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Freedom Debt Relief

About Freedom Debt Relief

Freedom Debt Relief is a nationwide debt relief company that provides debt settlement services and education. The company requires applicants to have at least $15,000 of unsecured debt. Its fees vary by location and range from 15% to 25%. Though user credit suffers in the short term, Freedom Debt Relief’s 2020 study found that most customers saw credit score recovery in 24 to 45 months.

    Overall Satisfaction Rating

    • 5 stars
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    • No fees until settlement is reached
    • Successful track record
    • Works with high debt amounts
    • Long-term credit recovery


    • Fees up to 25% of settlement amount
    • Short-term impact on credit

    Bottom Line

    Freedom Debt Relief is a good match for those with $15,000 or more in debt. Although its fees can range up to 25% of the settlement amount, it won’t charge these fees until some of your debt is settled.

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    No response received
    Original review: Nov. 11, 2011

    I filled out computerized forms to open a plan with Freedom Debt Relief and decided that it was not a good solution for me. I emailed them within 3 days of the original application and received a reply from Caitlin stating, "We have received your termination request and have forwarded it for processing. No further action from you will be necessary regarding this matter at this time. You will be contacted with more information.” I received one and told them again that I wished to terminate. I believed it was taken care of. Three weeks later, they withdrew money from my bank account. This is a total scam. I'm afraid that now that they have my bank account number. I will need to change the account or they will continue withdrawing.

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    Original review: Oct. 11, 2011

    At the time I enlisted with FDR, I had 6 major unsecured accounts. At the time, I was able to make the minimum payments, but that was all. I agreed to a 36-month payment period.

    After my 36 payments, I checked the website to see the status of my accounts. I was disheartened to find that I still had one account, the largest one, unresolved. A settlement was entered into three days after what was supposed to be my last payment and was made to that last remaining creditor without my knowledge or approval that would extend my payment obligations to FDR for another full year! Despite the fact that my 36 months was up this agreement was entered into without any notification to me that further payments would be necessary and without offering me the option to approve or disprove of this settlement arrangement that would mean extending the term of my payments.

    The last creditor received half of the agreed upon settlement amount from FDR. My account balance with FDR was depleted. Because I felt like I was misled by FDR, I chose to terminate my relationship with FDR. The creditor is now trying to collect the full amount of the remainder of the original debt less the amount collected through FDR prior to severance of the relationship. I paid over $5000 in fees to FDR for the purpose of debt settlement. That amount alone could have settled the last of my debts.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Original review: Oct. 7, 2011

    I called FDR to cancel my monthly draft before the draft date. My telephone conversation was great! I thought everything was taken care of. FDR has withdrawn the money anyway! I called FDR to transfer the money back again on 09/19/11. I had a great conversation with the representative They said that everything will be going back into my account. I found out nothing was sent back to my account. I called them again on Oct. 02, 2011. I asked them why my money was not sent back to my account. They said that I needed to call another department to cancel my program with them. Why in the world would they not tell me that from the first place?

    I told them I wanted to cancel with FDR. I asked the operator how much money I have in my account. He gave me the amount! They said I needed to call another number to retrieve my money at another company. I called the company. They gave me another amount that was less. I told her, “Why is it less?” They said that it's because of fees. Today is 10/04/11. I'm still trying to find out what was paid out! They gave me the wrong website. I'm better off going through a lawyer to settle my debts! I learned that it's better to save some of your money on the side and pay off your own debt.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Original review: Oct. 1, 2011

    I joined Freedom Debt Relief (FDR) in Dec 2007. We do not have a high paying job and live very rural area, so job opportunities for me were slim to none. This resulted in us needing a solution to our debt. FDR seemed like the right choice. Like others, we were told to stop paying our monthly payments because they can't help those who are not behind. This wasn't hard since we had already reached that point. I was not aware of their fee schedule until after we were sent the packet. I was also not aware of Global Solutions fees until after we signed up.

    FDR was suppose to settle our debts. It has been 4 years and only one debt was settled, for 95% of the original amount. So, what good did they do me except charge me for what I could have done myself? They also let something major happen with my biggest creditors. We had settled for a fraction of the original debt of 16k, we settled it for $4100. Just like FDR said would happen, yay right? Well, all payments were made and then one month before the last payment (all through FDR) was made, the company that was settling sold to it another company. On this matter, there is so much confusion that I had to call FDR about it because I was getting the correspondence and not them. FDR does not ever call clients to let them know what is going on. You have to call them all the time if you want to know what is going on with your accounts.

