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1920 Main Street Suite 450, Irvine, CA

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My case is the same as the other cases that are involved with NCC. They called me and offered help with my debt and I took the help. After a year they have only settled one debt of less than $2000 and I have had 4 arbritrations filed against me. When I would contact Solidium they would tell me that was OK, it would just give me more time to collect money in my trust account and then they would be able to settle with these companies.

I did not even know about NCC closing until one of my creditors called me last night and told me that they had been granted the right to contact me for payment. All of what the other complaints have said was very true. I have paid in approx. 6450.00 and they have only settle an account for 1800.00. The first three months (430.00) per month was my service fee for them handling my accounts and then I have a 45.00 fee each month for their services. We were suppose to be debt free in five years. This appeared to be a very legal company and I ask several questions before going with them and they answered the questions and acting very professional at that point.

In the beginning of July of 2003, I was referred to Solidium by The National Consumer Council. I was having difficulty making payments to my creditors due to suffering several hardships that ocurred in my life. I was looking for a chance to continue paying my creditors instead of declaring bankruptcy. I was promised by Solidium that my debt would be reduced. I was advised to stop paying my creditors and instead open a trust account with London Financial and deposit $972 every month for a period of 72 months.
It is now 10 months later I have paid Solidium a total of $9,930. of which a 3% engagement fee ($3,743.04) to London Financial has been paid as well as $1.82 monthly establishment fee and a $90.00 monthly service fee. My total debt outstanding in the beginning of the program was $106,000. appx. So far wth the late fees, overlimit fees, higher interest rates imposed, attorneys fees, etc. my outstanding debts are approximately $120,000. and they are still growing. I was told that only one account has been partially settled. I have no idea what I have in my trust account at this date.

I am in serious trouble with my creditors. So far five of my creditors have filed motions for judgement against me. The balances in my accounts have grown to enormous amounts. I do not know if my creditors have been contacted with any offers and I am scared of what can happen next.

I received a phone solicitation re: my total credit card debt and the offer of debt repair service which I needed though I was not behind in any payments nor had been and had a very good credit rating. Each person I was in contact with was professional and knew my approximate debt. I was given a web site to check the legitimacy of the company and all appeared ethical but I went one step further and checked with the Better Business Bureau and they reported there were no problems reported. Solidium and London Financial Group did settle two accounts I owed as I received the forms to report to the IRS for 2003.
Outstanding debts are still unresolved as to how the creditors will be receiving payoffs. I am in debt much worse than I was before for my credit has been ruined by doing what the company representatives advised. They also charged me with fees to handle accounts and by settling the aforementioned accounts cost me approximately $1700 against my tax returns. I feel so stupid but I wanted to pay my debtors off without going into bankruptcy but that seems to be my only recourse now.

This is a correction letter to the one I filed 5/17/04 under my name but had omitted the company name and phone number as well as reporting that my credit was fine until I trusted Solidium to be as good as their word and reports.

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