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Hamilton, NJ

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I have been going to AC Dental for a few years now and I continue to have an excellent experience every time I come here. Which is why I continuing to come here and why I felt compelled to write a review about it. They have grown and have 3 other locations but I still get the same service that I got when I started coming here. I always feel comfortable as soon I walk in the door. They are warm and friendly and willing to help me as soon as I call or come into the office. They will fit me in and work around my schedule which is helpful as someone who works full time.

Unlike some other places of business that grow, I don’t feel that I am just another person in a factory type of atmosphere. They go far above the call of duty for me. They will work with me in any way they can to ensure I get the best treatment possible, without the money being all they care about. I have been to different doctors of other kinds and all they ever seem to care about is what kind of insurance I have and whether I can pay before they even proceed with answering any questions. Although AC Dental is a business, I feel that they care for me and treat me like a patient first and not just another payment. I just really love it here and I felt like I should share my experience.

Satisfaction Rating

I typically don't bother with reviews, however, I think Dr. ** is very likely a highly qualified dentist whom I personally enjoyed who is being poorly served by his support staff. In addition, I think my experience with his staff is also probably consistent with the difficulties expressed by the other reviewer who posted about AC Dental Hamilton on this website. One other thing, I believe I know how this all should be done since I have been a practicing clinician who has also managed outpatient healthcare services for large healthcare systems and I am a professor at Drexel University who teaches health care administration (which includes practice management.)

I went to see Dr. ** as a new patient for my annual checkup, had x-rays taken, had a cleaning and Dr. ** gave me a proposed treatment plan that was estimated would cost around $5000-6000. I requested that the practice provide a pre-treatment cost estimate for my out-of-pocket costs by contacting my insurers which they did. Unfortunately, the practice submitted the information incorrectly to CIGNA and MetDental so it had to be re-submitted. The estimated out-of-pocket costs appeared to be $2-$3000 for the treatment, however, it was hard to interpret the reports sent to me by the practice so I called and the practice manager was able to clarify and confirm the amounts.

I asked for my x-rays so I could get a second opinion and paid $75 for same. The 2nd opinion dentist provided several treatment alternatives, however, upon comparison it appeared to me that Dr. **'s plan was appropriate and that I should go ahead with it. I did have one question for Dr. ** based on the 2nd opinion and called to schedule an appointment to discuss it with him. Specifically, one tooth was said to need treatment that was not on Dr. **'s plan. What did Dr. ** think? When I called to set up the appointment I explained what I wanted to reception who checked with the practice manager and was then told that the practice manager had already spent "enough time" on my pre-treatment estimate (and essentially no more time would be forthcoming.)

I asked to speak directly to the practice manager who told me she had "wasted" 4 months of her time on my pre-treatment determination without me having any of the work done; I could not see the dentist or even talk to him; and she didn't have any more time to spend on me. I told her that her concept of patient service was backwards and that she should be inviting my questions and not consider them a waste of time because I hadn't started the treatment yet. I said she didn't understand the nature of my call (which was I wanted to speak to the doctor about the additional work by making an appointment to do so) and, I was willing to pay for an appointment and, I did not need any more pre-treatment estimates since I had enough information.)

She would not allow me to explain this to her and hung up on me. I leave it to the reader at this point to draw their own conclusions, however, no matter how much I read about these kinds of experiences in healthcare administration, I am still amazed when I bump into them. Good luck to all of you in getting your healthcare needs met!


My son needed his 4 front teeth capped. They quoted me a price of almost $4000, which included root canals only. The company verbally agreed on the 4 front teeth. My mistake was, and I'm sure they are fully aware of their scam, I didn't get it in writing, just a quoted price. I paid everything in full. The dentist root canalled and grinded down the wrong teeth. She did the left front tooth and the 3 after that.

After this occurred, they called me in their office and said the dentist had to do those teeth and that I would have to pay more for the remaining teeth. I told them they did the wrong teeth. They would only let me deal with the manager, not the dentist. She got very belligerent and said, "We can't do inadequate dental work." I explained what the agreement was and that the dentist had done the wrong teeth. They quoted me another $2,000 for 2 more teeth.

Then after they put the temporary caps on the wrong teeth, they said he needed a teeth cleaning which would cost $185.00, because it's extensive cleaning. I questioned them why would you clean his teeth after the caps were put on and that they should have been cleaned before. Also, I asked why so much, because insurance cleaning was $35.00.

After arguing with the manager again with all these concerns, she stated that I don't know and that I'm not the dentist. I refused the cleaning, and again, she stated, "We don't do inadequate dental work." I asked to speak to the dentist numerous times which she would not allow me to. So she said, "OK, we'll give you the cleaning free."

My son went in for the free cleaning, and they flossed his teeth. That was it. Then they gave him 2 more cleaning appointments for $200 a piece. This is free cleaning! Speaking to the manager is very difficult; she is belligerent. I think they put her in this position to scam more money out of individuals who have no or minimal dental insurance.

After arguing regarding the so-called free extension cleaning with a machine, I refused the cleaning. Since then, my son has had temporaries put on the wrong teeth which fell out 3 times. And he has had to walk around with ground teeth. I am still waiting for the wrong permanent teeth to come in. This started last May 2009; now, it is February 2010.

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