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I had an experience with DebtXS back in 2004, claiming that they could help reduce my payments and/or settle my accounts. They took nearly $3000 and did nothing! I ended up filing for bankruptcy a year later. They have no intention of helping people. All they want is your money. I believe criminal action should be taken against this company. I also believe that someone at this location also tried to steal my identity.

I thought Debt XS would be good as I was tired of paying high interest on my cards. Needless to say, I got judgements one after another. In reality, they did nothing and so I am learning; they more or less work for the credit card companies. I may as well not paid the cards without their help and the credit card companies will make a deal with you without any credit place helping you. It cost me about $2000.00 for nothing and ruined credit and I can't get a mortgage or anything else.

Paid them to correct problem with my credit. They took my money in 2004 and has done nothing to help me since. Its now 2011. I just want the money they took out of my bank account back.

I signed my parents up at DebtXS and we started to pay costs. We informed them we wanted to pay off the balances after a windfall and became aware that no one was paying attention to our account after repeated communications. They continued to extract fees. We settled the account after having the bank recoup payments. They are negligent at best and criminally fraudulent at worst. Little damage but this group has little interest in you other than your payments.

debtxs settled claims on about $15,000
worth of credit card debt at about

%40 percent reduction.

I had no problem understanding or accepting their terms. This was in

2006-07. I got a lot of mental relief knowing that my debts were becoming manageable. If you owe overdue money your credit rating is hurt anyway, so I had no problems orcompaints about debtxs.

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First of all, I am still working with people from EFA Processing and I have no idea if I am headed in the right direction. I originally dealt with a company called Integrity Debt Solution. With mounting credit card debt and a desire to get it taken care of, I joined this company. They, in turn, hooked me up with Debtxs, the company they worked with when customers were interested in settlement. I was sued almost immediately and had to pay lawyer fees, court fees and also continue to pay Debtxs my monthly fee. A monthly payment plan was set up and as of November I settled by paying for everything but $623.00 of the original balance. This next month I will complete my fee schedule and will have pay over $8000.00 to the company.

The problem is that I thought I was working with Debtxs until one day last fall when I was emailing the man who set me up orginally with Debtxs. Things seemed rather strange and it was he that informed me that I was no longer working with Debtxs, for there was no Debtxs any longer. So...for almost a year I was working with a company that was no longer. Now efa processing has taken over my acct and they continue to supposedly work with me. While I feel that the people that are working with are sincere, I am very concerned that I was taken and deceived. I paid 12% of my total balance and still have two accounts to settle, everything held up because of the first acct being involved in a law suit. The whole thing is frightening and I probably would not have done this settlement thing if the credit card companies hadn't continued to raise my interest rates...for nothing.

Because of our moving around for several years, our debt increased terribly. When these companies looked at our credit and saw that we had a lot of debt, they raised our rates. I got to the point where our interest was half to more than half of our monthly payments. I guess that I am just concerned that this company I am with now could deceive me again and I don't know how to protect myself. While I am not interested in hurting anyone who is sincere about helping me, I am not certain that I have been treated with honesty and integrity.

I have paid out over $8000.00 to who I thought was Debtxs. The people at efa Processing did help me to settle my first of three accts, but I have now paid out 20 thousand to Citibank and 8 thousand to the company...8 thousand more than was owed on the acct originally. I f this group is able to help me settle on my remaining two accts., I could come out sufficiently ahead. My concern is will I get the help I need. Will efa stand by me after I have paid out such an exorbitant amount of money in fees.

My wife and I had over $40000.00 in debt and the payments were stressing us both out. A R. Williams from the company contacted us and talked to us a few times about their company helping us out for pennies on the dollar. We finally agreed to this after much deliberation including talking about filing bancruptcy. Mr Williams said don't do that it'll ruin your credit! HAha. That's what their company did. They told to stop making payments on our credit cards and make the payments to the company, which totaled over $5000.00. With this money I could have paid off 2 of the offending credit cards and paid down on another! Then the creditors starting harassing us constantly.

