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My experience with United Financial Systems was horrible. They took my money from my checking account and did not pay my creditors for 4 months. I am out approximately $1600.00, plus they charged me a $60.00 fee each month to rob me. I had to make payment arrangements with the creditors, plus pay the company I am now with, to carry on the agreement I had with UFS. I just want my money back; I am retired and can ill afford to lose that kind of money.

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Starting May 2010, money was taken from my banking account and was not delivered to my creditors. I called several times to complain but was treated rudely and was told that it was due to the holidays. Shortly after, the problem occurred again. I have learned since Jan 2011 that they owe me $1,980.00, but so far, I have not received anything from them. I am so tired of hearing excuses. Now, I see that there is another office opened in Boca Raton, which is unfortunate. If they can open another office, they can certainly pay back my money.

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I am being charged for a Kirby vacuum that I don't know how many payments are left. I can't find a phone number or any contact information for United Consumer Financial Services. I am very frustrated at paying for a vacuum that I can't find service for and am continuing to pay for.


This company was amazingly bad. I won't repeat what has been said above but suffice it to say my credit is ruined and I only found out about it when I tried to refinance my house and the bank told me my credit score was horrific. I agree, we need a class action suit. This company is still in business, albeit out of the credit counseling business. I feel obligated to warn other people before they get victimized too. Help spread the word.


To consolidate debt I entered a debt management program with United Financial Systems (UFS) & signed a contract on October 9, 2008. Alex @ UFS told my husband they could have the debt paid off in 3 years and that this would help my credit get back on track, which was great.

However, it is more like 5 years as the 3 years are coming up this Oct/Nov 2011 and in no way paid in full. UFS electronically withdraws money from my account the 1st of each month and is disbursed to my creditors. The funds have always been there for withdrawal so there is no reason that my creditors should not have been paid on time (or per proposals between UFS and creditor).

I have always honored my part of the contract with UFS and notified them whenever there are any discrepancies with creditors, faxed/scanned copies of statements, emailed them, etc. Once all on the program it seemed to start working and debt was reducing. However, then I started having issues with them.

It is in 2009 & 2010 that I really have all my complaints of UFS not providing the service they were supposed to. I paid them a service they didn't perform while creditors were calling me for non-payment(s). I checked my credit report in Sept 2010 and found out all my creditors on the program had reported missed/late payments to the major credit bureaus in Jan-Apr 2009 and May & Aug 2010, which are the months I noticed on statements indicating no payment.

I did request UFS to send letters out to the main credit bureaus and all six creditors on the program (as well as me) stating the reported missed/late payments were not my fault in hopes these would be investigated and get removed from my credit report. This was not the case! Evidently,the letters were never mailed to anyone.

So in Dec. 2010 I decided to mail out all the information myself. I started getting all kinds of letters back where Credit Bureaus & the 6 creditors received my dispute. However, they informed me what was reported was accurate because payments were missed and so will not be removed from reporting. On a few occasions, I tried to have my creditors work back directly with me but they wouldn't (even after letting them know my reason), but they said because of missed or late payments on account they couldn't do it at this time.

So, I suffered and remained on program. I continually get passed around to different UFS representatives trying to get resolution. There have been many times I haven't received a timely response to my concerns of which I have the emails to prove. I have dealt with creditors dropping me from the program because of not getting payments as agreed in 2009 & 2010. I have even had to pay some creditors out of my own pocket (separate from what UFS deducts) just so the creditors wouldn't drop me from the program and/or report me.

The UFS July and August 2010 payment disbursements hadn't even reached most of my creditors till around Sept or Oct 2010. And, UFS Nov 2010 payment disbursement has yet to be received by any of my creditors and it is now Feb. 19, 2011. CITI/Shell that should have been paid off once they received Nov 2010 payment. I still owe $147.11 which I continue to email UFS copies of statements as this account has been a nightmare with regards to payments as well as being dropped because of not getting the payments on time and incurring late fees and costing higher APR% (of course, costing more money).

The last response received from UFS was Jan. 12, 2011 from Carolee **. She stated they were looking into the steps for any payment that did not post to my account and send back directly to me (she was referring to the Nov 2010 payment disbursement). Needless to say, I emailed her back Jan 13, 2011 and again on Jan. 18, 2011 (after not getting a reply on 01-13-11) to get status of my concerns with CITI/Shell disbursement, plus the two late fees and higher APR that they cost on my account for not paying as agreed.

