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Please do not sign up for this program. The advice that I was given as far as not making payments for several months until the creditors are "HUNGRY" to settle your account caused irrevocable damage to my credit. Credit Answers took their money upfront and I suffered the consequences. None of their promises to settle around 50% of the amount owed came true at all. But they got $2118.66 from me and I now, five years later, have this horrible history follow me in all of my life transactions, even though I make all monthly payments for all my bills on time each month and have done so prior to Credit Answers and ever since I left the program. It has been a terrible experience and has haunted me for the last 5 years since I first contacted them for help out of a difficult debt situation. What a huge mistake.

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I joined in 2008 and the first set of fees were over $200 a month for about 1 year, then it went down to $39.95. I put money into an account and paid off a few credit cards but still have some left. All they do is send emails for offers i.e. credit card balance is $4000 and they send offers to me for monthly payments to cc. Well, how do you pay monthly payments and save money also? This did nothing for me that I probably could have done myself with the credit cards. They called me all the time then I finally took my phone number off the account and they could not call me. I would think twice before signing up. I am going to just wait and see what accounts I have left and try on my own.

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I worked there briefly. I do not ever recommend this company. If they have not shut there doors, I am sure the police will. They continue to lie and steal.


I started speaking to a gentleman at Credit Answers in March 2010. He advised me that Credit Answers could help get my payments lowered and would only have to pay them a monthly fee of $49.95. However, there was going to be a savings account set up, that my money would be set up in and held. I would also have to have an account separate at the bank for the money to be debited from for these transactions to occur. There would be a total of $264.33 debited monthly.

I called Global Client Solutions LLC to receive the total amount in my account since I am currently being taken to court by one of my creditors, and only have a little over two hundred in the account. I was surprised to hear this since it has been almost eight months since I began paying money into the account. I pulled the statements from Global and there was a Setup Fee of $94.82 debited from the account every month. A setup fee should be for an initial set up not for a monthly fee.

If their representatives speak to 20 people a day and charge each of those people $94.82 per month, they would be charged $1896.40 for just those 20 people. If the representative speaks to the same amount of people five days a week, this company is taking $9482.00 per week for the one representative that handled the 20 calls per day for the five days. Depending how may work at this location, you do the math.

That is an outrageous amount for a person to pay to a company that is supposedly trying to help them get out of trouble and debt. I was misled during the initial call and they knew I did not understand a lot of what was on the paperwork. I explained to them what I didn't understand and trusted them to explain it to me, which clearly did not happen.


After only 3 short months I learned that the $750 I committed to this program did not go towards my debt, but directly to the company. I paid $750 into this program and was offered a refund of only $200, less than 27% of what I paid into it, upon learning that the program was not debt relief efficient. After three months of participation I learned that the company did nothing to improve or further my debt settlement, despite reasonable offers from creditors. A representative advised me to eliminate any existing payments I was making and dissolve all contact with creditors while Credit Answers resolved these problems for me. Prior to enrolling in this program I was on payment programs with these creditors working towards debt relief. I was advised to drop payment and stop communication with these creditors and now I am in further debt.

I recognize that a fee would be involved for the assistance of this company however I did not know it would be so great. Clearly, if I was in a position to afford this type of service I would not be so upset with my recent discovery of how much I am losing by being enrolled. Again, not one phone call, email, or communication was made on my behalf. If I were in a position to afford giving away $750 for the sake of commission then I probably would not have looked into these services in the first place. I was mislead and not properly informed of the structure of the program. Additionally, I never signed or returned the 'Welcome Packet' in which a representative should have formally walked me through the program. I was originally told that if I ever needed to access my funds for emergency use, it would be available to me. That was the safeguard that lured me in, it didn't make it feel like such a threatening program.

After all, it is my money that is 'like a bank account committed to saving for debt settlement' as per the sales representative. What was left out of that conversation was the process. The part about having an additional savings account set up on top of what the agreed payment was and that all the money that I was submitting immediately went to cover the costs of Credit Answers partnership not towards debt settlement relief. These details are paramount to making the appropriate decision to decide whether or not this program is suitable or reasonable for ones current situation.

I find it interesting that the payment is determined by your income, cost of living, and debt. This payment is supposed to be in direct proportion to what is affordable and realistic in improving or eliminating debt. However, for the program to 'effectively' work I would need to contribute way more than the calculated amount to make any significant improvement in my debt, because the fees that Credit Answers is absorbing is greater than the amount designated for debt payment. Again, the payment is determined by what you can afford, so if I can afford no more than what was agreed and Credit Answers is absorbing the majority, the program is designed to fail me, or bleed me financially.

Hence, this program is not an effective one for someone with as limited resources as myself. I assure you, this sentiment was left out the consultation. Shame on this company for alleging to help Middle Class America get back on track and find relief in debt. This company is not part of the solution but part of the problem. Taking money from those who have the least to spare under the guise of "escape from the anxiety and the hopelessness that accompanies debt problems." (Company motto)

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These people must be smoking crack. I just found that they have an F rating by the Better Business Bureau. I'm ruined and the credit card lawyers are suing me for outstanding debts. Screw these **, I'm filing bankruptcy.


