Gary Osmanoff, DDS

Brooklyn, NY

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A complaint against me is completely baseless, the patient is unaware of how HMO works. Particularly, this patient, I checked in my office roster and that name wasn't on my list. By HMO rule, the office cannot accept patients who are not enrolled in my office and not appeared on office list. It is HMO company rules, not mine.

I did favors for that patient, did free of charge exam, made sure health is not compromised. The patient was in good oral health and didn't need dental treatment at all. So far for the ethnicity question, I do treat patients of all races, languages, and don't discriminate. I treat patients from 28 different countries, so that complaint is baseless. For 26 years in dentistry, I never had any kind of complaints.This is the first one-- baseless and groundless.


I am a gaurdian to a 12year old boy who neads annual dentist check ups. I enrolled in affinity health plan and was referred to DR. osmanoff. appt was 2/13/03. Once I and the boy arrived we awaited approx. 1 hour and was seen for 2 minutes. Dr. Osmanoff would not perform x rays as needed on an intial visit to a dentist for the first time.

The dentist was very vague and not helpful he stated to return in 8 months after just simply looking at the boys mouth and stating There is no discoloration to teeth child has no cavities and needs nothing at this time. As an adult receiving dentist services all my life I have never experienced such unprofessionalism in my life. This is a twelve year old child who may have an infection in gums for example but due to doctors lack of professionalism services were not provided. I am truly saddened by such matter. Race may have played a great deal in this matter. We were the only minorities in the office and felt odd. Please help me resolve this matter. This doctor needs to make himself available to all people.

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