The company basically told us to deal with it and save money. When we couldn't take the calls anymore, we ended up unplugging the phone. Which then the creditors somehow found out our cell phone numbers and just continued the harassing calls. Another call to DebtXS, which they finally said they would send letters to the creditors to cease and desist. This stopped 1 creditor from calling, and 2 threatened us with court action and another one filed a claim against us. At this point, I gave up on DebtXS' help and contacted a local attorney. He recommended that we file for Bancruptcy and start over, which is what we ultimately did.

We then contacted DebtXS and told them what we were doing and wanted out of the program and requested a refundfor the fees we paid for the work they DIDN'T DO. I had to write a letter and send it certified. They then said we had to wait 90 DAYS to hear if we would get a refund. We just called a they said they did their job and we weren't qualified for a refund. I then asked to speak to a manager who then offered me a good faith check of $250.00. What a RIP!

We filied for Chapter 13 Bancruptcy in December 08. Our credit is zip. We couldn't get a loan if we tried. We have no savings and live paycheck to paycheck just barely getting by. We were hoping for a decent refund from DebtXS so that we could pay my parents back for the money we borrowed when we filed Bancruptcy. NOT!

same as all others reporting them.. they took thousands of dollars for fees and did no work to earn the fees. they offered a refund after fees that equaled about10% of the total money they took. the faxed a paper to sign that would hold them faultless for their actions for a refund of about 10 %. we would appreciate being contacted on this matter, these thieves should be held accountable for their actions.

compounded debt beyond what we had previously owed including NSF charges at the bank they were withdrawing the money. loss of thousands of dollars that could have otherwise been used to pay our dept if it were not for being ripped off by DebtXS.

Watch out! This scam operation may have the Texas Attorney General in their pocket.

Scam is to collect fees from you up front by drafting cash from your checking account. They take their big bite first.

They may also offer you something from the insurance company they own. They can even take your house. They'll probably ***** **** daughter. Awful!

You may not hear from them for years because they will simply tell you to stop paying all of your bills. Once the credit card companies have been waiting for up to three years, DebtXS

offers them 40 to 60 cents on the dollar saying this is better than having you go bankrupt and they get nothing!

Don't believe your credit won't be ruined by this scam. Also don't believe you wont get sued!

These folks feed on old ladies who have debt up to their walker when their husbanc or other family member dies of cancer or some other situation that the opportunistic medical profession uses to stick it to you. If the Dr. doesn't get paid, no big deal -- they sell their debt. Legal.

Thousands of people have been taken advantage of by Debt XS -- they have years of knowing how to talk to desperate people.

Your life is much better if you never get involved with Debt XS. This is one person's opinion.

Entered into an agreement where they were going to help with my credit card debt and they refuse to return emails or do work to resolve any of my accounts.

Collapse of credit, creditors calling, no emails returned, no phone calls returned- even now when I am ready to pay it off.

My client has paid almost $ 5,000.00 in fees for this wonderful service.
DEBTXS has done NOTHING, but collect $$$ for ZERO work. My client has sent emails and left messages for REP, but NO answer back.

My client is ready to lose their home while the Founder (KEN) is out sponsoring golf Tournaments with their $$$. I have tried to conatact founder, but no message machine. I will keep trying and will be in TX soon on business. Maybe I will drive by to see if I can get an appointment to resolve this matter.

My client has 2 litle girls that I care a LOT about so I will go to the end of the earth to help them.

Oh wow, what a bad choice. First step is also called Debt Xs. I started using this company back in Oct 2007. I have paid over 5000.00 in fees. We had over 50,000.00 in debt. They told me that they could get these cards to settle for under 50% and to save aggressively. We had 15 cards. We kept getting calls constantly from collections and one day we received a letter stating they were going to send us to court if this is not settled.

So anyway, I came up with the money to settle and it took over 1 month to get them to do it. I had to call several times in one day, I had to yell at them over and over to get them to put me through with the negotiator working the account. I finally got them to make the settlement. But should not have had to go through all that. And now we are being sent to court for another card. The credit card co. tried to settle and I said “No I only had xx amount.” Debt Xs never called me to tell me the c/c co. denied the offer and now we got summons which I would have tried to come up with the rest. Please please people do not go this route, my husband is so mad that I have put us through this. We are now having to borrow from family and banks for more money. I have also contacted the collections agencies and am settling the debt myself. We need to do something about this company. They are scamming us.

