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I don't care if this was the last endodontist in the world, I WOULD NEVER GO BACK. What amazes me, I have spoken to colleagues that have complained of the same treatment. They are in a rush to take your money and could care less about the pain they are putting you in. I should have been sent home with antibiotics and came back in a week, but instead he led me to believe it would just be a routine procedure. Even though I threw my hands up that I was in pain, he would not stop and provide patient care. Now every time I go to my dentist I have to be put on a high level of anti-anxiety medicine just to get through the procedure. IT WAS NEVER LIKE THIS BEFORE. Buyer beware... Don't let the name Trinity fool you. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE.

I only wish I could rate them zero star, because one feels like too much. The work done was terrible. I had to have the root canal that they performed retreated TWICE. For the first retreat, I went back to them, giving them another chance and considering it a fluke. The next time though, I went to another endodontist who told me it "looked a dental student did this without supervision". I was in pain for weeks! The billing staff made several errors in my account, and more than once, added charges to my bill after I paid and left. Don't bother trying to call them about it either, because they're rude and unwilling to discuss billing issues. If there is a problem with the bill, it must be the patient's fault. They seem bothered when a patient tries to talk to them at all. This was genuinely a traumatic experience.

I'll keep this short and simple. Pushy office manager and receptionist make you pay upfront for full procedure even with insurance. If your insurance pays, you can call and ask where your refund check is, but it is always "in the mail". Lazy office always hours behind schedule. Overbills insurance so they can get extra money. Office manager is always yelling at someone ā€“ such a nice atmosphere. Office always looks like they have good reviews on their FB page ā€“ they fill out these questionnaires themselves!!! Pull your own teeth out before trying this place. It'll be less painful.

This man performed 2 root canals on me within weeks of each other, and at all times NEVER did I get the notion he didn't know what he was doing. The first one was a single canal, and once he walked into the room we were done in 15 minutes! Two weeks later, he did a three canal tooth and this took about 25 minutes. The whole experience was as great as a root canal could be. I would highly recommend this man to anyone. The whole office ran like clockwork.

Very Bad Dentist!!! The office in Lakeland is the worst dentist office I have ever visited. I prepaid for work for my girlfriend believing what this under educated dentist said that he could repair a tooth. I paid about $1200 for him to just work on the tooth for an hour and then tell us that we needed another X-ray of the tooth. After we got another X-ray and came back we were told that the tooth was unrepairable and we need to get it pulled... HELLO?? Shouldn't you look at the X-ray first?! I tried to get the money back or some of it anyway and I was told by a rude receptionist, with a mouth full of food that "the work was done and no refunds." I don't think she even heard what I had told her because she was busy with her hamburger and fries.

HORRIBLE pain my girlfriend was in, the entire time she was there. They didn't even give her anything to help with the pain while he was working on her and because we prepaid and he already had the money he made her wait 4-5 hours in the chair. THIS DENTIST NEEDS TO LOSE HIS LICENSE!!! I have called the state attorney and from what I understand he has many complaints. We have seen another dentist since then and we were told that he should have never done the work knowing the tooth was that bad... HE IS A RIPOFF AND A THIEF.

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When I first walked in my gut told me to just walk out and I didn't, but I should have. I would tell anyone never go there. Awful experience and afterward had to go back to my regular dentist to repair damage this "doctor" did. Billing was an even worse experience. They charged upfront more than they were suppose to and then billed me more due to their errors in coding.

This practice is one of the worst ones in Central Florida due to a number of reasons. Firstly, the male doctor (aka practice owner) over-diagnoses many, many cases. Secondly, his work consists of many perforating teeth due to his speediness, in addition to breaking instruments inside the tooth and not informing his patients. Third, he overuses "medication" to make the X-ray appear that he has reached the full length of the tooth. And lastly, he isn't honest with his patients when a tooth is fractured or has a poor prognosis.

Also, the "office manager" (aka his wife) is a rude woman with no real class. She will submit claims to the insurance companies without the completion of treatment, she also submits codes that were not even performed by the doctor. The "office manager" also brings patients back for a "follow up" or "completion of treatment" to only collect payments from patients. This office is out of touch with their patients and think they are above the law. There are lots more to say about their illegal and morally wrong activities but I must go. Do your research people.