    Anyway, FDR still has not resolved the above issue, the new company wants money when the old one already settled and took the settlement money. FDR asks me what to do. Wait a minute, isn't that what I paid them to do? Now, my Global account is just sitting there getting service fees. I feel that all of the $3,100 that I paid to them in fees is so not worth their efforts. I could have done all of this but they tell you that you need them for this. I feel that I could have dealt with my creditors in a much more timely manner and had a better outcome. FDR is a scamming middle man outfit.

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    Factual basis uncertain
    Original review: Aug. 23, 2011

    After having surgery and on pain medicines, I answered a call stating that because of my good credit, I could get all my credit cards with higher than 6% interest rate lowered and this was part of the Government Stimulus. I would save over $10,00.00 for a one-time payment of $1298.00. I would receive by registered mail a packet that I needed to fill out within 5-10 days. Well not, it has been 15 days and no packet. When you call the phone number, it says the mailbox is full. The confirmation number I received was **. Just looking at the postings, I see that they have been around for a while scamming people the same way.

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    Original review: April 25, 2011

    In May 2007, I began paying FDR a contracted $316 a month for 33 months via direct deduction from my banking account. I am now entering my 47th month and, according to my calculations, I will pay through month 60, paying more than I originally owed. Except for the first creditor, action was taken after I was served a 'writ of summons' to court by 3 of my 6 creditors. I have paid $316 every month, although, sometimes I was instructed to send part of my payment to the lawyers representing the credit card company and the rest to FDR. I have called and complained to FDR at least four times. I think I was duped into choosing FDR. I offered to settle with FDR by making four more payments for a total of 52 payments of a 33-payment contract, thus paying an amount equal to my original debt. FDR countered by offering me a "Settlement Agreement, General Release and Acknowledgement of Confidentiality". I will try to summarize.

    Settlement Agreement: Our contract is terminated when I signed this agreement. FDR will send me $566.60. The money that I have in FDR's bank was not mentioned and it was more than $566.60. Did they plan to keep this money? This settlement would leave me owing half my original debt. General Release: I may not participate in any claims against FDR. Acknowledgement of Confidentiality: I may not communicate the terms of this agreement or any dissatisfaction with FDR to any persons or agencies in any manner. I must send a list to all persons or agencies to whom I have complained and I must let these persons or agencies know that FDR and I have parted amicably.

    FDR advised me to consult an attorney before signing this agreement. Like I can afford one. When I do consult an attorney about FDR, it will not be over this agreement. I believe FDR thinks I'm an ** just because I signed with them, but I was duped! I am in great need of money. My medical bills have not been paid, the total around $2,000. My car is a ‘92 clunker and my house is in need of repair. Personally, I have not had new eyeglasses in 5 years and I have not been to the dentist in 5 years. I do not eat well.

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    Original review: April 15, 2011

    This company is making calls to me two or three times a day, offering loan modification of my mortgage. I never contacted them, and they sent me a package that I send them all my personal and financial information to make the mortgage loan modification. In the same package was sent a fee agreement "in which they charge $995.00 (Package fee) to review all my documentation, and if they do not accept the loan modification, they would stay with that $995.00." I'd like to know if this company really exists or not and whether it is reliable.

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    Original review: Dec. 4, 2010

    This company told us we would be debt free in 1.5 years. We kept paying and paying and all of our money appeared to be going to fees, instead of a certain percentage. My largest debt was in the neighborhood of $32,000 and I ended up having to take that debt out of the program because I settled with the creditor independently. Toward the end, we checked our escrow balance and it reported in the negative, even though by our estimation, it should have been several thousand dollars.

    We called them on it and had to push and push for weeks to point out their clerical mistake and finally discovered they did indeed have several thousand of our money in escrow. At the time, we told them we wanted to cancel out of the program. Just cut our losses and asked for our escrow money back, and they forced us to sign a non-disclosure agreement saying they could sue us if we ever spoke negatively about them. Since then we consulted a lawyer who indicated that the NDA was not a legal agreement and wouldn't hold up in court.

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    Original review: Nov. 19, 2010

    My wife had a heart attack and she was not covered for med insurance at the time. This put us in debt farther than we could afford. We went to FDR to get help with our credit and talked to Jesse ***, who said that the debt that we had would be easy to take care of and that they have millions of dollars to deal with the creditors.

