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The last I heard from DPA was that Target wanted to settle. I had $3000 in my Global account - but Target wanted to settle for 60%. I asked DPA to negotiate $3000 and that I would make payments. I didn't hear from DPA. I tried calling them but the phone rang and went dead. I call Global Solutions for other numbers and the same thing happened. I was searching the court system in the internet to see how I could get a copy of my divorce and found Target served me at an address I no longer live at and it was sent to Sacramento for garnishment. I don't know what to do at that point. I work for the County and we fill in our time cards electronically - we have tabs with information like our profile, time balance, garnishments, etc. I keep checking the garnishment section and didn't see anything (I figured my job would send me a letter first), but yesterday it finally came through. It looks as if they are planning on taking $366 a month. It doesn't say when this will occur. Anyone have any suggestions for me? I really tried to pay off all my debt. I actually did through DPA, all except this one that DPA dropped.


I am an American consumer who recently (within the last year) went to DCA for help with my failing financial situation. I was promised that these people (DCA) would help eliminate my debt. I have nearly $80,000 of debt and have been 'working' with DCA since February 2009 and to date (February 9, 2010) I have yet to receive any help.

I believe I have been scammed (this will be the second time since I gave $1,750 to another company and did not receive any of it back) and I gave up nearly $3,000 to these people--and for what? I am tired of being taken advantage of in this economy (or any for that matter) and wish to see this company go down in flames. They are scam artists who do not deserve to be preying on the American public and being a USA Veteran, they should remove the word "America" from their name!

This is not what I swore to defend when I took the oath many years ago to defend my country! I am a person of principal, educated and very worried that this company doesn't work alone. We need to stop these monsters who create more fear in those of us relying upon them to 'eliminate' our debt by not even 'working' on it! I can no longer afford to pay the nearly $900 a month they are asking for to 'eliminate' my debt. I am nearly bankrupt now as a result of paying these people and my mortgage being in shambles as well.


My wife and I were in debt, unexpected medical cost placed us in a position which we had no way out of. We called Debt Consultants of America and they mentioned we had to go through a pre-screening process, which we did and apparently we passed. They set us up on a payment plan, $490 every 15 days. They also mentioned that we had to pay their fee before they could start the negotiation process. We paid for two and half months, two and half months of hell, with calls from creditors with no end to it.

We referred the creditors to Debt Consultants of America; they never took any of the calls. After 2 and half months of agony, we hired an attorney for bankruptcy. We asked Debt Consultants of America for our money back but they refused to pay it back. They never did anything for us. We are owed $2,450. They refuse to pay us back. No service was rendered, it was all lies. These people are frauds, thieves, terrorists. They should be stopped. They lied to us about their services. They lied to us about the fact that our debt would be erased.

This is my second report to this company. I signed up for 24 months program. I was expecting that everything should be taken care of by that time. I received numerous messages with different contents. First, stating that they are Congratulating me since I graduated the program and second, stating that they reached settlements with American Express, to my dismay this is a scam. They want me to extend my program since American Express wants to settle it in a specific amount or they will cancel my program after thet accrued interest and took so much services that are entirely futile.

I am in great despair right now and in the verge of talking to Attorney General about this. This is why Company is not accredited with BBB because they are used to lying and scamming people.. Very disappointed at myself and such a disgrace to be one of the many who were fooled.

I have been trying to settle some of my debts and contacted the above company. I have called for the past month and they are telling me that they have not settled on a debt that continues to accrue interest charges. I do not understand because I have paid dearly for their services. I need to find out what is going on and they continue putting me off and telling me that they cannot get an answer from the Providian Company that has my debt while the interest is still accruing.

I really need your help in looking into this information. I am trying really hard to pay on my bills and I feel like they are not a truthful company. Could you please help me and I am sure there are other people just like me. Every month for the approximately 1 year monies are deducted from my account and cannot get any answers.

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We signed up for 2 yrs in this company. The agreement will end at the end of October. I have 5 credit cards and 4 of them have already been settled except American Express. When I called in, I informed them that the October is pretty close already and it seems that they haven't negotiated with American Express. They say that we might move your plan till we settle this account to American Express. I am so furious about this news. I am being scammed with this group and they are now ripping me off since they cannot negotiate with American Express


I heard the advertisment on a Christian Radio WAVA. I believed what the Company was promoting to wiped clean my debt through negotiation with my creditors. The Company left me worse with my creditors and I lost $3,000 unrefundable to the Company according to Mr. Steele.