As of today, Feb. 19, 2011 I have paid the CITI/Shell account balance myself so it will stop accruing interest, late fees, and etc. It is a shame there are businesses out there that do harm to those of us who are trying to pay our debts and not looking for the easy way out like bankruptcy. Also, I requested they overnight to me what wasn't disbursed to my creditors for Nov. 2010 so I could get them paid ASAP.

I still haven't received a reply back from my February 2011 emails. The 2nd yr on the program has really been frustrating to me as I keep getting calls from my creditors and still having such issues of payments not being received or paid on time. In November 2010, I did receive a letter from UFS that my account has been transferred to another debt management company and as of December 2010 the other company will be handling my accounts from now on.

I will say the new debt management company American Debt Counseling has done a better job in the 3 months I've been with them than UFS has in the 2 1/2 years. Payments are made within 10-14 days once withdrawn. So, for anyone seeking a good reliable debt management program contact American Debt Counseling **. I feel everyone's pain that used UFS and has gotten the **. I have reported UFS to BBB in FL as well as State Attorney's office in hopes of getting some assistance/guidance to what is owed back to me for UFS not providing the service as promised.

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I was a client of UFS for at least three years or more and everything was going fine until last year. All my payments were late or not paid at all. I called UFS on a daily and weekly basis. They told me that it was being taken care of and that it was a computer glitch (yeah, right). I have sent several emails, left messages, etc. with no responses. UFS has not only ruined my credit report and my name but now, only three of my credit card companies will accept the new debt management company. So, I am back to being stuck with all of this debt, increasing interests, and all the late fees because of them.


I contacted United Financial Systems, Inc. to help me with two maxed out credit cards that I was paying 18% interest on back in May of 2008. The UFS rep told me that they would get my payment down to one easy monthly payment down to 6%. I made my payments every month without problem for over a year. In 2009, I ran my credit report and found that both credit cards had reported 30-day late payments in May-June-July 08. I had never had a late payment on my credit cards to date and UFS was late for three months as I switched over to them. I made the payments to UFS, but they didn't pay my creditors.

I continued on without problems with UFS until this September, when I got my credit report again. Somehow, both credit cards were reporting 30-day late payments starting in Feb. 2010 to Sept. 2010. I had no idea how this was possible, since I was diligently making my affordable $261 payment to UFS the 2nd of every month. My efforts to contact the company via phone were laughably unsuccessful. One would be left on hold for 20-30 minutes before being abruptly cut off. I finally wrote a vitriolic email, threatening to cancel with UFS if this matter was not resolved immediately.

Of course, I received a call the same day, from a woman named Carolee **. She assured me that the payments were made and that they would fix the situation. I also did a little more digging into my credit card accounts and found that UFS failed to make two of the payments. To this day, the two payments have never been made to my creditors. Carolee, once again responding promptly to an email threatening to cancel, assured me that she would investigate my account.

Bottom Line: United Financial Systems, Inc. is a predatory shame of a company that steals from people in financial crisis and ruins credit, rather than improves it for people. Do not consult with them nor pay them a dime. My advice is to call your individual creditors and work with them if you can't afford your payments, etc. I contacted my bank and had them block any and all future payments to UFS, which automatically debited payments.


I have had this company for over 3 years and no problems then all of a sudden getting calls from my credit card Co. That my payments weren't being paid. I had been sending United Financial $635.00 each month. The last time they paid my accounts was in June. I have been calling and emailing them and still have not had my accounts paid. I finally stopped them from taking any more money out of my checking account but they owe me over $2000.00. It has been hard to explain to the credit card Co. but i am paying them know myself but they want the last 4 months of payments .I can't come up with this because United Financial has all the money.


We have been with United Financial since August 2008 to help pay off 2 credit cards we had with Chase. On 5 separate instances, we have received collection phone calls from Chase because our payments had not been made. The most recent was on November 12. My wife and I had both been attempting to contact United Financial but no one is answering the phone or responding to emails. There is the threat of losing our low interest rate and having it affect our credit score. Also, I am concerned that our payment to United Financial was withdrawn from our checking account in November but the payment had not been made.

