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We completed a debt program. We wanted to be honest and not cut our debt down so we just had the interest rates reduced and paid off the full balances in less time than originally even asked. We have written documentation that we would get a refund of the first months payment - $643. When attempting to call and ask for the promised refund, we discovered that the company has closed.

When I signed up with Christian Debt Consolidators, they took the 1st month payment of $995 and stated that it would be returned at a later date. Christian Debt Consolidators then sent my account to A New Horizon and after 2 years A New Horizon sent my account to Consolidated Credit Counseling Services. After 4 long years I completed the program and called Christian Debt Consolidators to find out about the Incentive/refund that promised for $995 and their number is disconnected and they are out of business. What can I do?

When I signed up with Christian Debt Consolidators, they took the 1st month payment of $2,265 and stated that it would be returned at a later date. Christian Debt Consolidators then sent my account to A New Horizon who did an excellent job with my account, no complaints. Subsequently, A New Horizon sent my account to Consolidated Credit Counseling Services. I called Christian Debt Consolidators to find out about my initial payment of $2,265 and their number is disconnected and they are out of business. What recourse do I have?

Christian Debt Consolidators - I reported these people to the SE Florida Better Business Bureau and they didn't reply so the case was closed out! They have an 'F' rating; I wish I had not been so gullible. I will not get back the payment I had to make them to set up an "account", they are liars. Their phone number now says it has been disconnected. Beware and do not fall for their Christian name or on the phone assurances, I got a certificate saying they would give me back my payment; it is not worth the paper it is written on.

I contacted them four years ago with significant credit card debt. They took my $1200 downpayment and pushed me off to A New Horizon, whom I have had no problems with. The good news is I have completed the program and I am debt-free. The bad news is they have collected money every month on my account, and they are now not going to return the downpayment they said I would get back.

Claiming a policy change a year ago, which does not affect my deal four years ago, they can't return my money. They never had any intention to return my money. I asked for this "new" form they need filled out, and they said in a very un-Christian-like way that it is my fault for not having it. This company is a fraud. Deal directly with the people who actually do the work. Do not give this shell company another dime. They are a joke. By the way, they just moved, probably because of their fraudulent business practices. Good luck to all who have suffered this scam.

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Refusal to refund initial membership as promised: I wanted to inform you that the last person I spoke to from Christian Debt Consolidation was on 3/20/2012 and it was someone named Patrice. There was never a mention of any litigation going on when I spoke to her. Why my file was checked off as my having been informed of this legal action, I will never know. My conversation with her was about the missing zero balance letter from Chase (acct. ending **).

As I requested on the phone with you today, I would like a letter from Christian Debt Consolidation that details this litigation between CCMS and Christian Debt Consolidation and why Incentive Refunds are not being made to clients who in good faith utilized your services to consolidate and pay off credit card debt. I should be listed as part of this suit and should have been informed in writing since there is money owed to me via the initial contract that was made between me, Christian Debt Consolidation and CCMS. $983.00 is a sizable refund amount for Christian Debt Consolidation to be holding on my behalf.

I will expect a formal response in writing and will be informing the Attorney General’s Office in the State of MA that I was not informed about this litigation until today and that my incentive refund check is being held by Christian Debt Consolidation due to a "breach of contract" between the two companies Christian Debt Consolidation and CCMS. However, I am not in breach of any contract. I complied according to the terms that were outlined.

I did check my email to see if I had missed a response from you regarding my April 1st email and there was no response from you, not even in my spam email or trash. This is cause of concern to me since you told me today that you did respond and I know that you do have my correct email address since you told me today that you received my email containing a copy of the Chase letter that you said you needed to complete and process my refund of $983.00.

Guess what? No response, no written explanation and no commitment to provide written explanation. Maybe debt consolidation, but with no integrity, are they really Christian?

Christian Debt Consolidators issued me a certificate of completion when I signed up with them before they sold my account to A New Horizon for the amount of $515. I have completed my consolidation payments but now A New Horizon tells me that CDC didn't transfer funds to them for the completion certificates. CDC will not answer or return my calls and the fax # they show on the certificate and online is no longer in service. I just want them to hold up their end of the agreement and pay me the $515.