In about December 2008, I solicted this company(Debt Consultants of America) to help me with my debt problems. They interviewed me over the phone and called me back in about a day a said that I was approved. From that time on Debt Consultants of America and Global Cleint Soultions Banking Services, Rocky Mountain Bank & Trust, account number 6036335099319139 have been taking $532.30 on a monthly basis until I froze the account around May 03 or 04, 2009, for them not to take anymore money from me. This was after I sent them written noticfication of my displeasure with their services. They never sent me any written correspondence or called me on the matter. So that right there made me think these people are not ligit.

I requested a full refund of all the money that they had taken from me, again to date 5/9/09 I have still received no written communicaiton or any phone calls from them. They have not renderend any services as far as I am concern, that warrants the amount of money that they have taken from me ($2960.50.) And to add insult to injury, Debt Consultants of America went into my account and took $299.00 out about the 3rd of May and this is what made me freez that account. They never sent written notification as to what that $299.00 was for, nor did they have my approval to take that amount of money from me. I feel that these people are the new scam artist to to poor, disabled, seniors and retired people of the world and they need to be stopped!!!!


This company is a total RIP-OFF not only do they scam their customers into paying thousands in administrative fees, monthly maintance, and settlement fees which once you add up what you have paid and what you have save you would have been better off going to your credit card companies/ collection agencies and "settling" your accounts on your own which you will see the actual savings. they tell you they have relationships with the creditors so that is why they settle, the creditor/collection agency will settle with anyone, all you have to do is find out how far past due the account is or how long the collection agency have had your account and the main thing not be afraid or intimidated by the collector on the phone.

The next thing is that they treat thier employees badly unless you kiss up to them and then they treat you like gold. They recently laid off 13 people for no reason at all and have been under investigation by the Federal Trade Commission and in 2 years they have 58 Better Business Complaints and Attorney General complaints and instead of being honest they lied and said this investigation was debt settlement industry wide, which after some research of my own found that DCA was the only company under investigation and the same owners own another company called Debt Professionals of America and now are trying to hide DCA under the Debt Professionals of America name,

In my investigation I found they they have to close the doors on DCA as soon as possible, so if you are a customer GET out NOW, contact GLOBAL CLIENT SOLUTIONS/ ROCKY MOUNTAIN BANK and get all of your money out to avoid the 299.00 cancel fee they will charge you if you call DCA to cancel. If you contact client relations they are trained to lie to you about this situation, I am a former employee and I am on here to help people from being scammed. For people looking for help do not use this company, it is not worth the loss of your money, property, and respect to utilize their services. Check BBBonline to see the 58 complaints and call your attorney generals office to verify this


I signed up w/DCA back in November. They took $2940 of my hard earned money and have not done a darm thing for me. I finally cancelled my service and stopped payments on the automatic draft from my checking account. I will be taking them to small claims court in my area. After I cancelled my service I called all my creditors and worked out a repayment plan myself. I also worked out settlements on 2 of my accounts.

I lost almost $3000.00 to this company. I was being sued by a credit card company and DCA would not do anything to help settle this debt. They falsey advertised they could help me but they did not.


I have just signed for Debt Consultants of America today, 03/19/2009, and after reading other's testimonies regarding this company my heart just sank. They haven't taken any money out yet, but I'm afraid that I will have to pay $299 to cancel the contract.

I am in the verge of breaking down due to financial stress. In times of crisis like this, how can they victimize people like this? Is there anyone that will stand up for the people and say that this is wrong? I do not want to commit foolish acts towards myself, but these people kick you when your so low down to the ground.


Called the 800 number, got a call back from this gent above, oh at 6:30am in the morning. He said who he was and I hung up, he called back calling me a loser, wanting to know if I was a democrat who just needed a government handout. I have read the stories on this company and wanted to find out if they were true, seemed he did not like me doing that...sorry!!!! If the guy on the phone was any indication of who the company is, stay the away. THis guy should be in jail for the way he abused me this morning......

He has called my phone 6 times this morning, he has threaten to kick my ass, verbally abused me. Very tough morning.....