    We decided to go with FDR to go with one monthly payment which was much easier than all the payments we had at the time. We paid FDR $508 a month for seven months and then we started getting summons to court.

    When I inquired what was happening with FDR, they said, "Oh yes, you will get a summons for every debt that you have." That's really great! If I wanted to go to court with all my debtors, I could have done that all by myself. I was out of work at this time and you can imagine the stress level. Was cranked up at that point. So we started dealing with our own creditors without FDR and settled part of the debt by paying 50% of the debt to eradicate the entire debt but this left us broke and I fired FDR and ask for a refund but they retained $2500 as their fee for doing nothing!

    It is 11-19-2010 and we are still in debt up to our ears and I can't get a job right now. I am on depression medication and my wife is seriously upset at the situation. We just got a collection notice from the ambulance and I am paying Chase bank more than I was before we dealt with FDR, not to mention the rest of the creditors. I am 61 years old and I am in more trouble now than I was before I used FDR. I don't know how I will be able to pay my mortgage.

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    Original review: Oct. 22, 2010

    I joined Freedom Debt Relief in July, 2009. I lost my job, went through a divorce and was broke. I agreed to pay $576.00 per month to reduce a $30,000. Credit card debt over a period of 48 months. This was the term of the contract. For the first 6 months, FDR took $369.00 for their upfront fees. The rest went into an account. After the 6 months were up, they took $217.00 out of each monthly draft for their fees. During that time, I had 3 process servers hand me summons from creditors collection firms. I had to reply to my county court with a response. When I told the FDR legal dept. that I had to file a response, I was reprimanded. I was also told by Jacqueline **, a legal negotiator from FDR that in order for this summons to go away, I was to give them more money. (Let me do your job Jacqueline!)

    I called my state's office of the attorney general and was told that FDR is the worst credit card reduction service to deal with. They use scare tactics to get you to give them more money. Your credit report is trashed forever. They told me, and I hope that all of you who read this will do the same, to call your state or local credit counseling service. I did and am glad of it. I ended up filing bankruptcy and it was the best thing I ever did.

    The Bankruptcy lawyer will stop any more activity from FDR and will help you get back on track with both your finances and your life. Freedom Debt Relief will keep you in debt forever. They are nothing but a money grab that preys on people in debt. Bankruptcy is not a bad thing, it is the only way to help you out and give you your life back. I lost over $5,000.00 to freedom debt relief. I will never see that money again. Another important point of interest. Any money that you settle for with FDR, the forgiveness amount, you will get a 1099 form from the IRS and if you settled for more than $600.00 you have to pay income tax on the amount you saved. Freedom Debt Relief will not tell you about that. Example. Credit card owed, $10,000.00 you settle for $5,000.00 the forgiveness amt. $5000.00 is what you pay taxes on. I hope this helps. Good Luck.

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    Original review: Sept. 5, 2010

    I signed up with freedom debt relief in 11/09 and started receiving letters from law firms and calls from creditors. Around 02/10 I was advised to fax over letters and complaints to the advanced collections team and was told that they would take care of them. I and husband started to receive summons from the law firms. I was told by freedom debt relief to fax over all paper work to them and they would take care of them.

    I received a e-mail from Andrea ** and she said George the negotiator made an agreement with HFC and they came to an agreement on 07/21/10. She said she would contact George and verify the fax number so that I can fax over pay stubs and hardship letter. I never received any call, e-mail so I contacted Andrea and told her George has not contacted me with the required information.

    Two weeks later I noticed on my paystub that a garnishment was taken out of my check and sent to **, without my knowledge. I contacted freedom debt relief and April told me that they don't want to be in the program and that I would have to come up with $19,000 of which I owe $25,000 in order for this to work and that the garnishment would stand. I and husband have 8 creditors with the program and they supposedly have settled with 4. That tells me that they have not done what they promised me and my husband and that it has taken them 9 months and this is what they feel they have accomplished.

    Meanwhile I and my husband are falling deeper in to debt. They say they can help but I feel they have not done or owned up to their promise. They take out $758.00 every month to negotiate with the creditors but when I log into my account the amount is still saying the same as when we first signed on with FDR. I log into my accounts everyday to check the status and it stays the same so where is our money going? Apparently not towards the creditors? Now my job knows about me and my husband’s situation, I can't sleep at night can't come home after work wondering who is going to drop off a summons. I am getting stressed, depressed myself and husband intentions were to get into a debt relief program and get help with our debt. We were not trying to avoid making payments. We just needed help with setting up an affordable payment plan and avoid bankruptcy. We were making the minimal payments and getting nowhere. That’s why we decided to get into a program and we came across FDR. I am truly disappointed because we put our trust in them and this is how they are treating me and my husband.

