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I heard their advertisement on the Radio back in February 2010 that they do home modifications. We made an appointment and we went to their offices in Broadview Hts. We had to pay $500 up front to get the lawyers that work with our mortgage company to get our loan reduced. Then we had to send in 3 payment of $600 + dollars to hold their services. I have paperwork and it looked legit to us. I have been going through this modification since February and the last conversation I had with Brittany was on March 4th requesting yet some more documents to finish off our modification. I have been calling every day since and leaving messages and no one has returned our calls. I feel we have been scammed and I would like to get our money back as we are struggling to survive.


I am in the process of getting divorced and trying to hold onto my house. I have been working with the Hope team for a home mod. Since March 2010, I called every week to see if my file is going to underwriting. Since I am not divorced yet, I was told that a quit claim deed was needed to make me eligible. I have sent the quit claim deed several times since July.

Every time I called, I get a different request for different documents. It never seems to end. I am borrowing money for some months to make my payments. The most frustrating thing is that no one can tell you an exact status or time frame. When you ask to speak to someone at BOA ,they tell you (Wayne, a supervisor at the Hope team told me this today) that no one at BOA knows what's going on. Can anyone help?


I hired LMOA to modify two home loans with a guarantee that if the banks did not modify our loans, we would be refunded half of the money paid to them. I ended up losing both houses; homeless and receiving only a partial refund. This company was scam from the beginning and I want a complete refund since they did not honor the contract.


They were supposed to modify my loan for a lower payment. We only got to the 90-day forbearance agreement, and they closed my file. No modification was ever done. In January, they sent me a letter telling my file was closed. Now, some 5 months later, out of the blue, someone called and gave me status on my file? I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone. I paid $3000 for a forbearance agreement and have been working on my own with my lender, and then I get a call.


They basically took 2,000.00 dollars of mine for a loan modification to work with my loan company Wachovia. After 1 month and I felt things weren't going in the right direction, so I started questioning things and they kept putting me off. I then found out they never got in touch with Wachovia ever and so three months later I was ripped off 2 thousand and then I was stuck coming up with money to get caught up with my mortgage. To save my home. I am disabled and have lived in my home for thirty years. Coming up with a sum of money to save my home was very stressful all because I believed these people that say their there to help.

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Loan Modification Group/Balboa Law Group are a bunch of liars, including that Don Williams. I was very difficult to get a hold of anyone. My modification went through, but I was lied to. Don told me that my principal will be reduced and that I will have a fixed rate. After Don Williams, no longer worked there and I never received a follow up call, I demanded to speak to his supervisor. After speaking to Andrew, (supervisor) I was told that Tony Mercado was taking care of my loan.

That infamous Tony M never returned any of my phone calls. I had to call at about 5:45pm to his direct line to get a hold of him. He would always tell me that my loan should be finalizing any day. After about a year in a half my loan was complete. I would like to tell everyone not to deal with Loan Modification Group/Balboa Law Group. Even though my loan was modified, I wouldn't trust these people if my life depended on it. Don't get suckered in like I did. Try to deal with your mortgage company.


We were contacted back in November of 2008 by Randall ** at LMG and talked into signing with them for help on our house payment. He led us to believe that for a flat fee of $3000, they would work directly with our lender to have principal dropped off our loan (due to depreciation), lower our rate and most importantly, and lower our payment. I had to continually call him for updates and all he ever told me was that it was "pending". He kept telling me that my lender was the one holding up the process. Needless to say, after their four-month process (that was supposed to be max time this would take) passed, I contacted my lender and found that they weren't really negotiating anything. They told me I should have contacted them directly.

I in turn sent them some of my information directly and asked for a refund from LMG. They said that since I had contacted my mortgage company, I had breached the contract and was not entitled a refund. But they said they would continue to work on my package to get it finished. Randall ** was the one I most worked with. He was nice at first, but then started getting short with me. When I asked for a refund, he became rude and would not return my calls. Then, on 10/02/09, his cell phone message stated that he did not work for them anymore and not to leave a message.

