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I signed up with Square One to help manage some debt issues after a divorce. They did absolutely nothing to help and my credit is still a mess due to their incompetence. They agreed to a settlement without my consent and I did not have all the funds available to make the deal. They were not very helpful in any way. I would have been better off not using them at all and just negotiating myself with each company. It looks like their website has been taken down so they are probably doing business under another name now.

In January of 2010, I desired to start the year with new resolution regarding my debts. So, I called Square One and did my enrollment with them. They asked me to fax them a check so they can have my bank account number. And I did. At that time, I was living in Bronx. They have been drawing money from that account for a year and two months. On 03/15/2011, I called them to see how things were doing, because they never contacted me by email, phone or any other way that I recognize. At the time that I called, they said they have been trying to call me. But there was no message on my phone or email. They said that the money they took from my account was not for both things, their fee and the credit card payment. It was only for the payment to them. Their contract says very clearly that there is no deal with a credit card company from their end. And I want to cancel that contract. They are only entitled for 10% of the total amount paid.

As of this day, they have not sent the rest of the money to me. My question is, why do the government let Square One do all these things and get away with this? It is okay for them to get pay. And 10% is okay, but not all. Because they didn't help me with anything at all. I paid them around $3,800.

I have received 2 calls, saying I have won 5.5 million dollars, I have to get registered at WalMart - Western Union at the cost of $599.00 in order to receive the UPS package to be delivered by tomorrow. This comes by way of a company called Winners International. When I ask him why, I would have to pay to receive a winning prize. He gave me a batch of BS.

I signed with Legal Helpers, which is the Customer Service Arm of Square One Debt Settlement out of Sunrise, Florida in May 2010. It has been 5 months and they have almost $1200 of my money. My first consultant was Silvas **, then they moved me to Jocelyn **. So far, there has been no attempt to settle or contact my creditors. I was instructed not to pay my bills. One of my creditors told me yesterday that Legal Helpers are not lawyers and they will not negotiate with them, period. I believe I have been scammed and this money taken out of my checking account by Global Client Solutions, 4500 South 129th East Ave, Suite 177, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74134. I am filing a complaint with the Attorney General of the State of Florida.

I am 68 years old and was told that I would be debt-free in two years. Also, Global says I cannot cancel with them unless Legal Debt Helpers or Square One Debt Settlement is advised first. It is my bank account, I am the customer and I can cancel. Square One says you can terminate the contract but they may not be required to return the money. They do not deserve to take my money and provide no service, only empty promises!

The amount of $1,187.16 was never refunded to us. The required release form was signed and sent in for a full refund and it never was acknowledged. Bryan ** was mighty slick when he said, "if you people don't want to sign and send in that release form, then there's nothing more I can do". We most certainly sent in that release by certified mail. We know this underhanded company received the signed release form because we have a signature to prove it. This company ignored us and had no intentions of returning any of our money. Bryan ** was rude, very manipulative and misleading right along. Square One Debt Settlement did absolutely nothing for us other than destroy our credit further and steal from us. We reported Square One Debt Settlement to The Federal Trade Commission and The Connecticut Banking Commission.

To date, we have not received one penny from Square One Debt Settlement to satisfy the $1,187.16 they cheated us out of with all their bogus, misleading promises of becoming debt-free. This company makes a lot of promises and plays mind games. The tactic used most is insulting your intelligence and intimidating. They make claims of legal knowledge business backgrounds and professional expertise in business negotiations with blood-sucking creditors. They are professional con-artist parasites, making big money off of desperate individuals facing drastic economic hard times.

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I had substantial credit card debt and a husband that could find little or no work. I called my credit card companies, seeking a rate reduction so that I could continue to make my payments. I received no help from them. Fearing that I would have to file bankruptcy, I turned to Square One Debt Settlement for help. What a mistake that was. Although I was told that my credit card companies "could" sue me seeking the full amount I owed them, Square One and their representatives told me over and over again that this would not happen because it costs money for them to sue you.

This information is clearly stated in the FAQ section of Square One Debt’s website. Square One reps also repeatedly told me lawsuits were used as scare tactics. After making payments for over a year to Square One, here come the process servers with complaints in hand. Square One led me to believe that I would be able to "reduce" my credit card debt. What I was getting for my money was my credit card company’s negotiating with Square One for a reduced amount that must be paid in a time frame that was so unreasonable. Some wanted $7000.00 in six days. Who are they kidding? If I had that kind of money lying around, I wouldn't need Square One. Square One failed to provide the services for which they get paid up-front money for.

I went from being a consumer with a 700+ credit rating to filing for bankruptcy. The emotional and financial burden this has placed on my family cannot be put into words. As soon as I told Square One Debt Settlement I had to file for bankruptcy, they stopped all communication with me. I have demanded a partial refund since I did not get what I paid for. Funny, they have not responded. This should be illegal.

I made the agreement to this company because I have a problem and I'm late with my credit card. They said to me that if I paid a certain amount to them, they would take care of the problem and they make arrangements with all company. They don't do anything. I want my money back. I'm under treatment for cancer. The stress does not help me, and I start to receive summons from the court for all companies where I owe money. Right now, I stopped the payment because when I call the company, they don't answer the phone.

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