the job which was never done.

I went again to his office on April 8th 2010 and I was trying to discuss this issue with him but I have a chance to speak only with the front desk secretary, who was angry with me. I have a very complicated case and I was already in four different dentist offices and all of them gave me free consultation and panoramic picture except Dr. ** My dental implants are not done yet and after these consultations, I can decide about the doctor who will do the procedure.

I hope we can solve this problem in our level, otherwise I will report the case to consumer affair office in order to protect myself and other patients - as I mentioned before, it has to be clearly explained to patients for what he/she will be charged before any procedure.

I have payed $250 plus all late charges and my account is still active but instead, it was closed by GE Money creditors.

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