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My Credit Guard of America account was paid off and you people are still taking $59 out of my account per month. The service rep I talked to today said that you were not notified.


I can relate to all the stories. I was only told about and paid the one time fee of $1,678.00 to start. I had over $40,000 in debt. My husband lost his job because he became disabled. I had to pay them over $1,000 per month with one income, and a daughter in school. They did nothing more to help me, other than whatthe credit card companies will do for you, if you call and talk with them yourself, or have an attorney talk with them. I borrowed money from my retirement, and paid off credit card companies. At that time, then realizing CDS was charging me fees for handling my accounts, totaling over $9,000, for doing nothing but sending out a letter or two. Talk about stealing you blind. Consumers beware! I filed complaints with BBB and Equifax also.

Satisfaction Rating

Given name of lawyer "John Leaberry PLLC" was told to stop paying all credit card payments, never late, or missed, told to pay this lawyer $350.00. They would get it out of my checking account, was told it was non-refundable to have an account made up, so I can put $350.00 in every month. They were to contact me if there was a credit card agreement to pay off. I had one, my husbands Chase card was to be paid off in 3 payments, I was given a name (Ken) and phone number (866-900-1228) and tell him my account # and routing # along with 3 check #'s. John sent me a check for $681.00, this was set for January's payment, I would let this Ken take $218.00 on Feb 18th, and another $218 for March 18th. What I didn't know that this company would take the leftover $220.00, that was already paid in payments of the 4 months I paid for their commission that I wasn't aware of and never told about.

This was along with the $49.00 a month that they took out automatically when they collected the $350.00, so I was putting $301.00 in this account every month, I did this for 4 months which would equal $1204.00 and Elizabeth said that I should paid more than the $220.00, which I found out that I had $523.00 left in the account, they made it seem that they were giving me a break only charging me the $220.00. But as I figure it up I really got screwed more than the$220.

This company never contacted any of the companies, when they were told that I wasn't going to pay their outrageous fees that I was never told about and told them in a letter that I do not want their services any longer. The fees went down and so did the settlement offers. I have all the emails that I got from them in John Leaberry's website, along with some letters that I wrote them, including the one in which I told them I do not want their services any longer, along with a man calling giving me the same phone number of Elizabeth telling me that I should call him.

This Ken that was supposed to make a settlement of Chase Manhattan credit card for us, never happened, they also said that National Bank of Omaha was settled for $648 and I was to call a number that I found out to be the number of Elizabeth **, I saved the email because I replied to this email and told this person that I was going to get in touch with National Bank of Omaha and see if this guy worked there or even if they knew what was going on, with a different name to it, but I would owe them $535 fee would have to be paid first. I have creditors calling me constantly because I did what they said to stop paying all my bills, both my husband and I have higher interest rates because of this. I wanted to do something about the credit card companies charging my husband and I higher interest rates "because they can" even though I have never gotten a payment out late or missed a payment to any of them. Now I am trying to get all my creditors settled and make the settlements my self, which is hard now because they are all in default.


Without sending me papers to sign or let me know the cost or what they would being doing and after I sent in a request for cancelation on October 24th which was debited from my account on November 6th he said I had five days to cancel. I had talked to someone else,told him. I had talked to another company and wanted to hear their offer before I excepted and I hung up in less than two minutes he called me back with I guess his manager Bryan Lucas telling me he worked for the other company and could offer me a better deal and to just give him my banking info to lock it in if I didn't use the other company,and that I had five days to cancel.He didn't even take the numbers of the credit cards that I needed relief for,I ask why they still took my money they say they didn't get the fax I also sent two E-mails,so I faxed them the original with the date of the 24th of every time I try to get in touch with someone their either on the other phone or out of the office. can you help me

Haveing a hard time paying the other bills and them takeing out money without letting me know makes it very hard on me because with my bank I have overdraft protection and the rate is154,10% annualy or 2643% daily which a bill i don't need instead of helping get out of debt they are causing me more


I set up a trust account with this debt settlement company. They are fee-based and have their own attorney. I experienced communication issues with them, I kept getting collection calls, then I got sued by one of my creditors.

As a result of the pending lawsuit, I had to file for bankruptcy.

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