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    Original review: July 30, 2010

    I joined Freedom Debt Relief to lower my financial debt. After 2 months, they had withdrawn $400 but did not contact my creditors, so creditors continued to withdraw funds and to call religiously and I was getting deeper in debt. I terminated the program since nothing was done and asked for a refund. I received a check for $72.64. I have contacted the BBB and am hoping for a full refund. I wish I had read the complaints before I signed up. My debt increased which had a negative effect on trying to make ends meet. Some nights I just didn't have food for a decent meal.

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    Original review: July 24, 2010

    About two years ago, I solicited Freedom Debt Relief to come in between me and my creditors. I was $20k in debt with credit cards and no money to eat or do anything else but pay credit cards. Freedom has helped me pay off my debt, now two year into the program. Freedom has paid all but one of my accounts. I have anxiously watched as they have paid my debt over time.

    I have saved so much money so far with Freedom. It has been difficult with the harassing phone calls but in the end, it's worth it because I can live, eat, sleep and breath again without all the debt I had before I came across Freedom Debt Relief.

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    Original review: June 20, 2010

    I had credit card debt and tried to consolidate them. Freedom Debt Relief never contacted my creditors. I was harassed day and night by creditors. I thought the monthly payments were also going to creditors, not just Freedom Debt Relief. I was ripped off and ended up losing my home and going bankrupt.

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    Original review: June 9, 2010

    I asked Freedom Debt Relief to cancel out on the problem because they are withholding money for the creditors and I could lose every thing that I own. Now, they want $427.00 a month to pay the creditor's? All I want is for them to cancel me out. That is all I want. They will not leave us alone.

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    Original review: May 21, 2010

    I wish I have seen this site, before I ever signed up with Freedom. They have caused such an upheaval in my life. I don't think I can ever restore it. I too was on time with all my bills, except 1, and I was trying to work with them on that. I was on reduced hours, and my husband was laid off, since February of 2009. I contacted Freedom, with the hope that we could get help, and somewhat get back on our feet. I was bombarded with all my creditors calling from 8 in the morning, until 9 at night, gave them the spiel that Freedom told me to tell them, and they were not buying it. They were not willing to wait to get their money. I was paying $621 a month, and was getting nowhere. They had settled our account, and now I come to find out that they did not complete the payments to them, so they are again asking for more money.

    I went to a different debt management plan, and they have already set up payments with all my creditors, but now I need to pay $750 a month, to get out of the mess they put me in. My husband and I were on the verge of a separation, as we had a joint account, and I did not want to include that account, but they told me I had to, as my name was on it. This has been the worst and most stressful 8 months of my life. I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau, and The State Attorney, If at all possible. I will be suing Freedom to regain some of my money, my credit, well that will take some time to rebuild that up again. I'm starting to think bankruptcy would have been the better option.

    Due to the lack of Freedom's help, I am being sued by HFC, and hope the new debt management program can prevent me from having to go to court, and having my wages garnished. We have also had to completely clean out our savings and 401K account, to satisfy the joint account we had, that I was current on, and did not want to include in the first place. One whole paycheck, and a portion of my 2nd one, need to go to a payment that is higher than my first original payments were. I will also be losing my job this fall, as the company where I work, is sending my department down to Mexico, and I will be going down there to train my replacements. I have also not been able to afford medicine, that both my husband and I need, as most of our money was used up to keep us from going under.

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    Original review: May 21, 2010

    I am so disappointed that I chose to go with Freedom Debt Relief (FDR) for debt consolidation. When we first started, we were not behind on payments but it was getting harder to make the minimum amounts. Then other circumstances arose and we had to do something. We knew we were responsible for the accounts and we were not trying to "get away without paying". We were hoping a reduction in the balances and a fair payment schedule and amount. We got neither. My husband and I had $30,000 worth of debt and when we started with FDR, we knew that money would have to build up before payment negotiations could start. We kept getting phone calls all the time from creditors even when we were told that that would all stop. I would call FDR to tell them we were getting calls, but was always told that they have contacted our creditors and don't know why we were still getting calls.

