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In May 25, 2005, we agreed to pay $110.84 monthly. After I paid $2216.70, they went out of business. I am stuck with default credit and additional judgment. Now, I can't buy a house if I get credit high % interest. I am here screaming in the middle of the jungle. No justice, no law can catch them. They are ripping off many hardworking people. God knows.

I paid Clear Debt around $32,000 and I am still in big trouble. In the beginning, they were my best fiend and now I have judgments and the sheriff knocking at my door. I wish someone could help me get some of my money back so I can pay some of the judgments off. Help needed in West Virginia. They give you hope that you can pay everyone off but they get their money first. By this time, you are in big trouble.

I signed up with Clear Debt Results. My bills were scheduled to be paid in 3 years. For the first year plus I paid a monthly fee. They settled quite a few accounts for me. Last year, (when I was in my third year), while I was saving each month to pay off another account, I learned that they went out of business. There was no notification to me. I tried to get in touch with anyone, to no success. My biggest complaint is that I have no idea what accounts were settled and more importantly, which accounts have not.

Most of the accounts were turned over to a third party, or fourth, and did not carry the name of the original creditor. As I said, they settled quite a few accounts. I got a copy of my credit report, and it looked to me like everything was closed. Yesterday, over a year after, I found out they went out of business, I was contacted by one of my accounts claiming I owed them $12,000! Why haven't I heard from this creditors for the last year? Are there still more out there? Is this new bill legit? I don't know how to proceed.

I have not used credit cards since I contacted Clear Debt Results. I thought my life was getting back on track. I've been able to save a little, and had hopes of being able to buy a new car which I desperately need. I haven't worried about my finances in several years. I cannot pay back this new bill, and once again I am scared to death about what I am to do.

I asked for their help with my credit card accounts; I paid over $4,000 to them. They said they would call every month to see how much I have saved up to pay my creditors. They never called and it was very hard to get hold of them. They did solve 2 of my accounts. They were also very rude when I did talk to them. I found out they went out of business in Jan. 2010. I got an email saying they were going out of business and this other company would take over my account. Even with this other business I can't get a hold of them. I have no credit anymore, and have been worried about paying the bill.

In 2006 I hired Clear Debt Results to help me pay off my debt. At the time I was not delinquent on my payments but felt overwhelmed and the person that I spoke with told me they could help. They told me to stop making payments to the creditors and when I receive bills or harassing letters from the creditors to send or fax them to clear debt and they would take care of it. I paid them $5325.00 to help and they did nothing. I made arrangements to pay off one of the creditors and another threatened to sue me.

Luckily, they were willing to set up a payment plan. This has completely ruined my credit. It is going to take a long time to try and reestablish it. It has been a nightmare. I just want my money back. Is there anything we can do? My credit is ruined. I was threatened with a lawsuit from one creditor. It has been a nightmare.

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We are in the same situation as many of the other posted complaints. We entered into the Clear Debt Program, paid over $5,000, and got zero accounts settled from them. Our credit score was actually very good, and we were not even behind on any of our credit cards at the time. I had taken a teaching job, making substantially less than I did in a factory; and at the same time, the minimum payment for all the cards went up substantially. We knew we were headed for distress soon and needed to find a solution. We researched this company as much as we knew how, and it seemed legit.

In order to get into the program, we were required to stop paying our debts all together. This was difficult for us, but we did it because we thought it was a necessary evil to do what needed to be done. Basically wrapping it up, we were thrown further in debt and our credit score went down the drain because of it. We have had zero accounts settled, and only two or three offers (which were unreasonable) were ever made. Customer service was ridiculously hit-and-miss as well. I can't imagine a company closing its doors and never even giving their customers notification so they could make plans for what to do now. It would be nice if all the customers could somehow come against this company and at least get the money back that did not result in any benefits for us.

On 9/28/05 I contacted CDR on the internet asking for help to pay on my credit cards. They said they would help but with a monthly service fee totaling 3,000.00. This was from 10/05/05 thru 12/05/06. During this time, they were to contact my debtors and help to defray my payments. This did not happen.

On 2/28/08 I filed for bankruptcy, and it was finalized on 11,19,08. This was not my intentions, but I had no choice in the matter. My debts to the credit cards amounted to $19,000.00. There was no way at this time to even try to pay them back. I am still trying to get back on my feet. I have no credit at this time, and very difficult to get credit.

April 2007 I contacted CDR with help for my credit card debt. I paid them monthly installments totaling $4000 by August of 2009. That is when I tried to contact them because I had received a summons from one of my creditors (they were taking me to court).