Best Dental experience yet! - I went to their office because I was sent there by my dentist. I wasn't looking forward to this because of everything Iā€™d heard about root canals in the past. Also, the reviews found on this page can be misleading. I called and they ran my insurance. And later on that same day, they called back and told me what my financial obligation was going to be; I thought that was impressive. They actually picked me up at my house because I didn't have a ride, and the young man that took care of that service was very knowledgeable and entertaining. I saw a lady doctor and her assistant Maria, and they were very nice. I felt I was in a 5 star hotel or something. They were so pleasant and accommodating. I got someone to pick me up after the treatment and they told me to call if I had any questions. I think I called them 3 times for different questions I had, and they were able to answer them; and another doctor that also works there even called me back personally to answer one of my questions. Nice place, super people.

I went to Orlando Trinity Endodontics for a root canal. The technical service was excellent, but everything to do with billing/payments was atrocious. I paid $1000 in the chair (before service) on 8/24/10. My insurance processed on 9/16/10, saying that Trinity owed me a refund of $520. $129 of that refund was overcharges, and $391 was owed to my general dentist. I did not receive my refund until 12/24/10, after at least 10 phone calls from me and my dentist with Trinity responses like "The insurance hasn't paid us." "It will go out with the next check runs." "It will go out next week." "It will go out today.ā€ The problem seems to be the office manager's failure to process these claims. I was told that the office manager in charge of this is someone named Ivelisse, but I see on-line that Ivelisse ** is a doctor at Trinity, possibly the owner. My check was finally mailed on 12/22/10, after being processed on 12/14/10 and apparently by someone other than the office manager.

The problems may be more systemic in the office:

1) Overcharging--They estimate the patient's payment responsibility before service, and charged me several items not allowed by the insurance.

2) Prepayment--They demand full payment of patient's responsibility before service. This is not industry standard, makes it difficult for patients to manage these bills, and given the overcharging and delays in refunds, results in patient out-of-pocket expenses for extended periods.

3) Mailings--They don't. I haven't received one piece of correspondence in the mail from Trinity. No statements, nothing, even after (another) promise to send me an itemized statement.

4) Statements--They don't have a decent accounting system, and don't provide clear statements. My estimate before service was hand-written! I have a report of my services from Trinity that was faxed to my dentist. The organization and formatting is so bad that it is unintelligible. At this point, I don't even have a piece of paper that tells me the name of the doctor that worked on me.

5) Certified Refunds--They ask that you come to their office to pick up your refund check (when it's finally processed). If you can't come to their office during normal business hours (i.e. you are working), they insist on sending the check certified. Since you are working, you will probably not be home to sign for it. This policy almost guarantees that the patient will have to make a special trip to the post-office in off-hours to pick up any refund check.

I have already requested that my dentist cease referring patients to Trinity for root canals. I certainly won't ever return there. I will be posting this in every review/complaint site I can find.

On 05/23/10 I went to trinity endodontic in Orlando for a root canal. I had to pay the amount of $880.00 and that's not including what my insurance was charged before I was seen by the dentist, when the dentist came in and started working on my tooth. I was informed by the dentist that my tooth was fractured, so she could not do a root canal. I was told that they were going to refund me half of what I had paid. It's been two weeks and I have not gotten a refund back. I have been calling to get my refund back and every time I just get a run around from them. They say that the person who does the refund is not in the office that she will call me back and never does. The receptionist doesn't seem to know anything. I would like to know what can be done for me to get my refund back.

Two years after receiving service from Terryl, I get a bill with a balance of $192.60. They claim that they sent the wrong information to my insurance carrier. My insurance carrier paid but the dentist claims that they sent the payment back because it was the wrong tooth number. So by the time they sent the right tooth number, the insurance told them that my benefits were used up so their claim was denied. The problem I have is that it took them two years to notify me. I had two carriers if they would have called me (cause they have my number) I would not have this balance right now. My other insurance carrier won't pay it because it's two years old. Not only did I have out of pocket cost then now I have this bill which is more out of pocket money from me. They were incompetent in their billing process and because of it I'm the one that's paying the price. They stated that they will send it to collections if not handled soon. This is adding stress to my stressful life already. I don't need a negative rating on my report for something that was not my doing.

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