After months of not answering our phone to creditors, forwarding bills to Credit Answers, paying monthly in a savings account and doing everything that was required, not one of our creditors had ever been contacted or notified by this Credit Answers.

I called to speak to Sean to see when this would take place and he told me it would be soon! I really got suspicious with his answer because they should have already been in contact with at least one of our creditors! So I started an investigation of my own and found that I wasn't the only one that felt I was being taken advantage of. I called and canceled the program because nothing was being done on my behalf as we agreed. There was no service rendered, no updated phone calls, nothing. I felt I could handle this much better than them and requested that they return my money.

Sean then told me he spoke with his boss and they decided they did nothing wrong and that I would not be getting my money back. He also told me, "I don't feel sorry for you either." He was rude and continued to read off his script as to the agreement. I ask him where the money was and he told me it was in a "holding account" in case I decided to come back. I told him I would never come back and I wanted my money so I could pay down my creditors. He again said that there was no way I could get it back. I even told him to keep the fees which were $49.95 monthly and he said no. I feel that they did nothing at all for 4 months and didn't keep their end of the agreement. This company appears to be and is a big fat scam!

I learned a valuable life lesson, don't fall for a quick fix! After calling my creditors and telling them what happened, they were very helpful and understanding and have helped me more in the last 4 days than Credit Answer has in 4 plus months! Hopefully this company will fold soon and from now on, before we do any business with anyone, we will do our homework and always check with the BBB! I also mentioned to Sean that I would be reporting Credit Answers he said he didn't care!


I enrolled in the program in March 2010 and cancelled my membership in May 2010. I paid approx. $1600.00 and they are only offering to refund $400.00. None of my creditors were ever contacted. I was told that they immediately register my name on a list of people who have credit problems. I am very disappointed in credit answers. Hopefully with the new rules that FCC has, will help the next person who is considering enrolling in their program.


They promised an affordable payment but mine was not. The amount that they estimated I would need to save over four years would never have been enough to pay my creditors. Their staff was not trained properly and were not experienced. They were severely understaffed, making at times impossible to reach them. My settlement coach changed constantly. They recommended that I apply for a mortgage modification through their company, for which I was denied. That was another $300. They collected $11,000 in fees upfront, for which they did nothing. I was being sued by Discover, and was forced into bankruptcy.


I was desperate to find a solution with my finances and heard about Credit Answers on the radio. Rush Limbaugh! They have done nothing but give me a run around and take a huge fee. They lie, never answer the phone and do not settle with anyone. You have to do it yourself anyway as creditors will not speak to them. Scam!

My credit is completely ruined and I lost over $4,000 in fees that could have paid off a debt. I am now dealing with creditors myself.


I signed up to Credit Answers, because I was unable to pay my credit card bills. I heard the ads that said they could cut the amounts and make a person debt-free in a short time. I was desperate, so I went with the program.

I experience a barrage of phone calls and letters from my credit card companies. Credit Answers said not to answer any calls or letters. They said they would have a better chance to deal with them if I ignored the calls and letters. They wanted me to send information, so they could keep up with my situation. I was driven absolutely crazy by the calls and letters. When I called Credit Answers, they just said to be patient.

I couldn't stand it any longer, so I stopped the payment to them and requested a refund. I have paid September through December $449.35 per month. The maintenance fee was $49.95 per month. I requested all refund but the maintenance fee. Credit Answers was set up to start negotiating with my first credit card amount after 16 months. They would have all fees paid to them, except maintenance fees, by then; and I would start putting money into the account to pay off number one.

After I stopped the payment, I contacted my creditors with my problem. I told them I was instructed not to answer any of their calls or letters. I was informed by Citi Cards that there was no way that they would deal with Credit Answers about my card debt. They would not ever talk to them. They said that after seven months, the debt would be referred to a collection agency, and then Credit Answers might deal.

I was told that if I got extra money ahead of my payments, I could speed up the process to get my debts eliminated. No way could they have dealt with my creditors, if I had sent in the money before seventh month. They lied. The credit card companies are dealing with my situation, and my credit doesn't have to go to a collector. My credit is not ruined, and Credit Answers is not going to get the full $6000.00 for services not rendered.


I called Credit Answers and they told me they could help me but I needed to let the cards fall behind. I called every month and checked in with Maria. I spoke to Maria in October and told her I have money in my account to start settling with the credit card accounts. I was also sent court papers and was never told to do anything with them. One day I got a call from Maria and she told me I need to go to the court house and ask what to do, I had one day to response (Credit Answers said they do not give out legal information so good luck).

