These people tried to tell my 80-year-old mother that I had tax liens to the state and that they are trying to help us out. I contacted the state and found out there are no tax liens on us, and they have reported 100s of problems with these people. They recommended that I contact the attorney general, which I have, and they are adding it onto a case already started against this company.

I also notified my local police department financial crimes unit, and how odd, they have 2 other complaints about the same people. And those people don't owe taxes either. One of them had a mistaken tax lien that was settled back in 2001, but that was it for them. Yet they are getting harassed by these people. The good news is they have passed this information to the FBI who has an active case on a "Jack **."

This is so funny. Jack is a total ripoff, and they will do anything to get your money. That is no joke! When I started there, I was trained to lie by Jack **, Jen **, and the rest of those jokers! All they want is money; they could care less if your taxes get taken care of!