After months of deliberating, I finally took a chance; I called DCOA. I called on several occasions, each time I spoke to Account Executive (Ken). I was not fully sold on their plan. Finally another member of my family and I got on the telephone to ask every conceivable question, expressing our concerns. I took the bait and signed up. My program began in February 2008, I ended it August 2008. They never paid one bill. Come to find out they needed half of the owed amount before they could make the payments or start negotiations with creditor. NEEDING HALF THE AMOUNT WAS NEVER DISCLOSED.

They had a fee for everything. They requested: Hardship letter Copies of all my Bills My Foreclosure on home details Voided Blank Check for setting up deposits The more one owed the better (I can see why now) Administrative Fee to be paid to them first Not to talk to debtors Deposit as much as possible to help program work Their claim: 40 to 60% off debts Program Proven Debtors work closely with them This program designed specifically to help clients Of course their contract had a full page of client obligations and rights benefiting DCOA. Clients had the right to terminate contract by certified mail and paying another of their endless fees (this one being a cancellation fee of $299.00). No refunds.

Their add still comes on the same radio station. I find it offensive; it is an affront to hard working individuals desperate to maintain ones credit rating .furthermore it is hard to believe that they are allowed to continue luring unsuspecting listeners with their unethical claims. It is no wonder our country is facing FINANCIAL RUIN. GREED, LIES, DECEIT, UNETHICAL PRACTICES ABOUND. We the people merely try to exist, following all the rules only to be misled and have our spirits smashed without regard. Please warn everyone in every way you can.

Attorney letters came to me, with threats of legal proceedings. DCOA assured me nothing could be done as they were out of state and I was in California. This was untrue. I spoke to attorneys office they advised me to stop my dealings with DCOA as most creditors do not work with them. I sent my letter along with copies of their withdrawals from my account showing all the fees and not one payment made. A day later and executive called me to ask why I decided to stop. After reading my list, he said that I might have to deal with attorneys and incur fees. I assured him I would not.

They kept $5,420.00 of my money with an added $299.00 cancellation fee, and a remaining balance in my account of $8.00. I still have my debts and regrets for having believed DCOA and all the people working for them. In closing I must add that my ordeal began with Countrywide not accepting 4 offers on my property beginning March 2007. It is a long story however had it not been for their mismanagement with my account I would not be where I am today. Homeless, limited income and in debt.


I joined Debt Consultants of America because they told me it was a way to consolidate my bills. Everything sounded so good until my first payment went to them. I called to confirm they received my money. That is when the hammer came down. They told me the way this program works is to let your debt get 180 days delinquent, then we settle. They also told me the first 4 checks went to their account. At this point I realized I was not in a debt consolidation program but a scam of which I ruin my credit and they just make deals with the creditors. I would be fully responsible.

I then got onto this site and read may of the horrible stories. I immediately called my creditors to let them know this was not the path I wanted to take. Fortunately one of my creditors advised me of legitimate companies out there which can help. I hooked up with a legitimate company that will pay my creditors all I owe, just at a lower interest rate than the 30% I was being charged. Mind you, I was being charged this rate when I never was late or missed a payment. It wasn't until I hooked up with Debt Consultants of America that I became delinquent. Furthermore, I never got annoying phone calls until I hooked up with (DCA).

One final piece of advice, if you make it through this program, your credit will be as bad as a bankruptcy and I believe you are responsible for all taxes on settlements with (DCA). For example, if you settle a $5,000.00 claim for $2,500.00, you are responsible for taxes on the $2,500.00 settled.


This company have not made any settlements on my accounts, all they have done is mislead and lied. I now owe more, and my credit is shot. I have lost at lease $2000.00, and I have asked the bank that they use to cancel my account and refund the remaining. After taking all that money from me they still have the nerve to take 299.00 more for cancelation fee. How can the government allow this company to opperate?

Bad credit ratings, lose of money, and higher debt payment.


It needs to be reported that this company has now opened Debt Professionals Of America after destroying many lives with Debt Consultants of America. Consumers will be mislead by this company.


I signed up with DCOA in August to have them work with me to contact my creditors and negotiate a lower payoff. I decided to cancel after I learned that they would take my monthly payment of $640 and apply it towards their administrative fee until the $3,300.00 they were charging me was paid. Until that fee was paid, they would not negotiate with my creditors and therefore, my creditors could sue me, call and harass me or whatever. They said you won't be alone on this. Just tell them you are working with us. I told that to Discover card and the lady I talked to named Penny said that wouldn't stop the calls nor the late fees or interest.

