Clifford Swanson, DDS

Schaumburg, IL

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My wife went to Dr. Clifford for cosmetic dental work and was given an estimate of $12,500. She explained to them that she couldnt afford large payments and they assured her it would be alright and began the work. After beginning the work they wanted to open an account to pay for some of the work being done and wanted my social security number to do so. I reluctently agreed and they opened an account with care credit for $5,000 and paid themselves. Shortly after they used my information without my or my wifes permission to open another account for $2,500 at Citihealth and paid themselves. We were unaware of of this until we received the bill from Citihealth. I called Citihealth and complained that I never authorized the account and they told me I had to call the Police and charge the dentist with fraud which was hard to do as he kept changing appointments and was not yet done with her teeth. I suspect he was awaiting the outcome of the fraud charge to decide if he was going to finish or not. We felt trapped and didnt call the police. Our bill was currently $14,000.00 which was more than what we were told it would be and after the fraud incident it jumped up to $22,000.00 with no real explination of why it was so high. We called and complained but got the runaround. They reduced the bill by $700.00 and agreed to remove the finance charges of $141.00 per month (which they never did)

The whole incident has caused us a great financial hardship and marital stress. I now have negative credit plus interest and late fees from not paying citihealth for two months. I am caught up with them now because I feel like in order to save my credit I have no choice but to pay them. The dentist claims we still owe him $9,726.74 and adds the interest each month. I had agreed to try to pay them $200.00 each month but with the other credit accounts they have opened up it is impossible. So we are forced to make payments with the care credit card after we have paid it each month but we are still going in the hole because of the dentists finance charges.

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Clifford Swanson DDS