This company has no respect for its customers nor for the Better Business Bureau. If you are considering them, keep away. They will only refer you to a better, more reputable company called A New Horizon who will handle your account in full. For this referral, Christian Debt will earn $10 a month (at least in my case) for the extent of your payment plan. I started a consolidation program in 2006 and completed it in October 2010. At that point (and per our initial contract), I was to receive back my initial payment. The contact states, "I hereby agree to pay Christian Debt Consolidators a non-refundable fee in the amount of $315. It is further understood that this fee will not be dispersed to any of my creditors and has been fully earned by Christian Debt Consolidators for the services provided.

I also understand that this fee will only be refunded with the successful completion of the program without late payments, NSFs, personally paying off my creditors who are included in the program". Once I completed the plan (successfully, on time with no NSF payments) I reached out to them to find out if they had everything needed to issue my refund. Instead, I got sent to voice mail multiple times to leave messages with Mr. Patrick **. After getting the runaround a lot (no call backs, no answers to emails for nearly two weeks), I decided to file a complaint to the Better Business Bureau in order to expedite this resolution. Imagine, the day after I file this complaint I speak to an actual person!

Sadly, this was only for them to ask me to remove such complaint so that my account can be reviewed to see if I qualify for this refund. I said no, I'm not removing this complaint until you issue my refund. I'm not sure where they learned how to run a business but they laugh on the phone, they act like this is a personal vendetta. I can understand getting this type of attitude from a friend or family member who you've loaned money to and now refuses to pay you back but not ever from a "reputable" business. Anyway, here are excepts from answers from them to my Better Business Bureau complaints to show you exactly what type of professionalism I encountered. This answer was submitted 11.22 (it is now 12.13) and mind you still no refund has been issued (or has as of yet been received). "This client admitted she jumped the gun by filing this complaint. She filed the complaint the same day she faxed over her information not giving us time to refund. Is it possible this complaint can be removed?".

I didn't admit to jumping any gun, I also didn't complain about my refund, I complained about not getting calls to confirm if my information was submitted correctly (or received since I was faxing them over). I actually got the details of what I must submit for this review in two different calls (with many more in between going to voice mail). My complaint was that they never got back to me or answered my emails or calls. I knew perfectly well refunds may take some time, I just wanted to ensure they had everything needed to process it. Not only that, they specifically told me on a different call by Mr. ****** "bottom line, because you filed this complaint you won't get your refund". I asked if I should tell the Better Business Bureau that they told me this and he said "go ahead". I also asked them to provide where in our contract it stated they can keep my money because they don't call back and I in turn must seek outside help (BBB) and they've yet to provide this as well. This was a "manager" I was speaking with.

Anyway, another quote from them- "Christian Debt Consolidators apologizes to Ms. ***** for getting her out of her debt. It is a shame the program worked for her and she is now debt free. I compare this to going out to a nice restaurant and drinking a nice bottle of wine. Then complaining it was no good and refusing to pay for it. The program did what it was supposed to and Ms.** is now debt free. She then complains to the BBB because we did not call her within 24 hours of receiving her fax. Ms. ** should be ashamed of herself for complaining about the company that helped her accomplish her goal of being debt free. If Ms. ** wishes to pursue this further she may contact our company attorney. That info would be provided if requested". Isn't this crazy?

Again, if they were at all professionals they would know that they got paid to "get me out of debt" by collecting from me (aside from the initial payment I would get back of $315 which actually later went up to $367 but that's a different story) about $600 so they didn't really "help me get out of debt", but profited from me being in debt (which I didn't care about, sure they provided a service but again my complaint was for my owed credit). They are completely disregarding our contract, which they sent me and had me sign saying yes after I become debt free you will give me back my initial payment! They admit I'm now debt free but not that they owe me what we contractually agreed to. Also, which attorney fights contracts he himself created?

It is my goal now that until I get my refund I will do whatever possible to ensure no other people are scammed by this company. I will continue this with the attorney general if needed as people like these shouldn't be allowed to be in business and deceive others, much less call themselves Christian. I was fine paying them $600 for their "service" but not have them blatantly steal an amount that by our contract, I was to receive back. I have had to take a lot of personal time to call them, email them, get harassed, etc. This seems excessive and ridiculous for a business transaction.

Christian Debt Consolidators are cheaters. They cheated me into getting my $778.00. They collect all your info and they refer you to another company. They should not be using Christian Debt Consolidators; it is a misconception to customers. They should be ripped off from their title. They are refusing to refund my deposit. So beware to not go for any services offered by this cheater company, calling themselves as Christian Debt Consolidators. Big crooks in America. I lost $778.00.

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