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Big rip off. They just tried to fool people with their Christian name. Big line of **. These people were far from Christians. They just took their money and never did anything for you. First 5 payments were over $700 each which they kept and never ever settled anything with any of my creditors. Had to go to court over wage garnishment. They never did one thing for me so be very wary of their new name change so to say, probably had to do so because of the so many people they ripped off. Never ever go with this company they had take over their scam!!!

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I have been with this company for 1 year this month. They have been taking money out of my account twice a month to pay off some payday debts. Now I learn they are out of business - for how long, unsure. I have people calling me now saying they were never paid off from this account. Not sure who to contact or what to do now and many people are trying to take me to court now because of this.

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I called in a panic about all the credit cards me and my wife had that were starting to get out of control. I had many that were on time but close to the credit limit and couple were already a couple months behind and had raised the APR on us!! I gave them all of my accounts and they took the time to go over all the different options I had including some that had nothing to do with using their service. After we did a detailed budget, we found a plan that set us up on a monthly payment we could afford and allowed us the breathing room we needed!

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I signed up with Christian Debt Consolidators based on the name feeling they would be an honest company to work with. I have completed the program per the agreement. In the contract agreement I signed, it says upon completion I would get back the $285 I had to give them upfront to start the program. Now the phone number on their website (and on my paperwork), 1-866-958-3328, is not a working number... but I can go on their site and ask for help via (new business for them). CDC sold my contract to A New Horizon's Debt Consolidation, and had told me yes I would get me refund upon completion of the program. Then 5 months before I had completed my payments with ANH, they sold my contract to Consolidated Credit Counseling Service, Inc. They do not know about the refund and tell me I have to contact Christian Debt Consolidators.

I believe they all should be investigated on a national level. Those of us who choose to pay our debt be it as it may, could have gone bankrupt and add to the national debt. But I didn't; I am hard working and pay my debt. I had lost my job 5 years ago and chose debt consolidation over bankruptcy. The CEO of these companies are as bad as the Mortgage lenders who made fraudulent loans and took people's homes and prospered from it. Granted it is only $285 but if I owed this to them, they would do everything in their power to collect. This has been a hardship to repay my debt but I have done it. I honored my end of the contract. They will honor theirs or be held accountable.


With job loss, I needed to consolidate debt. I chose them because of the Christian name and they abused us with so many fees! For the $9000 loan that was being paid, they collected $394 for the down payment, then $53 each month for maintenance fees, $250 ACH transfer monthly, service fees for each account paid off ($225 and $1722), etc. At the end of the day, we saved about $200 from the original amount of the loan.

Because they hold the money, your account gets written off. For this hassle, I should have just paid the account with Capital One for $200 like I was doing before. There were no lower rates or anything, just a write off and I saved nothing! My credit is destroyed. With a balance of $2500 left to pay Capital One, Christian debt called me everyday to get their fee of $1722 from my accumulated funds of $4258 so they could get rid of my account with them. So much so, they negotiated a payment plan for the next 9 months between myself and Capital One for $260. I asked why and they said it would be better that way. They just wanted the money and ran. This was a valuable lesson. New Horizons come to find out could have done this for me without a write off. Christian Debt is bound for hell. Plus their customer service gets upset when you ask questions. I think for almost $4500, I should have been able to ask all the questions I wanted. Christian debt remember this, Romans 12:17-21.

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On November 24, 2009, I contacted Christian Debt Relief also known as Financial Freedom CCS, John L PLLC, and joined their program to help settle my unsecured debt. After submitting all forms, signing an agreement with them, and giving them power of attorney, they set up a financial package for me and payments were sent in. I have invested $671 to date. Recently, I questioned them when I noticed no payments have been applied to my overdue accounts. I was given a runaround that I didn't understand how the program works and got educated quickly to their little scheme.

I demanded copies of all correspondence to my Chase and CitiCard accounts, but they refused. Nothing can be accessed online at the secure website they gave me either. I started doing more investigating and have found out there are consumer complaints about them, realizing this is just another scam. Now my credit cards are months behind, turned over to collection attorneys and reported to the credit bureau, which is hurting my credit.


