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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 22, 2015

Bottom line, paid $2950.00 to have my home mortgage loan modification for lower interest rate. After sending them 10 pages of forms, countless phone calls that were never returned, hang up on when requesting the manager, told they were "reviewing and process again and again." I was ripped off. THEY DID NOTHING! I found out later by speaking to my home loan mortgage company if HomeSavers USA was working with them. I was told NO. Loan modification was denied the months ago plus that HomeSavers USA knew this and that they also knew, within a few minutes of receiving my application, that I was "outside the 20% max. income to loan value ratio to even apply. Yet I was strung along month after month until they no longer would return phone calls, and would hang up on me every time I called! THIS IS OUTRIGHT FRAUD!

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: May 18, 2015

I was dealing with **, and she ask me to fax over all of my paper work to her regarding my taxes, mortgage, work checks, a letter, and all bank statement trying to drop the interest on the mortgage. I DID this back in November 2014. I DID not hear from until March 21, 2015. I kept calling her and she would not answer the phone, I kept leaving her message on the voice mail and I would email her. When I DID speak to her again she was asking me to fax over the same information that I had fax over the first time. What a waste, she was very rude after I asked her why! She said just do it.

So I DID it thinking that she could still help me. So I DID not hear back from her until may 14th 2015, saying that she needed for me to refax over the same paper work that I had fax before. I said no, just send me my freaking money back. She was pissed and said she was willing to help me and said that she will go ahead and send me my money back. She was not able to explain to me why it was taking so long, all she said was she was working on her more important claims first. So I told her that my claim is just important than any claim she has on her desk. She got mad and hung up. Please do not use this company, it is terrible. They never answer the phone.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 11, 2014

On April 14, 2012, I, Francisco **, and Victoria ** signed to an agreement for a reduction of interest with Home Saver of America on 04/17/12. The first payment was made for the amount of $1,500.00 follow by a second payment on 04/17/12 for $250.00. On May 21, 2012 $1,000. On June 21, 2012 $1,000. 07/18/12 $1,000 dollars. With a total amount of four thousand seven hundred fifty dollars. Two years later from the agreement I still haven't received the help I was searching and the service paid for; therefore, I requested for the agreement cancel and requested my money reimburse stated in a letter as told. Due to I have tried multiple times to reach them by telephone no respond, I go to the office and I get services decline. They hang up on my calls and no longer open the office door and telephone no longer in service. Please help. I am really concern and need help. COMPANY INFO: Home Saver of America 3330 Harbor Blvd suite#201 Costa Mesa, CA 92626, T: (714) 241-1716, F: (714) 241-1786.

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Original review: March 26, 2010

Home Savers contacted me and told me they could help me restructure my loan before foreclosure occurred. They spoke to me the day before my home was to be put up for auction by Montgomery County and verbally guaranteed me that if I sent them $3000 by Western Union that they could keep my home from being sold at auction the next day. I did send them $3000 by Western Union and I found out from the county that our property went back to the bank the very next day. I am devastated. I believed these people would help me save my home but instead stole $3000 that I had been saving in order to possibly save my home.

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Original review: June 5, 2009

I originally paid this company $2500.00 (May 18, 09) to help me get a loan modification with my mortgage company, Bank of America. The day after I paid Homesavers, BAC sent via Federal Express a loan modification program to my home (May 19). I called and spoke with my senior consult, Andrew **, and explained what happened. He assured me I would get my money back because Homesavers only wanted to help. He said they haven't done anything for the money and not to worry because they gave me a 100% money back guarantee. He only had to speak with the accountant to find out when the refund would happen. He stated their company was happy and they hoped that this modification helped my family. Homesavers would be happy to help me in the future if need be. I spoke with him the following day and he told me their accountant left early due to her pregnancy and he would call me back.

Next day I received a phone call from Duncan ** and now he is telling me that I signed papers with them and they are in a business. I could not get it back now. I told him how could they help me when I am already being offered a modification, so in the end I would not be happy and be able to get my money back. He said if I could show him those papers of BAC offering this to me, then he would refund my money. I have called now three times since Friday, May 30, with not a phone call back and no refund still. I don't know who can help me or what to do next. I am in desperate need of my money because I am now behind on my mortgage. I need this money back. How can they keep my money without having done anything for it?