In December I tried to contact Maria because there is one card left and I want to get this horrible experience over and she never called me back or e-mailed me. I called on 1/20/10 and there was another person on the message. I called Credit Answers because I didn't know what was going on and I was told Maria is not there anymore. So my account sat for a month with nothing done to it but of course they still took their monthly payments even though no one was doing anything.

As of 1/27/10, out of 9 accounts I have had to settle 4 out of the 9 accounts and they settled 4. One is still pending. As of today they called me and told me I still owe them $700.00 plus the monthly fees, which I was told and figured was paid in full. In February of 2009, Credit Answers told me this would be done in 6 months, now going on 12 months they are still not complete and charging me my monthly fee.


In May 2009, I realized my debt was catching up with me after my husband was laid off and I had an $18.00/hour pay cut and bonuses became obsolete. I heard an ad for Credit Answers on the radio and contacted them. I first spoke with an Anthony and explained my situation. I was told I would pay $1,160.00 for three months and then $1,160.00 a month for 3 years into a savings/negotiation plan to work with my creditors. He instructed me not to pay my creditors because that would eliminate my ability to negotiate with my creditors. By July, I realized I could not afford to pay myself $1,160.00/month and contacted Daniel because I did not have the funds for the month of July and discussed the option to cut the amount of savings to $540.00/month.

I received a new contract, which I thought I understood, and signed it. Immediately after faxing the new contract, I contacted Daniel by e-mail to follow up on how exactly this would affect my savings and how long it would increase my stay in the program. I did not receive a reply. I again attempted to contact her several times by e-mail and phone without reciprocation. By the end of November, Daniel had made a few attempts to contact me; however, I was not available and did attempt to return her calls. It is now middle December and I have made contact with Daniel.

After asking the questions I had, I learned that the money I thought I was saving was actually going out in "fees". When I spoke with her, I asked what service her company had performed for me. She stated that I was supposed to be paying $540.00/month in addition to them to myself for savings. I explained that I had discussed this with her in July that I did not pay $1,160.00/month. At this point, I asked about refunding my >$4,000.00. She then stated that they would not refund this money. I told Daniel that I could have used this money to pay some to my creditors, instead I received nothing. This call became nonproductive and argumentative. Final results are, I paid over $4,000.00 for a service that was not performed. I am out over $4,000.00. I continue to have debt. I could have continued to pay less to them and been a risk instead of a non-payer. My credit is worse now. My stress level is extreme due to this experience.


I was in serious credit card debt and heard Credit Answers, LLC’s commercial on the radio. I admit: I didn't do any research on debt settlement companies, but I was desperate to find some relief from creditors calling me day and night. I spoke with a counselor on the phone and he set up my account, explaining that the monthly charge was to pay for the initial service for several months and then part of the money was to be put aside in a savings account to use to pay off the creditors once the settlement had been made. They withdrew these monies directly from my checking account, the total coming to almost $4,000. And then they were taking out about $200 a month out and several times taking it out after I asked them not to, which caused a shortfall in my account.

They advised me not to answer collection calls and when one account was turned over for collection, I faxed them the collection letter which was threatening legal action. I didn't hear anything for about a month and thought Credit Answers had contacted the collection agency. Then, I was served with court papers at my home. I called Credit Answers and was hysterical. The man that took my call said, "Well, what did you expect us to do?” I expected them to be my go-between and explain to the collection agency that they would represent me from that point on. They said no, they only got involved when they thought the time was right for a settlement to be negotiated.

Several days before the court date, the collection agency called me. They were eager to make a settlement. I called the Better Business Bureau and filed a complaint. The Texas branch of the BBB apparently contacted them and one of their account managers called and tried to "schmooze" me. I told him I no longer wanted Credit Answers to represent me and I wanted the debt amounts removed from my account, which he did. However, I told him I wanted them to intercede with the first account to be turned over since I felt it was due to their indifference. I told them I had no choice but to negotiate with the collectors rather than go to court and I made the first installment payment as a "good faith" payment. I asked them to negotiate the other payments down to a reasonable amount for me. They put one of their "experts" on the case and he did get the monthly payment down. However, since it was not the amount and the dates that I had set up with the creditor, my agreement was nullified and I was paying on the original amount. I told the negotiator I wanted the amount that I had paid them for settling the other debts back since I was doing that myself. He said there are no refunds and it doesn't matter whether they settle the debt or I do. I want to get my money back!


My 75 year old husband accumulated over $50,000 in credit card debt. Health issues caused him to close his business so he could no longer make the payments. He, against my wishes, contracted with Credit Answers to settle his debts. We later found he had suffered at least one mini-stroke and it was clearly evident that his mind was not working correctly. He did not understand the terms of the contract and ended up paying $3000 for their fees over a period of about 6 months. They had not contacted even one of the credit card companies so the debt was increasing and our credit was ruined.

He signed my name to the contract which was clearly evident by the handwriting. I was angered by this but because of it, after he suffered another stroke I was able to cancel the contract. However they refused to return any of the money.

I believe this was a scam as well as elder abuse.

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