I have been on this program called Christian Debt Relief. I have been farmed out to two companies--The Patriot Way and Consumer Debt. Things were going pretty good but now, I am having major problems. Every month, Consumer Debt takes $303.00 from my account and Patriot Way takes $364.00. I was happy to see my balances going down. But in October of 2009, something was wrong. The company was off by one payment. I tried contacting the company at the only number I have, faxed them and emailed them. But I never received any response. I have created a book with the documented attempted contacts I have tried to make. Still, I get no response.

Half of my cards are still on track but the other half which I believe are being handled by Consumer Debt have not been paid. I have a balance of $846.00 on one card to reach--it is $441.00 behind. I have faxed my bank statements to them proving that they have received my money every month at the same time, but still, this is not fixed nor will they call me.

I have contacted the NY State Attorney General's office to file a complaint about them. I agree that you trust someone that bills their company as Christian. I even did months of research before turning this over. I have been trying to resolve this problem since October of 2009 and I am now very frustrated. My husband is not working and I am working two jobs. We are only keeping our heads above water.

If anyone has suggestions, I am open. I cannot afford to catch up these payments that I have already made. I keep telling myself that this is a simple mistake and they will fix it. I just cannot get anyone to call me back. I keep getting a recording that says they will get back to me as soon as possible. You think they could get back to me since October. I have sent them fax messages, letting them know that I will not go away and I will pursue them until they fix this or I get my money back.

I refuse to just go away. So if you see this company promising to help you, run in the other direction. I have probably sent 25 emails, faxes, and probably 100 phone calls with no response back. I had this happen one other time but I sent threatening messages so they made the payment--this time, there was nothing. I am mad and frustrated, but I will get them.


Yet another company doing America a huge non favor. During these troubling times you would think by doing the right thing to improve your life and try and not fall behind you could rely on these companies. Being a christian myself i fell into the thought i was working with other Christians. I was wrong!

I had to break down my debt and give this company all my information. Finally once all that was done and i sent everything in and my payment i though I was ready to start. I was charged 488 dollars which included my first payment. I was never told about a New Horizon or that they were going to forward my info to them. I was contacting by the other company requesting all the information i had already given to CDC. I said I was never told of any of this and I did not want to take part.

I contacted Christian debt consolidators and they were no help. They would not give me a refund because they said i agreed to the service and terms. I was lied to about so many things and they would not refund me my money. They claim to be a non profit organization yet they use the christian name in there title to fool the people in need and feed their hands. The management said they would only give me 150 back for a quote they gave me incorrectly. I argued that they need to give me the full amount and stated my point. They said they talked to the rep and our stories did not match and I was wrong. I kept trying and nothing happened. Instead they took away trying to refund me my 488.

I am not happy at all and this company needs to be taken under. If anyone wants to do a class action law suite let me know cause I will not let more people be screwed over. BTW this happened in 2006. So it looks like they are keeping up their reputation. I'll let them answer to God.


In September of 2006 I enrolled into a program that I thought was run as a Christian Ministry for debt relief. I paid an account fee of $199 and informed by telephone that this fee would go towards my first payment to my creditors, consolidating and lowering interest for US Bank, Bank of America, and Dell Financial Services. Little did I know that my account was then transferred to A New Horizons. (I have no complaint against A New Horizons they have been nothing but wonderful to me.)

In the fall of 2008 I figured I was nearing the completion of my debt consolidation as I was told the program would take only two years. Upon attempting to contact Christian Debt Consolidators I ran into roadblock after roadblock. They would never return calls nor E-Mails.

This last week I decided to go through A New Horizons. They were able to get my call returned. The person that originally set my account up at Christina Debt Consolidators called me and left a voicemail. The message was completely unintelligible. I returned the call as soon as possible and was treated with disrespect by the receptionist and then by the Senior Certified Credit Specialist C. Baker.

I was cursed out over the phone and then told they were canceling my account and returning my $199 "activation fee." When asked about the monthly service fee I was again cursed out. At 8:14 PM I received an E-Mail with an attached unprofessional looking letter stating that they would return my fee upon receipt of the signed letter stating that I would take no legal action against the company. I do not agree and am countering with a letter respectfully requesting my 199.00 and the 10.00 fees totaling 719.00.

I will not waive my legal rights.