I called LMG back to find out that they are now called Balboa Law Group. I was given a new contact person, Anthony **. He was not good at returning my calls either. He said he had picked up all Randy's accounts. Then I find out Marsha ** is handling my negotiating. On 11/16/09, I received foreclosure papers from my mortgage company! I called LMG/Balboa and they said they would get a hold of them and find out what was happening. So now, basically at this point, I decided to contact the CEO of US Bank, my mortgager, and they in turn called US Bank to make sure my papers were being handled correctly. I received a call the next day from the supervisor there who had me refax my check stubs to her and started over on my account as the number for the trial mod were still too high for us.

Bottom line is that LMG/Balboa did nothing but forward my papers from their office to my lender and never "negotiated" anything. I am going to fax them a request for a refund, but I doubt very seriously they will help me with that. They are the worst company I have ever dealt with and I feel so stupid for falling into their trap. I feel like they stole $3000 from me and have done this to everyone that deals with them. Therefore, I wanted to report them as a problem company and maybe no more people will get into trouble with this company.


My boss told me about his cousin who had modified his loan successfully. He was also working with this company. So, since I had 4 properties all worth $100,000 to $150,000 less than I bought them for and my son and his wife were in a similar situation with their one house we decided to use them. We both faxed them everything they asked for. They told us to stop paying our mortgages and they started supposedly negotiating with Countrywide (now Bank of America).

To make a long story short, my son had a day off of work last month and saw a man walking through his yard and when he asked if he could help him. The man said he was looking at the house as it was being auctioned that day. We called Loan Modification Group that day and found out that Randy, who we both had been working with was gone and were assured that my son's house did not go to auction. After thinking about this for a while my son made a few phone calls and found that yes, indeed their house had been sold back to their bank, who by the way would not accept money from them when they started trying to pay them again and would not talk to them on the phone, that was HSBC. So, without knowing it, their house sold at auction and they have to move out, no options.

My son paid $3,000 to modify his loan and not only did it not get modified, it went to foreclosure and was sold at an auction and the first they knew of this was the eviction notice. I was served papers on my Florida property and was told that if I didn't respond in 20 days, the property would be foreclosed on. I called the Loan Modification Group and someone that supposedly has some knowledge of law told us we had to fly down there to give our response. She typed up a one page response and told us to do that. We ended up hiring a lawyer in Florida who put in a 15 page response for us and we did not have to fly down there. We have paid them $10,000 for 4 properties and we still don't know what is happening with our 3 VA properties and I am not sure how to find out. We are not quite sure what to do now, except help my son move.


I made contact with Don ** of Loan Modification Group in February 2009. A co-worker had went through him and claimed to have gotten results. After my initial contact with him, it became a phone tag any time I tried to make contact. The last time was the third week of September 2009. A message was left on my phone that they were to meet with BofA one last time to finalize the modification on September 30th and I would receive forms via FedEx. Today, (10/12/09), I went to their website to get their phone # and found the website no longer exits. After locating the phone #, I called to find Don ** no longer works there. The people who answered the phone were rude and told me Don's supervisor has taken over. They sent my call to voicemail and I had to leave a message. At the time of this writing, two hours has passed. I called again and was met with rudeness. Is there a class action lawsuit against them? Will this complaint go to the Attorney General's Office?


I was referred to Don ** by a friend. He told me that he could get $63,000.00 and a 4% loan mod on my house for $3,000.00. I told him I didn't have that kind of money. He said miss two house payments and that would cover the fees. He also told me that once the process started, everything froze (credit rating, house payments). I did as he asked. That was in January. It's now July, my credit is shot and my house is in foreclosure. Then, Don called and nonchalantly told me that the best they could do was a temporary drop to 5% interest only payments on the house for 24 months, and that was only if I could catch the house up current within a week. I was able to scramble and sell to make up what I had fallen behind. Thanks for nothing, Don **! I almost lost my house, my credit score is shot for years to come. All because of a scam artist named Don **.