To be honest, I have no idea where I want to start with this company. I've dealt with them since 2007 and it's now 2010 and I seem to always have problems and most of them began in late 2009 up to the present moment. Recently in October 2010 they withdrew a certain amount from my checking and they are to take that money and disburse it to my creditors. Well, they took too much out because I had to drop a creditor because they were no longer accepting third party payments. So as a result they owe me $60.00 and I have sent numerous e-mails asking for status and even calling. A gentlemen named John called me on October 15 stating that as soon as the money clears on their end, they will send me a check in the amount of $60.00 and I have not heard from anyone since. There is no point to call this company! You don't get hold of anyone! This is very frustrating especially if it is dealing with one's financial state.

This company is supposed to help those who want to get out of debt and they are making it worse and either not sending payments (stated by the creditors), adding late fees and additional penalties in which one cannot afford! So now it's November and the time came for the monthly withdrawals again. I thought that the correct amount was adjusted and it wasn't! So now for November they took $5.00 too much. I am sitting in $65.00 in the hole and some of the statements that I am receiving from my creditors are saying they have not received payment and it's starting the never ending cycle again!

I recently sent several e-mails stating that I want to cancel the account and no one has contacted me back! I know this is abrasive, but I really don't know what to do and I worked too hard to get to where I am today. I seriously would like someone to talk to get my money back and never deal with business from them ever again! I want all of this chaos to stop. The only solution that I see right now is to freeze the ACH withdrawals, but I can't even afford the fee the bank will charge me to do so and I will be more in the hole again!

United Financial Systems owes me $60.00 for October 15, 2010 and owes me $5.00 for November 14, 2010. Also some creditors are stating they have not received payment which in turn the creditors will charge me late fees and will harass me by phone until they receive the monies. They do not answer their clients' phone calls nor do they respond to e-mails or even follow up with them with their issues.


Similar to the other stories listed. I paid them and closed out my account 4 months ago and now I am getting calls from the credit cards that were supposed to be paid saying they have not received any payments. So I now have late fees and reports on my credit. I have been trying to get in touch with someone at the company through numerous phone calls and email. No one has responded back. They claim they are having problems with their phones yet if you want to open an account they can surely accommodate you.


They started off great, but in the last year I have had late payment to Citicorp for no payment for 3 to 4 months late payments have been added each time and I can't see how this company will finish paying the existing debt at the rate they are going. I believe the contract stated 40 months and I'm already in at least 30 of them with still a balance of $6900. They take my $520 the third of every month but don't disperse the payments. I only have 2 debt remaining on the contract but it looks like they are collecting monies of mine to pay other debts and only when threatened they pay mine. It looks like a bankruptcy scam at this point. I do not know what right I have as this is contractual.


I have been getting these calls consistently on my job as well as on my cell phone. Someone said that they have a Legal Case PA1078690 against me; however, they will not say with whom, (Pay Day Loan Company) and/or for how much money.

This harassment is not good for my job, and with jobs so hard to come by, if I owed them money, it would appear that they would be able to say who I owed and how much. They keep calling from different numbers and using different names. All these people have Indian accents.


In December of 2008, I enrolled in a debt management service called United Financial Systems, INC. Prior to signing the contract, I was promised by U.F.S. Representative, Jason ** that this service will not damage my credit score, but improve it. Jason ** told me the purpose of U.F.S.'s service was to combine all of my credit card debt into one manageable payment. He promised me that U.F.S. would be faithful paying my creditors the due amount or more every thirty days, and by the end of three years, my debt would be completely paid off.

On December 6, 2008, I signed the contract with U.F.S. In this document, United Financial Systems agreed to payments to my creditors every thirty days upon receipt of regular monthly payments from me (client **) to them (U.F.S. ). My payments to them are withdrawn automatically from my bank account every month on the 12th. I have faithfully fulfilled my part of the contract, and they have failed to do their part. On several occasions, they have failed to pay my creditors. When I noticed a missed payment on my credit card statements, I would call United Financial, and I was assured that the payment was on the way or currently.

These missed payments were not actually made. Since the payments were set to be more than the minimum amount due, by the next month, the past-due amount was covered. Because of this, I did not notice that the previous month's payment was actually never made. These discrepancies caused my accounts to be past due until I made additional payments directly to my creditors. When I would call about the issue, I was assured that the payments would be made by them to my creditors every 30 days. These payments were in fact never recovered. I paid them, and they did not pay my creditors. The missed payments total $1,098.00. This total does not include any late fees, raised interest rates, or the damage done to my credit score. I enrolled in this program to help my credit, not ruin it.