My parents went through Nick to get financial heklp for about $25-30,000 dollars. They were told it would be between $500-600 dollars a month over 3-5 years to get out of debt. They agreed and paid over $500 dollars to this company. After doing so they were contacted by New Horizen Debt Councelors and had to go through the same processes with them. They were under the impression that this company was the one that would be sending out the payments to the credit card companies for them. Unfortunanly, this company raised the price to almost $700 dollars. My parents made the first payment then was told by the credit card companies that the offer was turned down. My mother contacted the Christian Debt Councilors to find out why and was told that the original payment was not for payment for the debt but rather a referral fee to New Horizon (over $500 referral fee that they were never told about).

Because of not being told they had to pay over a $500 referral fee my parents are now unable to make payments to the credit card companies. So essenitally this Christian Debt Consolidators misled my parents. I find this very dishonest and know my mother is an emotion wreck and is beside herself as to what to do. As if she doesn't have enough stress with the Credit card companies calling at least half a dozen times a day. She know she has to figure out how to pay them when she's already paid these debt consolidators everything she had. If you can help at all it would be appreciated because we really don't know what to do.


my wife was dropping off our 2 year old son she saw some smoke.she turned off the car and took my son into daycare.when she came back out side the car was fully ingulfed in flames


My 1999 Dodge Stratus burned on 7/29/2007. I had just parked it after driving approximately 50 miles. I bought the car in Sepetember 2006 from the original owner. The fire department said the fire started in the engine compartment in front of the driver. The vehicle is a total loss.


Christian Debt Services took $699 as DEPOSIT from me, then charged $704.00 through New Horizon Co. I only have less than $1,200/month retirement income coming each month, as no employer will hire 80-year-old man like myself. I lost my job earlier in 2006, so now expenses outweigh what I make. Wife don't make much either so her expenses are more than what she takes in, too, once she pays for BOTH me and her. Can't keep up on the utility, house, or many other bills unless she borrows more money on credit cards, which is soon to be maxed out. Going to see attorney this week about it.

We won't get our $699 Deposit back, nor could I afford $704/month coming out of retirement income, leaving me with NO money left over to pay other bills. Now I am MINUS (-$500-n-something) on my bank account, as wife makes low wages, not being able to afford paying mine and her bills, so more borrowing on credit cards to pay mortgage, utilities, etc. Christian Debt Counselors fork over services to New Horizon Debt Agency, as they told us we couldn't file for bankruptcy, even though bills outweighed our expenses.

Yes, that 30% interest rate charged on 2 Chase Bank cards (they raised rates way up there from 6% to 30% once they bought out mine and other people's accounts) was brought down to 6%-7% interest; but, monthly payments are still very high, and since employers won't hire me because they think I am way too old, then I can't afford to keep up with payments, once I lost my job. Tried very hard to stay away from wanting to file bankruptcy, but debt settlements made matters WORSE, since they keep automatically withdrawing out of bank account, leaving no money to pay other bills, so now bank account is over $500 BELOW $0.00 average!


Back in October 2005, I have decided to do something about the ever so increasing credit card debts I had. I was not sure as to how to go about doing this until I saw the ad in the internet about this Christian Debt Consolidation. I called to find out what debt consolidation was and how it worked. The first person I spoke to was a financial counselor named David S.

He explained to me that my bill will be consolidated into one payment to Christian Debt Consolidation (CDC) who will negotiate with my creditors to reduce the interest rate and once the lowest interest rates are established, the CDC will then disperse my payments to each of my creditors. Basically, I would save money from paying less interest rate and would pay off the debt in 5 years. I thought it was a good plan and so I asked him how I would start this program.

He told me that I have to pay one time handling charge of $35 plus one month payment which was $1769.00 as a deposit, which will be given back to me at the end of the this program when all the debts are paid off. When I told him I didn’t have extra $1769.00 to start this program, he told me not to pay one month credit bill. He did tell me that this really was not recommended, but since I had no other choice, I had to skip the one month payment. He also reassured me that this won’t affect my credit report as long as I only skip one month payment.

I joined the program and sent my money via electronic payment in the amount of $1799.00 on 10/17/05, which CDC did receive as per my bank statement and I signed the contract to start the program. He told me that a representative from a ‘service provider’ will call me before the payment starts to go over the details of the payment. So, I waited for them to call. There was no call even after two weeks later. Meanwhile, I have also needed to refinance my mortgage as my interest rate on the mortgage was going up in Feb 2006.

