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Boynton Beach, FL

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We employed CWDSI to handle payments and negotiations with Sears Premier Gold Mastercard. This acct. was sold to LVNV Funding LLC. We were contacted by Associated Recovery Systems on behalf of LVNV that we'd be taken to court if we didn't settle the acct. We could never effect action through Countrywide. We would call them and call them but only get their voicemail or be told the mailbox was full. At one point, I did reach Janel S. at Countrywide and told her about the pay or else letter and she said to mail a copy to her but CWDSI did not act on the letter. We paid it off in full at the advice of a lawyer. We would like to recoup the monies we paid CWDSI $400 down payment and $234.71/mo. for twenty months, plus damages. They never paid LVNV a dime. In order to pay this off in lump some, I had to cash in my 401K or take the chance of having my checking acct. seized.

I began program in November 2009, agreed to 24-month program. I needed to settle sooner as relative was passing and did not want to have funds attached. They performed "miracles" as my request to settle with Chase, BOA and Discover was done in 6 months. To my surprise, they are an excellent client service team. Proof of settlements were in writing, I followed the program and reported the hundreds of phone calls from nagging creditors and it was settled 18 months ahead of time. Thank you CWDSI.

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