In 2002 we contacted DebtXS at Texas, because we owed over $40,000 in credit cards. They told me how they would help, set up the plan for their services to be paid for first, and then we would let them know as We saved money to pay towards the creditors.

We had to keep hounding them to contact the creditors and to this day we still owe on the credit cards because DebtXS did not ever contact the creditors. WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY. In their new web site, you cannot get the original agreement that they offer to you to print. Our phone calls aren't returned, emails are not answered. You cannot find their current mailing address on their web site.

2002 I contacted DebtXS because I owed over $10,000 in credit cards. They told me how they would help, set up the plan for their services to be paid for 1st, and then I would let them know as I saved money to pay towards the creditors. Well, they sucked!!! I had to keep hounding them to contact the creditors and to this day I still owe on one of these credit cards because they did not EVER contact the creditor. I had listed 6 cards with DebtXS, out of these I settled 4 of them. WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY. Also, their new wed site , you cannot get the original agreement that they offer to you to print.

I'm still trying to rebuild my credit, and I could have saved over $2,000 if I had talked to my creditors myself.

I signed on with the above mentioned Debt Settlement Company in September of 2004. I had six delinquent accounts totally over $30,000. After paying the initial service fee of $3,963.27 divided by 13 ACH transactions from my checking account, I began saving and responded to settlement offers whenever I had enough saved to make a reasonable settlement.

Now, here we are four years later and all of my accounts have been settled, but the compant will not/has not responded to my request for documentation that these debts have been settled. They do place settlement letters on their website, but half of them cannot be opened and printed, and the other half are not readable. My phone calls are not returned, emails are not answered, and I get no reply when I send a fax. You cannot find their current mailing address on their website.

At this point, I'm unable to obtain the documentation I need to get the credit reporting agencies to update my records.

DebtXS, LP called stating they could help liminate our debt. They took all the credit card information on cards we owed more than $700.00. They have been taking their fee from my checking account. I thought they had helped me pay off a couple of my credit cards until I got home today and had a letter from another collection company.

I called DebtXS trying to get acopy of the debt release letter. For some reason they never can email me that informatin. I get other information but when I ask for the debt release letter they say they will send by email. So if I made a payment to the collection agency in January 2008, why now am I getting letters from a new collection agency? They have not done anything with the accounts that have big balances... When I call them they just say to save agressively.

I now have two credit cards that have filed with the courts to get their money and I have another two that will
probably file soon. We might have to file bankrupcy now.
They did provide a lawyer to talk to but that cost us money. He wrote a letter for us to the lawyers of the first lawsuit but he was in St Louis Mo so we could only talk over the phone. When we called to talk about bankruptcy he could not talk to us. We would have to talk to someone else but be they would talk to us we were supposed to fill out all kinds of paperwork...I did not think they needed to know all that information. I have not tried to contact the law firm again.. I felt they should have had a law firm where we could have gone to talk to them face to face.

I just hate to think I will lose everything at this point.

November 2007 signed up with debtxs to assist in unsecured debt problems. A payment plan was set up with of course the first six months paying them for there set up fees and services expense. A plan that could eliminate all the debt in 36 months , a sales pitch that my debt would be settled at a average of 40%, and that annoying creditor/collector phone calls would be handled by them.

Within the first couple of weeks of enrolling, I was served with Arbitration notice on me by a creditor and within four months I was served with a lawsuit of being sued by another creditor (law firm). Debtxs, told me that I need to get the assistance of legal service and dispute the legal action stated against me. Of course I had to pay for the legal advise and any documents. Debtxs policy is that they only want to deal with third party collectors and not he original creditors.

I had to deal with the creditors myself by basically doing what debtxs recommended and that was not answer them or mail them telling them to quit bothering me. This method, I believe really got creditors angry and possibly more aggressive in trying to collect the debt. Due to the agressive legal proceedings against me and no help from debtxs,i had to file for chapter 13 bankrupcy protection in March 2007.