On December 8th, 2008, I paid Loan Modifications of America $3,995.00 to try and get me a modification on my loan. I gave them two checks: one check no. ** for $1,500.00 and another check no. ** for $495.00, for which I have copies of. I also put $2,000.00 on my Chase credit, but they never made contact with my loan company.

Also, my Chase credit card company informed me that they tried and charged my card a second time for an additional $2,000.00 without my permission but thank God my card was already maxed out and it didn't go through. I have documents to support this accusation. They weren't able to get my loan modified so I want all my monies back as soon as possible. I faxed a letter to their office on 4/21/09 and have not heard from them. They won't take my calls nor return any of my messages.


I was an outside sales rep working for the company. I did not like the way they wanted me to do business, since all my clients where my previous clients who trusted me. I talked to the owner Mike and he fired me. He did not pay the money owed to me. More importantly, all my clients are mad at me. Money owed to me is approximately $15,000 to $20,000. I also have lots of clients which I'm sure would want their money back if they could.

Satisfaction Rating

The company took $3,000, and promised to do a Loan modification. The Atty. Anz and Associates was listed with the BBB and had a AAA rating. Three months later, no one answered phone calls or even faxes when they used to answer the phone all the time. Do not use them. Also Federal Loan Modification is advertising on this site. This company is a fake a scam. The atty. they were operating under Anz and Associates number is disconnected. I have reported them to the Feral Trade Commission.


On Nov 17th, 2008, I contacted Don ** inquiring about having my loan modified. After some initial information, he said that I pre-qualified and asked for $3k in fees. He stated that he should be able to not only lower my interest rate, but also lower my principal balance by $60k. I filled out the paperwork requested, and was told it could take up to 90 days. There was also a 100% money back guarantee if my loan wasn't modified. As time passed, I was asked for updated information (and sent it) and was told that it was near closing. By April 23rd (155 or so days into it) I was fed up with no progress, no calls returned etc. I found out their physical address which took some effort after being hung up on by their employees time and time again.

I went to the office and physically handed in my letter of termination to them and asked that Mike call me when he got in the office. I didn't receive a call. I went in again the very next day and spoke with Mike. He said that he wasn't' giving me my money back because I failed to fax updated information according to his records. In fact, I did fax over everything they needed when requested and told him that I had proof in my fax sent journal. He has refused to return my phone calls and/or return my money. I am now seeking counsel to get this company to own up to their scam.


I called LMG to see if i qualifed for a modification loan. D. Williams took some info from me then called back the next day. He thought something could be done, he sent an Email with some forms i filled them out, sent them back by Fax with a check copy ($1500.) One of two total 3k. In the forms was an agreement form and a payment for services form for Three Thousand Dollars.

During the weekend i change my mind on using his service. Called him after work told him i was thinking about cancelling we talked he said think about, if i still felt the same the next day he would cancel our agreement.

I called the next day cancelled also sent an Email asking to stop the process he seemed fine on the phone. The check for $1500. had been deposited. He made it understood that he was not obligated to return my check, but wanted me to be happy also so his company would look good, not just out for the money. Don told me it would take up to 30 days to send me out a check. I assumed no additional charges would be made to my checking account. But eight days later another $1500 was deucted. I call Don and ask about the deduction he said it was a banking error? He said send him copies of the echecks and they would issue a check for the second check of $1500. but i still needed to wait the 30 days for the first one.

Had to take a vaction day, spent hours calling between Don at the LMG and the bank. Had to close my checking account of some twenty years for fear that additional monies might be removed. All i have from Don at LMG is a check might come in a month? For now a phone call a couple of Emails have cost me $3000. I would perfer to know if that if Don at LMG his not going to return the monies taken from my account so i could decide my options. Thank you

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