    Long story short, only one card was actually negotiated down. We are paying full amounts on all the cards and I have a judgment and lien on my record. We both were almost taken to court to settle. I say almost because at the very last hour, a "settlement" was reached so no court appearance necessary. "Settlement" was whatever balance FDR had at the time to put up as a "down payment" and then the balance to be paid at a monthly fee until it is paid off. We started this program in 2007 and have just finally ended it with them. Thank God. But no thanks to them, our credit is destroyed.

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    Original review: March 17, 2010

    I enrolled with this program with the hopes that they would help me work with my creditors. One of my creditors were never contacted, and two each payment had a percentage taken out of each payment. I understand that it takes a long time for the process to work, but I did not expect them to keep some much of my money. I made 9 payments of $287 each. When I cancelled my service with this company, they sent me a check for only $1066. They kept $1500 for doing nothing. I was never sent any statement quarterly, monthly, anything to let me know how my account was doing. This seems like a lot of money for doing nothing. Again, I understand set up fees and cancellation fees, but keeping over half seems wrong. This company needs to be stopped before more people end up losing their hard earned money.

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    Original review: Feb. 11, 2010

    I would have to disagree! Freedom Debt Relief tells you upfront that you will have to pay a service fee first before they start settling your debt. My ex wife and I had 12 credit cards and we were able to settle all of them within 3 years. They told us it will take 2-3 years to settle our accounts. It does take time to accumulate money in the escrow account to settle you debt. You have to have 40% of your debt to start negotiate your account. You'll have accounts that will accrue interest, so that doesn't stop. I haven't had really any issues that I can think of.

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    Original review: Oct. 5, 2009

    They said they settled 3 of our 4 credit cards, I have one left. I forwarded the first letter from a law firm which was one of three different parties of Citibank/Sears. I received a letter today stating that they have not been contacted. I have been inquiring on my status of all the accounts since July 2008. It was always in negotiations. The first 3 were handled/completed by November 2008. It has been 15 months now. My initial deposit was $10,000, I now have only $2,980.00; I have been making monthly payments of $150.00. I inquired on how much was their fee. They informed me that $132.51 was their Customer Service Fee, plus there is the Trust Account fees with Global of 15 cents and $6.50 a month from my Trust account with Global. They have been paid almost $2,000.00 from me and my Trust was decreasing instead of increasing with my monthly payment.

    I was not informed of the $132.51 per month to them out of the $150.00 I was paying. I should have had $3,009.85 after the 3 settled accounts of $6,990.15 left, plus increasing each month. My total as of today is $2,930.00 left in the Trust Account they set up with Global. The numbers are not adding up. I have reviewed from time to time my account; however, I have not been able to enter by internet lately (I had forgotten my access numbers). They emailed me a new access but I was not able to. I should have more money and be close to settling at 50%.

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    Original review: June 27, 2009

    I am $40,000 in credit card debt. I paid $695 a month for their services. I was scammed of $3200 of my money. They haven't done anything with decreasing my debt. They only returned $1200 of my money. Also, I have an overdraft on my checking account every week.

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    Original review: June 22, 2009

    I entered in on an agreement with Freedom and ended up being late on all my credit card bills and now, I owe more to my credit cards than I ever did before. They did not settle any of my big amounts except for a Best Buy for $500.00. I was paying them almost $800 a month for nothing. I am almost $40,000 in debt thanks to them. Now, they will not talk to me at all since I withdrew from the program.

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    Original review: Jan. 27, 2009

    I contacted this debt settlement company in Sept. 08 to help me with business-related expenses on credit cards in my husband and my personal credit. I was told that they could get settlement offers for us and they would handle all our creditors for us and settle our accounts for 50% of what we owed. I paid to them over $3000 for 2 months and on the third month, I found out from 4 of the creditors that they had not received the cease and desist communication letters nor had they been contacted in any way from Freedom Debt.

    I was so upset as only $160 of our money went toward the actual debt. They had done nothing on our account. We owe over $1700 in late fees than when we did when we started the program. When we started this program, we had not missed a payment on our credit cards but they were getting harder and harder to make. Our credit scores were over 700 for both my husband and I and now they are in the low 500s. They destroyed our credit and did nothing for us. I made several complaints to this company and finally they agreed to refund us $1,290 of our money if I would agree to sign a release. I had to do that because we were so desperate for some of our money as we were so far behind in our payments. My husband, however, did not sign this and was extremely upset at the outcome of this so-called Christian Freedom Debt Relief company.