I lost several thousand dollars to debtxs for the srevice fees. I had to spend a couple thousand dollars for legal services strongly recommended by debtxs. This company in my opinion needs to be investigated for civil fraud.

debtxs siad they will paid off my debts and the phone calls will stop and I have to worry about,that not true. I still get phone call 7 days a week and abill statement every, when they said they will take care of it. I am paying 328.oo every month start in feb 2008 I have contrcat them about, they tell me every is going to be ok, I DON,T NO WHAT TO DO I NEED YOUR HELP '

Debt XS told me they would pay off my bills in 36 months as long as I allowed them to debit myt checking acsount monthly. They also indicated there would be no negative effect on my credit score because I wold have demonstrated a quick payoff of my bills.

My credit report has decreased from ~1200 to ~ 60nd 0. My creditors are calling me almost daily. This stresses me out and emotionally I am wrecked as a result of this.

We signed up with DebtXS in the fall of 2004. We thought they were going to help us pay off our credit cards by taking money out of an account. Instead they were taking money out for themselves and not for the credit card companies. We paid them $3739.07 before we realized what was going on. We asked for our money back, but they never replied to my letters.

We got behind on 2 or 3 credit cards and ruined my credit score. One of the cards we couldn't pay and had to pay them a settlement. The cards raised my APR because of my poor credit.

I contacted this company who seemed professional to handle my debt. I signed up with them 1/2005. They assured me they could cut my debt in half. I thought the company would be using some of the money I paid them every month toward my debt plus what I would put away every month. I was told to quit paying ALL bills and they would handle it from there. They sounded so reassuring and confident that I felt comfortable with being out of debt in 2 years; I felt the money I was paying them was worth it.

The calls from creditors starting coming. The bills and threats kept coming. I called Debtxs and was told to log all calls and fax it to them and they would handle it. I was told not to answer the phone and/or to hang up on them. Debtxs was no help when I called them for help. I was feeling very uncomfortable with my financial situation and the fact that I had allowed my bills to go unpaid as they instructed. By Oct. I had papers served on me from one of my creditors and had to go to court. They threatened to garnish wages, etc. Again, Debtxs was no help except to tell me they would put me in contact with an attorney that I had to pay fees to. By December, I knew I had no choice but to file bankruptcy. By then the new laws were in affect and I had to file a Ch. 13 rather than a Ch.7. I recieved a phone call from Debtxs to ask why I had terminated their program. They offered no refund. I paid them $613+ every month. I could have paid that to my creditors. I filed Ch.13 and am paying all my bills the hard way and living on next to nothing. What a ride this company has taken me for.

I was gettin stressed about my debt so I contacted knock out debt and thought this would be a great chance to settle my debt problems. Debtxs end up being the company. I call send emails and get no response from sometimes. It seemed weird I guess I was at a desperate time. I start getting a feeling that I was getting lied to. Now I'm trying to fix the problem with my creditors but at least I found out early on. I no that I signed stuff for debtxs but they are misleading and now I'm trying to see how can I cancel with them.

I'm more stressed out than ever.

My husband and I signed up with DebtXS because we had a lot of debt we needed help with, I talked to a Stephen 3 or 4 times before we actually decided to sign up with them. I was given a payment schedule and told to open a savings account that they could deduct these payments from. I understood that the first 4 payments would be to them (DebtXS), but they would be talking to creditors letting them know of our situation and working out a settlement with them.

I was told that if I was being harrassed by the creditors I should let them know and they would put a stop to it immediately. That was the great new thing they had going for their company. (haha) Once I got them the first 4 payments I began to call them and filing complaints with them about the harrassing phone calls. I was told that I had to put up with the calls and if I would just be patient they would eventually slow down once the accounts were turned over to a third party company to resolve the debt, and not to talk to any of them. I was told absolutely not to talk to any of them.

Also, one of the accounts was Chase Bank, in which I also have my mortgage through, (I informed them of this before I signed up), all of the sudden now I had to remove them from my list of accounts to settle on because they could foreclose on my mortgage. When I called Chase Bank I was very easily able to work out a settlement with them. At that point I realized why they did not want me to talk to the creditors. I did not need any help settling with these companies I had been severely mislead. I have paid in approximately $4,000.00 and they have not done squat. What are my options?

Obviously, I could have used that $4,000.00 to try to keep up with payments or put towards settling with the creditors. Not to mention just the mere stress of the whole thing has been a tremendous strain on us. Our credit is ruined, plus we were told by DebtXS that once the accounts were all settled on our credit score would end up being better than ever.

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