North American Debt Settlement, LLC

New York, NY

Out of Business

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I worked for them briefly. It's a commission only stint; they take advantage of those truly in need of a job. They will hire you off the street, will sell you the promise of success, will convince you of how easy it is to win a sale, will work you for 10 hours and not pay you a dime, and will make bank if you do reel in a customer. Do not do business with this company, they're a bunch of shrewd **'s.


This company called me this morning. The person that was on the phone then transferred me to Winston. Winston began telling me about the program. I interrupted him and told him I was not interested and he got really rude. He was not going to take no for an answer was how I took him. I told him not to call me again and he told me that I called them and I explained that I did not call and hung up on him.


Out of nowhere this individual starting calling our home 5-6 times a day never leaving a message. when we answered he wouldnt speak. I called back the number asking them to stop calling and the individual retaliated by calling our home every 5-10 minutes and laughing for several days, hundreds of times. I have reported them to law enforcement.

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North American Debt Settlement