After speaking to an atty, they suggested I get out of this contract right away. I did send a certified letter to both DCOA and the bank letting them know I was cancelling and also that I would pay the cancellation fee of $299. Unbeknownst to me, they had already deducted the first payment of $640 out of my checking account. When I spoke to Mr. Hageman, I asked about getting a portion of the $640 back after they take their $299 cancellation fee out of it. He told me to read my contract that they keep any monies they collected from me plus they will be deducting the $299 out of my bank account.

No monies will be returned. As I explained to him they hadn't done anything on my behalf yet so why do they feel they should keep the $640. He told me to go home tonight and reread the contract. So, I guess I am now out $939.00 and they didn't have to do anything. I am sure their contact is legal and binding but their advertising is misleading. They do not do what they say they will do.

They should tell you up front, the first day they talk to you that 1. No one gets paid until they get all their money first 2. They don't contact your creditors until they get ready to negotiate with them 3. They have no compassion for your situation, they are only in it for the money so don't expect them to understand or care.

I am now out $939 for services I never used. But, according to them, it is all in the contract.


Debt Consultants of America lied, stole and cheated. They have not settled one acct in 9 months. They finally admitted that they cannot settle the account and advised us to pull it out of the program and settle it ourselves. Of course, they are refusing to honor their 100% guarantee of debt reduction or service fee refunded. There are multiple counts of false advertising and false information. This is the opposite of the help they advertised. do we cut our losses and take the $5,000 that's left from the $11,400 we sent them? They took the rest for fee's for doing nothing.

Had to cancel home phone, internet service, cable, newspaper, children's sports, daycare due to funds going to DCOA. Had to withdraw from 401k. Spouse is in counseling & taking medication for depression, stress & anxiety.


This company advised my daughter to not make any payments to her credit cards so she would fall behind. They told her they are not able to negotiate with her creditors because she's not behind in her payments. Yet they still enrolled her in the program. She told them that she didn't want to get behind in her payments so she decided to not enroll in their program and now they are charging her a cancellation fee of $299.00. That isn't fair.

As of now she is being charged $299.00 hopefully that will be it. I'm sure if she would've stayed with them it would be much more than that amount. She went to this company to help her get out of debt and now shes deeper in debt.


We checked with BBB,BIB, google etc. to ensure that the bank (global client solutions) and D.C.O.A. existed and had a decent record. After setting the acct up, & sending regular pmnts for 6 months absolutely nothing has been settled. It's difficult to get calls returned and when they do there are no answers. Acct has been passed around to 4 different rep's at DCOA. They guaranteed settlement on all accts or money would be returned to us. We have received neither. I do not recommend this route. We are disappointed, stressed and in a worse situation than we were before we hired D.C.of A.


I wanted to express my grievances to our case specialist Alicia for the incapacity to assist me and displays a non professional manner regarding client. I was being assisted with Jennifer before and I am so satisfied by her competency but all of a sudden I was being redirected with Alicia.

I had problems with the creditors listing that she was claiming that I did not enlist Bloomingdale to my account and after series of month, she wants me to be charge additional $40 more? Why would I pay additional fee for the non consideration of informing me in a latter time? I have to then deal directly to the creditor of Bloomingdale. There are many debt negotiation agency but I choose [this] company because I thought that I could be assisted best, Unfortunately, I am left nothing but a pain and terrible customer specialist.

I have to deal with the creditor of the Bloomingdale directly and I have been charge for the overdraft fee.


I signed up in August for them to resolve my debt of over $28,000 with 3 credit cards. So, starting in September 2007 through March 2008 $495.79 was drafted each month from my checking account...well in April I found out I'm getting sued by one of the credit cards and asked for only half to be taken out of $247.90 because i was considering cancelling becuase they have not done anything to resolve them and a judgement has been placed against me.

NOW, they won't even return the money I had in this global account of 900.00 with a cancellation fee of $299.00 which they were to give me $601.00. I'm already in so much debt and now they just kept $3,717.73 of my money and they didn't do anything with it. I'm very upset and it's affecting me in everything I do.

They have $3,717.73 of my money which they have not resolved any of my debt. SO now I just literally wasted the past 9 months of my life with this company. I'm getting sued, I cry everday because I thought they were to help me and now things are even worse and I don't know what to do. Please help me!

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