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Original review: Oct. 4, 2008

I met Tina **, sales manager for HomeSavers through a friend. I explained my situation that my two houses are scheduled for trustee sale. Before I met her I already have hired a lawyer to represent me. Tina convinced me to drop my lawyer and that their company is better and even gave me verbal guaranty that she can stop the trustee sale of my houses. We did sign a contract and paid $5200.00 for two houses plus $600.00 for each house to be deducted from my bank account every month until they successfully win my case. On or before my date of trustee sale, they failed to take any action to stop the sale. Someone dropped the ball. They failed to inform me what was going on with my case like they did not even care that I was about to lose my houses.

When I called them to find out about the sale, they couldn't give me a straight answer and they keep referring me to different persons. I finally decided to cancel my contract and sent them a letter and demanding a refund since they have not done any action on my case. Prior to the letter, I have told them to withdraw and want my money back. I sense that they don't have the intention to return my money back. These people are real scammers not to mention there are at least five people that I know some are my friends that are scammed by Homesavers. We are not going to stop until we find justice!!! Losing my two houses has created a big impact in our lives financially and emotionally. Not to mention the stress and sleepless nights we are now going through and thousands of dollars we spent trying to save our houses. We know eviction letter is on the way and you know what this means.

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Original review: June 5, 2008

March 2008- Paid $1500 to homesavers to negotiate a loan modification. Took my check and cashed it one week later without calling me or the bank. To this day no call back on how to get or response to a refund request. Really frustating trying to contact or get answers from them. I was told that the check would not be cashed until they began the negotiation process which would mean they would contact me. No one ever did.

Fortunatly I was able to modify my loan thru the servicing bank. Am still out $1500. Countless hours of lost sleep, Bank overdrawn fees in having to make up the 1500 towards modification.

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Original review: May 5, 2008

I contacted this company to help me save my home from foreclosure. After contacting them several months ago I have sent them more the $1800.00 and still have yet to be contacted by anyone at this company or received any info on the process my home is in. I have made several attempts to contact them via phone, email, fax and letters and still they have my money and have done nothing for me.

After many months waiting for them to do something I contacted another company and was informed that there should be no money up front and this company has offered to take my case and complete within 60 days. I then tried again to contact HomeSavers to request a refund so that I may again try to tell them that there customer service was soemthing that I could no longer handle and that I was moving my case to a different company and have yet to hear from them. I believe that what they are doing in NOT legal and in these tough times they have no right to take someones money and tell them that they will save your home and then never call you back.

Instead of saving my home they have costs me more money then I really have and after requesting a refund they have yet to contact me or refund my money as a result my home my be lost and will have lost everything due to there lack of customer service and lack of work they promised to do prior to getting my money. Once they received my money I never heard from them again.

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Original review: July 7, 2007

I purchased a Honda Odyssey from this dealership in 2003. I recently had a battery die on me and, as a result, the radio was unable to be used without a code. Normally (I have owned both Hondas and Acuras in the past and have had this issue), the dealership provides a 4 digit code that allows access to the radio again. If the information is not with the paper work the dealership can normally access this information on their computer systems. Honda on Grand did not record any of this information and required me to bring the car in and have the radio pulled to access the my expense. When I tried to discuss payment and who should be responsible, I was informed that this dealership had no responsibility since it had changed ownership and the car was purchased under the previous owner.

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Original review: March 8, 2007

I bought a certified used Honda From John Eagle Honda in dallas. Their were parts of the 150 point check list were left blank. there were at least 6 different things wrong with the car that are on that list.I did not recieve my car fax report that should have been included.

This car should have been a salvage titled car. It has been through 2 accidents, one mild to moderate the other was severe. the trunk, hood, fenders, and bumpers have all been replaced. the tie bar was replaced as well.

The orginal vin/fmvss is missing in the door jam. This car should have never been certified by the dealership. this car was wrecked and not well maintained. I was not disclosed this information by the dealership.

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Original review: Feb. 13, 2007

The transmission in the 2002 Honda Odyssey Minivan (mine was an LX model) has failed in much the same way in my vehicle as in other vehicles. Many failures occur by premature downshifting, which causes engine braking and loss of vehicle control in susceptible situations. (I was driving downhill on a wet road.) Our van has required excessive maintenance, and we were never alerted to a transmission recall, despite routine service AT MULTIPLE HONDA DEALERS.