When I contacted a few mortgage companies to find the best interest rates, I was told to cancel the debt consolidation program immediately as no bank will give me a loan if I am in this debt consolidation program. The mortgage companies told me that the debt consolidation was like declaring a bankruptcy. This was what I was told from all 4 mortgage companies I called. I immediately called the CDC to David to cancel this program. David also agreed with the mortgage companies that this program was not for those who are seeking to refinance the mortgage. He told me that I should have mentioned this to him earlier. I told him I had no idea it was going to affect the mortgage refinance.


I contacted CDC to inquire regarding my credit card debt problem. I spoke to Jason. He enrolled me in the Settlements program. I was told by Jason to STOP paying my credit card bills, and instead to send $832.00 each month to Christian Debt Consolidation. The first $832.00 went to CDC as a payment for their services. They also charged a monthly service fee of about $50.00. Our credit card debt at the time of enrollment was about $47,000. All our payments were up to date at that time with all our credit cards. It was explained that CDC would negotiate a settlement with our creditors. At that time we had 7 separate credit card debts.

CDC did negotiate a settlement with one of our Bank One accounts for $991.00 (I believe). However, they made no headway in settling any of our other accounts. Also, even though they sent out requests for our creditors not to call us, we were constantly receiving calls from our creditors, not only at home but at work as well. In April we received a notice from the National Arbitration Forum, regarding our MBNA and Union Planters Accounts. Apparently, the Nat. Arb. Forum has the authority to arbitrate debts and make recommendations to the courts for garnishment of wages, etc.

I contacted CDC about this, and they sent in forms to the National Arbitration Forum, as requested. However, after really researching this on the Internet, I realized that I would probably end up having a negative judgment and my wages garnished. I contacted Aaron at CDC in this regard, and was told that - yes -that was a possibility. In my conversation with him, it was pointed out that I had about $50,000 worth of debt at that point and, though I could stay in the program and attempt to stave off the creditors, I could end up with a garnishment and other legal actions.

My husband and I talked this over. My husband wanted to know why we weren't told this up front - before giving this outfit $832.00. As a direct consequence of my enrollment in CDC, I am now about $4,000 deeper in debt than when we began with them. Our credit card payments are so far behind now that there is no way that we will be able to make even the minimum payments. We will have to seek relief in the courts. I feel that we were not fully informed by CDC as to the consequences of paying them $832.00 a month and not paying our creditors. I also feel that I should have at least part of our $832.00 enrollment fee returned. They settled only one small debt for us, which I probably could have done myself.

Also, when a company uses the term Christian, it seems to me that Christian principles should be used as well. I have requested that the $1,100.00 remaining in our CDC account be returned to us, and I hope that it will be promptly, as we'll need the money to pay our attorney.


I signed with Christian Debt Management to negotiate a payment plan with four credit card companies. They required a deposit of $795 that would be returned upon successful completion of the program if all payments were made through them. In March, CDM transferred my account to Nationwide Consumer Credit Services, not having made a single payment to the four creditors. Before signing with CDM, I was current with all payments, but having to pay the $795 deposit caused me to fall behind.

Nationwide did an OK job, but I could have done better and saved myself the $38/month service fee. Just this month I finished paying off the four credit cards with profit from the sale of my house. I was ready to request the refund of my deposit from CDM, but when I tried to phone them, none of their phone numbers worked. After further research I have determined that CDM and Debt Relievers have gone out of business, taking my deposit with them.

The damage that resulted: Loss of the $795 deposit and a total of about $400 in monthly fees. A lowered credit rating as a result of being a month behind and consequently a less favorable mortgage (a higher interest rate) on our new house and having to get a fixed second mortgage rather than a line of credit to pay off my credit cards.


I filled out an internet informatin form. They called and made an offer to pay of my debt in 55 months @6 % interest. They said they needed my checking account number for a $1,043 draft and would fax the contract to me. When they faxed the contract it was under the name of Attorney Dennis McDevitt and reference to Debt Relievers. The contract didn't match what they said on the phone. In fact it said they would keep the first payment for their fee and had the right to not apply any funds received toward the debt.

I called them and told them I wasnt interested. I had a call at work with their representative threatening to take the draft out of my checking account saying that he had a verbal authorization on the phone. I told him that I wasn't interested in entering an agreement with them. He said the phone conversation was an agreement. I hung up.

He called back and my wife answered. He called me her moron husband and said he would take the draft out of the account. I then received an email from them saying an electronic transfer had been made to Debt Management.

I am having to close my checking account, change my social security number and close out my credit cards to protect against theft identiy

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