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    Original review: Aug. 16, 2008

    I was contacted by this company for debt Relief. I asked How they recieved my number, they responded that somebody must have filled out a form online. It was not me nor do I believe that was how they obtained my information. I would like to know how and exactly what information this company has available about me. I have been a victim of fraud in the past and this makes me feel uncomfortable. I believe this has a direct coralation with my credit card usuage. Which has recently increased.

    5 people found this review helpful
    Original review: July 3, 2008

    I contacted them regarding debt management services last year. I am now facing a lawsuit because they have failed to negotiate with the credit card companies. I have been paying them $246 per month for a year. I don't know how to resolve this. They will not even return my calls nor my emails.

    My credit was not perfect but now it is worse, the credit card companies in question believe that I am receiving to negotiate with them and i really don't know where to start. I am behind on my mortgage and don't how to begin paying the credit card balances plus all the fees, and I don't know how to retrieve the amount that they have been accumulating, supposedly on my behalf.

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    Original review: Oct. 29, 2007

    Freedom Debt Relief promised to negotiate down my debt, but they lost my information twice. I asked to suspend my automatic debit for one month, and they said I could but won't be successful in their program. This was after they had taken $1200 of my money. I emailed them to ask for a termination slip and to retrieve the $236 left in my account, and they immediately took half the $236 for their service fee. I never got a response from them regarding termination. So I am trying to terminate before they take any more of my money.

    I now have to file for chapter 13 bankruptcy and could have paid for that and some of my bills if they hadn't taken all of my money and done nothing to help me. I have struggled to pay my bills and get back on top financially. I had a credit score of 675 when I started out, and they convinced me that it wouldn't be hurt too bad. I'm afraid to look at it. Freedom Debt Relief told me to quit paying the credit card companies in order for them to negotiate with them. I thought I better get out before it gets worse, and I have a garnishment. My husband has many health issues, and this could be more devastating than it already is.

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    Original review: April 18, 2007

    I started to do business with this company in August 2006. They told me I would be debt free in 2 years. I paid them $ 653.00 per month and they have copies of my debts. They told me not to pay them and they would work out the settlements. I had one for Cpaital One in particular that was $ 1286.00 that when I sent it to them it was with a collection agency. This is apparently the only way they can settle if it is with a collection agency (which means for my other debts my credit has to get worse before they can work on them) In January my checking account was frozen because now this turned into a judgement against me.

    I called and could not get in touch with anyone at freedom debt (when you are signing up with them someone always answers the phone more than happy to help you, after you sign up and need their assistance you have to leave a message and someone will get back to me in 24 business hours. since this was on a friday I had to wait all weekend with no access to my checking account. The debt no grew to $ 2400.00. I had to settle my own debts, this company did not do anything for me and has me in a worse situation than when I started. I did everything they told me to do.

    I also learned that the first 18 months of full and partial payments is there fee which was very misleading. I can see how we as a nation is in such debt because every way you turn someone is sucking the life from you. There is a lot more to this story, please feel free to contact me for further information and lets try to stop people from robbing each other. Who can we trust.

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    Original review: Feb. 10, 2007

    We turned to Freedom Debt Relief in hopes that they could help us with our mounting debt. At the time we where current with most creditiors,and no more than a month behind with a couple. We knew we where in trouble, the amount of our bills out weighed what we where brining in. The first thing they told us was "Stop paying" we can not help you if you are not behind. So we did. They said they would stop the creditors calls, this never happend. Over a couple months our creditors went to Law offices. One account HFC, went to a local Law office and I had to work out an aggrement with them to start paying to keep us out of court. Freedom was supposed to do this, but they claimed that the Law office was not getting back to them, funny, the law office said they never heard from them.

    The creditors that keep calling us have told us that Freedom has not contacted them and that this program only works if they have a lump sum amount of cash to settle the debt right away. And that they would not wait 3 years for them to call and try to settle. Freedom had set up a payment plan of $825.00 per month. Not one dime has gone to any of our creditors. I have payed them almost $5,000.00 since March, 06. We canceled with them in January, 07 under the terms that it had asked (five days prior to the next debit date). They returned $572.00 of our money and pulled there monthly fee before returning our money, which I can not find anywhere in our paperwork saying that they would do that.

    This program is for people who can give them a big lump sum of money to work with right away, not for people like us who can only pay the monthy payment that they set up. They should have told us that up front and never told us that they could help and take our money. $5,000.00 could have gone a long way with keeping us out of court.

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