Further, the electrical components frequently fail and have required replacements, and EACH POWER DOOR has been unsuccessfully repaired TWICE. The car pulls to the right, and the steering column shakes when the transmission is engaged. Apparently, this happens to almost every 2002 Odyssey Minivan after about 45,000 miles.

The dealer asked me to replace the transmission ($5,000) though I know the transmission is fine. (The diagnostic results were checked by a friend.) I have detailed records of greater than $4000 in excess of routine epenses associated with this van, though not one of my problems with it have remained repaired for more than a couple of months. I now have no vehicle for my wife, which creates an economic strain, as she is a business owner without reliable transport.

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Original review: Jan. 22, 2007

Roshell N.p. FL (01/22/07)

I bought a used 99 honda odyssey which after a few years the transmition went out on it.So I went back to the dealership and bought another one this year a 01. I have only had this one less than a year and the transmition is going on this one as well. I have takin it in and they have told me nothing is wrong with it so now a week and a half later the transmition is about ready to fall out of it! To top it off they could not sell me a warranty b/c of it being a canadian van! I am upset that a dealership would keep selling these cars with transmition problems not to mention to the same person :( Now what am I suppose to do?

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Original review: Jan. 16, 2007

We started working with HomeSavers USA back in November 16, 2006 after hearing their ad on a Columbia, SC radio station (WWDM 101.3). The ad was that they could help you avoid foreclosure by working with your mortgage company to lower or renegotiate your contract. We called the 800 number and in a few days we received the letter along with a CD named GREAT NEWS. After listening to CD my wife and I decided to give them a call to see if they could help us.

The package contained a form for us to fill in our information and that we had to send funds in the amount of $920.00 which we sent HomeSavers by Western Union. So we sent the money and about two weeks later we received another package with all of these forms to fill out about our financial status, our bank statements, and our other personal information before they could proceed with our case. Once we faxed all of the required information, we waited another two weeks and we received a package assigning us an account manager (Jennifer D) and we called to let her know that we had recieved the package and to see what was our next step but all we got was a voice mail saying that she would return phone call within 48 hours and not to call again because that would delay callback time. So we waited and she finally called. We faxed the information on 16 November 2006 and did not actually talk to Jennifer's boss when we couldn't get her on the 3oth of November.

Jennifer's boss (whose name I cannot recall) said to give Jennifer at least 10 days before we heard from her. I told her that it had already been over 10 days and we hadn't heard anything and that our mortgage company (HSBC Mortgage) had called and tried to work out a restructure deal for us, but Jennifer's boss said not to work with them (HSBC) because they (HomeSavers) was handling our case now. So we gave HomeSaver more time but our mortgage company was calling us almost daily and then I called Jennifer and she finally answered her phone and I told her that the mortgage company was aggravating us about working out payment plan, but Jennifer said that that was just probably HSBC's debt collection department and not to worry about them because she was handling our case and if I preferred then I could give them her phone number.

Weeks passed and about 9th of December, we were warned by HSBC that our house would soon go into foreclosure if we did not set up a payment. We refused to work with our mortgage company in hopes that HomeSavers was handling things. Then we received a call from a Mr. Watkins letting us know that our house went into foreclosure on the 14th of December 2006. We called Jennifer to let her know what had happened and she asked me, Well how much money are they asking for? And I told her they wanted two months payments and the attorney's fees. So Jennifer asked me if we have that amount of money and I said no because you (Jennifer) told us that we would only have to come up with one payment-approximately $3000.00.

Caused our house to go into foreclosure and now cost us lawyer fees of $1000.00. Plus our lost of $920.00 initial payment before Homesavers would take our case.

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Original review: Dec. 22, 2006

I had lost my job and got behind on my mortgage. I went to get help @ the local DSS. They had these paper on how to save your home. Well, I called thinking surely this was on the up and up. the lady that ask the phone explained to me no matter what the bank said not to do it. That they knew how to handle the banks and I would just get taken advantage of it. All I had to do was send them $470.00 and they would handle everything.