My issue continues on to client support. Since May of this year (2010), U.F.S. has been nearly impossible to get in contact with. I called every number listed trying to talk to someone about missed payment issues and each time that I reached the automated service, it would put me on hold for twenty minutes before completely disconnecting me. I never reached a person, and every voice mail box was full and I was unable to leave a message.

I called every day at different times of day for a week and got the same result every time. I also tried sending an email to "service@unitedfinancial.org" and got no reply. I finally received a phone call after sending an email that threatened to end my service with them and file a complaint with the BBB. The woman I spoke with assured me that their account investigator would look through my accounts to find the problems and call me within 48 hours with a solution. I never received this phone call. I recently received an email from them: "To All UFS Debt Management Clients."


In August 2008, I contacted United Financial Systems (UFS), a debt management company, in order to consolidate my credit cards so that I can straighten out my credit. They did pretty well with the payments up until this year. The last payment that my creditors received from UFS was June 2, 2010. There was a total of five creditors on the plan. Of course as soon as I was aware of the non-payment, I contacted UFS to try to find out what the problem was but I was told by Clarence that the funds were disbursed and that it could take up to 14 days for them to receive payment.

They withdrew the $377 monthly payment that we agreed upon in July and August but still did not pay my creditors and when I asked to speak with a supervisor, I was told that all they were going to do was tell me the same thing and that if I was not comfortable with how they were handling things then I could stop payment at anytime. So because they breached our contract by not paying my creditors I had to close out my account of 14 years in order to keep them from taking any more of my money.

And to make matters worse they won't refund my $724 for the two months that they withdrew the monthly payments from my account but did not pay my creditors and I am unable to reach any one by phone or by email. The phone lines are set up to give you the runaround through an automated system and my emails have gone unanswered.


I signed up for a debt consolidation program through UFS in 2006. In 2008, they started making late payments. They told me there was a glitch in their computer system, and they called my creditor and said everything was okay. They continued to make late payments during 2008-2009, and I received multiple letters from my creditors. UFS stated that it was normal and that they had a grace period with the creditors. Also, they stated that sometimes the bill goes out prior to their payment.

Assuming everything was okay, I would check every month to ensure that UFS took my payment via electronic debit from my checking account, and when I received creditor statements, I just filed them or glanced at them periodically.

By July 2009, UFS skipped payments on two of my credit cards. Starting in July 2009 and continuing through April 2010, UFS skipped random payments and paid late almost every month. I accrued a past due balance for each card in the program. I tried to contact them on multiple occasions, and I could not get past their automated message.

I was not getting charged for late charges or phone calls from creditors, so I assumed the UFS payments were pending. In April 2010, one creditor had employees calling me constantly and harassing me for money. I told them that I was bound by contract and could not pay them directly, and I was still trying to get a hold of UFS.

I then received a letter from the creditor stating that I was removed from Debt Consolidation for failure to make payment and that they raised my APR from 9.9% to 19.99%. They also charged me a $35 late fee.

I still couldn't get a hold of UFS. So I sat down and analyzed every creditor statement and bank statement from 2006 through 2010 and discovered all of the months they never made payment. I wrote UFS a letter and attached my spreadsheet detailing the months they were late or missed payments and informing that I was terminating my contract due to the fact that they violated the contract on many instances.

I also told them that any electronic debits from my checking account were to cease or it would be deemed as theft. I also requested that the amount of $1221.00, which was taken from me and never paid out, should be returned to me within two weeks. I then wrote a letter to each of my creditors and explained what happened and that I would assume my own Debt. I had to pay the past due balances on each card, so I was running low on funds. Then on May 16, UFS withdrew $336 from my checking account.

Luckily, I had enough to cover it at that time. But if the money wasn't returned immediately, I wouldn't have enough to pay my mortgage. I sent them an email that they needed to return my money immediately and that I would report them to Consumer Affairs, BBB, and authorities if they did not. For the first time, I received an answer from UFS immediately. The representative, Carolee, stated that I must've sent the termination package to their old address for they had moved, which they never notified me about.

She sent me a check returning the $336 and stated she would investigate my account. Upon investigation, UFS started making lump payments to my creditors. To this date, UFS still owes me $336, which was my initial deposit to be returned to me at completion.

Carolee sent me a new payment coupon to be signed in the amount of $331. My coupon that I agreed upon in 2006 which was included in my contract was $336. She stated there is a $5 charge to withdraw the money, so I need to sign the revised coupon. I refused and signed the original coupon I received and faxed it to UFS on June 21, 2010. To this date, I still haven't received my money.

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