I was unable to get a hold of anybody or leave a message for about 3 days. So I made a complaint against them with the Dallas BBB. While this is going on I am trying to deal with the creditors that is suing me and trying to come to some agreement. Luckily I did. A few weeks later I receive a letter from the BBB letting me know that Clear Debt Results is out of business and referred me to DEBTGRAD.COM. Which turns out to be a company started by the same guy that started CDR.

As of today I still have not received a letter from Clear Debt Results saying that they are out of business.

They did not help me settle my accounts. The $4000 they took from me over the two years should be returned because all they did was send out letters to my creditors telling them to connect them instead of me.

I have been with this company since Dec 2007 - I have sent many letters as well as money - $4.200, to this company who was supposed to help me - guess what - I am now in bankrupcty because they did NOTHING and by the time I figured it out, I couldn't catch up - I have a letter from CLEARDEBT RESULTS verifying that they will reimburse me $1,000 - which I would gladly take, even though I would do anything to get my $4200 back -this company was and is a scam and owes all of us our monies - someone needs to step up and take this company to court. I put my heart and soul into this company - what a mistake that was.

This company collected $6,884.37 from me to help me clear up my credit card debt. They never did one thing for me except send out some Cease and Desist letters that were worthless. They settled no accounts for me - I settled one by myself without their help just to get something done. I kept in close, frequent contact with a Kendra W. and Robert T. (supposedly the boss) and they kept reassuring me that they were taking care of my accounts which they weren't.

Today I found out they are no longer in business and I am left hanging with these unpaid credit card accounts which are building and building with interest being charged. I am 74 years old and my husband is 69, and we are in dire need of help. We would like to start or join in a class action suit against these crooks. I want my $6,884 back! Please tell me what I can do.

Physical damage - now on Xanax for my nerves. I was always in touch with these people begging them for help and they would reassure me only to have a sheriff show up at my door TWICE! They laughed this off but to me that was a very frightening experience. Now our record in our county shows we are deadbeats. I am a bundle of nerves over this and we need help - please tell us who in the government to contact for advice.

I hired Clear Debt Results Inc. to clear up my credit card debts in 2007 and I paid them 5000.00 dollars. They never did their job and never settled any of my credit cards negotiations. And now they went out of business in August of 2009, and they took all my money. They never did what they contracted to do and I want my money back.

I am filing my coplaint and please help me because I need to know how to file a claim against them and recover my money, I dont know how to go about doing that. Would like to be involved if there is a class actions suit against them but I dont know how to find out if there is and the steps to take. I await your help. Thank you. 5000.00 AND NOW EVERYONE IS HARRSSING ME FOR MY CREDIT CARD DEBT SO ITS A LOT OF PAIN AND HEARTACHE TOO.

i contacted them for help my debt,and i sent them $800 and dollars in payment,s they. then when i kept calling every day,finally mr,staurt got the phone and told me that they didn,t have my money and that they would send it to me when they get it.then i asked him what was they doing with people,s money when they send it in and that,s when he told me that they paid the company,s bills with my then i got in contact with BBB and told them about what was going on.then time went by and i called the bbb back and they told me that they had contacted them but got no response back. so now when you call cleardebtresult,s all you get is a recording that tell,s you to leave your phone number and e-mail address for more imformation so now what do i do about my money

This company has taken out over $900.00 from my account with no results. It was only after I sent emails did I hear from them. In addition, after I put a stop payment on the account so this company could not take any more money, I receive an email with an answer of "We need the letters of collection, and we will get right on it." Then when I sent in a complaint to the BBB, I received an email that the company is going out of business. I researched online and found there are many other people this company has taken money from with no results. I just want my money back.

I hired this company to negotiate with my creditors in 2007. They took a total of $5,000+ out of my checking account in monthly increments. I have a contract with them until 2010. They have only settled 3 small accounts now they are gone. They will not answer their phones, their website is under Construction, they do not return my emails. I have been ripped off! They assured me my credit would not be affected but it has gone from the high 700's to the toilet because of their poor service. I am now forced to deal with attorneys who are taking me to court. They scammed me out of my hard earned money with promises of helping me and now they are gone!

I am living a nightmare with creditors. I just had to take a loan out on my pension plan to pay off an attorney who put a lien on my mother's house (my name is on it only for the purpose of her health). My credit is ruined, I am in constant turmoil over how I will deal with the next letter in the mail suing me. They were supposed to support me and take care of these account negotiations for me. I am a nervous wreck and it is affecting my health badly. I am having surgery in 2 days and expect to be out of work for at least 2-3 weeks and I am worried that I might not be able to make my first loan payment. They have totally turned my life upside down.

