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During the time I got laid off from my job and my wife got a surgery for hysterectomy, I was in big trouble with my mortgage and credit cards payment. I applied for loan modification (mortgage) and was approved last year. At that time, I was recommended to this company, Delete Your Debt Inc., to do my credit cards. I was told by this company that I'll be debt-free in 18 months to use their program. The total balance for all my 15 credit cards was about $22,000. I was told that this program is much better than filling a BK. Before they can start the program, I have to pay $995.00 for a payment of legal fees and five payments of $803.20 per month. After 5 months, thirteen payments of $334.29 per month -13 months.

On 12/31/10, they deducted from my checking of $1,005. On 2/19/10, for $813.20, 3/19/10 for $813.20, 4/19/10 for $813.20 and 5/19/10 for $813.20. The total paid to Delete Your Debt, Inc. is $4,257.80. I have all the receipts and paperwork to support my claim. I decided to stop my payment for this month because until now, almost all the credit cards were transferred to collection agencies. Two credit card total balance of $9,004.34 with Chase Bank USA went court for us being sued. When I called this company, DYD, Inc, Lacy ** told me that they can't do anything about this except to go to court. I also learned that for the last 6 months, they did not do any effort to negotiate my credit card debts. I ended with stress and physical depression. I withdrawn all my $401K just to cover the monthly payment.

My credit reports to all the credit bureaus were down from 700's to below 500's. I believe this is a scam and recommend to investigate this company Delete Your Debt, Inc. I want my money back.

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