Well, 2 days after I sent them the money, Jered from Bank Of America called and told me that he had work me out something. I told him that I couldn't do anything until Homessavers USA contacted him. He had not heard anything from them. A couple days later Jennifer with Homersavers USA ask me why I hadn't taken the offer. That was the best offer I could get.

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Original review: Dec. 11, 2006

We signed documents stating Homesavers USA would help us with our mortgage, as far as getting out of foreclosure. We paid $900 and got no help. The only help we received was that our mortgage went from $1,103 to $2,600. We were told our mortgage would be rolled over so we could catch up. Well, that never happened. We would have to call different people just to relay a message to Jennifer D., because she never took our calls.

Later, we called our mortgage company and our rep said Jennifer didn't do anything to help. We could have called Chase and taken care of this ourselves.

What my family suffered was a foreclosure on my second mortgage, which they forgot to add in with the deal. It also caused one of our vehicles to be repossessed.

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Original review: Sept. 6, 2006

Paid 1,000.00 with Homesavers USA. They only supplied a workout package, which is something you do on your own with the mortgage company. I called the President of the company to complain and I never received any calls back from him or other workers. They did nothing for my dilemma, I could have sent this money to the mortgage company to help reinstate my loan.

They told us the money we paid them would go towards or mortgage. That did not happen. This is horrible when you are having such financial hardship and someone takes advantage of you in such as way as Homesavers USA.

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Original review: April 1, 2006

Directed to this company via a consumer credit counseling service after having been laid off from my job. Was in the early stages of foreclosure when I initially contacted HS. Was instructed to send them a postal money order in the amount of $450 for them to begin working on getting a forebarence from the mortgage company. Sent them the check, it was literally all the money I had.

From that point on I was NEVER allowed to speak to the person who was supposed to be handling my case. I was being told that she wasn't available to speak to me but was assured that they were still working on my case and was instructed to not speak with my mortage company. I was told to have the mort comp contact HS and to let their attorneys handle everything. I did as I was told even tho I was served with the initial foreclosure papers 2 months after I paid HS their fee. After doing some research it was determined that HS never even spoke to anyone from my mort comp.

As a result by the time I figured out I had been cheated and lied to my house had already been put up for the Sheriff Levy Sale. I am a hard-working single mother. I worked 50hr wks to save for the down payment on that house for me and my daughter. After being thrown out my daughter and I were HOMELESS for FOUR long years. Our house was just a tiny 900 sq ft but it was a castle to us. We both have become clinically depressed. Having the foreclosure on my credit has caused issues with finding adequate housing as well as employment.

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Original review: Aug. 12, 2005

I have a mortgage with Ameriquest mortgage. I fell behind and they gave me Homesavers USA's phone number to call and help me out with my payments. I called and spoke with Tiffany M. She said she would send me some information. I received a letter from them and it stated I needed to save up one months payment and call them back. I did all of this and I called back to find that I had a new person. At this time I started to deal with Canisha McP, she did a monthly plan of my income and stated that she could not help me because I did not make enough money to cover my bills.

We kept talking and she used some of my sister's income and they could help me. She stated I would be receiving a package in the mail. I got the package and signed the papers and sent a money order for $450.00. A few days later I got a phone call stating I had a new person over my account again. I was to look for another package in the mail. I got this package also. It was a proposal for AMC (Ameriquest).

I read off this and noticed the payments were very high. I called Jennifer and she did not return my call for 4-5 days. When she did return the call I was away from my home. I called her again and her asst. a number of times with no answers. I finally called 8/12/05 at 10:30Am and spoke with Jennifer's manager Connie S. Connie listened and then put Jennifer on the phone at which time she stated that she had been talking to the mortgage company and they were to return her call today. She would call me back once they do. I told her I had not sent back those papers because I could not afford the payment agreement she had set up. Jennifer told me to just sent them to AMC because they are not set in stone and the payment would probably be less. I am not sending these papers anywhere b/c I am not agreeing to them.

I am now 5 months behind on my mortgage and I could have used that 450.00 to make a payment and now I am afraid that My child and I will be homeless because of what they have done. I am a single parent with very very little money. I want my money back from them. It has been almost 2 months and nothing has been done to help me.

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