I signed up with this company after setting up an account so they could take 120.00 a month out of my checking account; this was to pay for my credit cards and a little bit for them every month for about 3 years and then I would have my cards paid off. I told them I wasn't working and this would be a struggle but I would do it. I wanted to get back on track desperately.

They took 120.00 of my account and after paying 900.00 I realized they did not pay no bills but kept all the money for themselves. Creditors started telling me that clear debts wouldn't talk to them thats when I thought I better see whats going on. I never dreamed that it was a scam. I thought bills were being paid and I was feeing better until I realized it was not so. I filed a complaint with bbb and then clear debt said they would fix everything as long as I contacted the BBB and told them we were working together. I did this and then never heard from clear debt resuts again. They aren't returning my phone calls or emails. I want my money back. How can I get it?

On 11-23-07 I signed an agreement with Clear Debt Results. The service that I hired them to do were to resolve two of my credit card debts. Chase Bank credit card & Citi Card. I agreed to pay $200.00 a month which was for a service fee. I paid them a totally of $600.00, before I realized they were not doing the job they promised in the agreement. I was told & I have in writing they're rules of not to speak to my creditors, which I did not do.

On 3-21-08 I was summoned to court in Chicago on 4-22-08 by Chase Bank for not paying my credit card bill. I called Clear Debt the next day because it was after hours. When I told them what was happening, i was assured that they would take care of it, but I may have to go to court. I can't miss work to go court. I was scared to death. I was sent a power of attorney letter on April 2, 2008 so they could speak on behalf. They said they still hadn't received the letter by April 24, 2008.

My complaint is I paid them every month like I agreed to,I did every thing they told me to do. They did not do anything on my behalf. I had to call Clear Debt every day after I was summoned to go court. I was told they could never get a hold of anyone. They said they had spoke to my creditors on my behalf, I spoke to my creditors. They have no record of speaking with anyone but me. I had to call both creditors to take care of the outstanding credit card bills. I have both customer service names & numbers and both agreements that i set up with them. Clear Debt result name is no where on these papers. I had to borrow $1605.00 to pay off Chase Credit on 4-19-08 from my parents which I pay $150.00 a month. I set a payment plan with Citi Card for $200.00 a month.

the month I was using Clear Debt services had high interest added to my credit cards which then resulted in over limit fees. This is because I did what they said & did not make payments or speak to them it's in the paperwork they sent me. i filed a complaint with the BBB April, they said they had to close the complaint, Clear Debt was not a member, or something close to that.

Robert Till from Clear Debt said they did a budget review,(they asked me how much I could afford to pay them each month) Initial correspondence with my creditors, (I spoke to them they never had any contacted with Clear Debt)& They received notification to begin settlement,( I settle my accounts myself, they did not make any phone calls again) They did provide false info to the BBB they said they made phone calls on certain dates (i have dates) & I have proof that not one call was made

I was not late on credit cards. After I signed the agreement, I received late fees & over the limit fees. I had to drop my health coverage for me & my family because I have to pay money for the credit card . The dollar amount is more than I paid before my credit is ruined, I can not get any loans, my other credit cards have lowered my limit, will not lower my apr & one will not reissue my card. All in all I'm out $600.00 & I have to pay an extra couple hundred dollars a month, & had to lose my health insurance because I can't afford it.

From everything we were told, we were under the impression that the company (Clear Debt Results) would negotiate all payoffs with each company, deduct a specified amount of funds out of our checking account each month, and dispurse the funds to each company. We assumed that we would not have to deal with the individual companies from that point on.

They talked about all the work they would do and then didn't do anything. I asked several times if we had to deal with any of the companies that were calling and they stated that all we had to do was write down the names of the companies, the dates and times they called, and that they would send a cease and desist letter to them. It never happened.

I was told that for the next 24 months we would not have to deal with any of the credtors.

That was not the case, as we soon found out. They took $1189.00 of our money before they informed us that we would have to deal with each company ourselves and would have to pay them directly.

I could have negotiated the settlements myself. I didn't need to pay someone over a thousand dollars to talk to the companies we owed and still get hassled by them.

I filed a complaint with the BBB of Dallas, got a call from Robert Till, Client Relations Manager, and he tried to convience me that a refund of our fees is not warranted.

I have yet to hear back from the BBB and am assuming that we have no remedy to get our money back

We thought we could settle with everyone we owed without having to file bankruptcy. As it was, we lost over a thousand dollars we could have used to pay bills and we have since filed bankruptcy.

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