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Cambridge Credit Counseling Corp.

About Cambridge Credit Counseling Corp.

Cambridge Credit Counseling Corp. of Agawam, MA is a non-profit credit counseling and HUD approved housing counseling agency. Our experienced staff has an average of over 11 years tenure with our agency and has counseled over 2 million people and assisted over 225,000 individuals and families with debt repayment plans. We maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and are Chamber of Commerce members.

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Original review: Oct. 31, 2008

A few years back, I had a string of bad situations that ran up my credit cards. I was making my payments okay, but I wanted to consolidate them so I could make one payment monthly, instead of 3 or 4. I became a client of Cambridge Credit Counseling and from that moment on, I went downhill. I kept telling my sister that there was something terribly wrong there, my payments kept changing (increasing). I just began to have real bad feelings that there was something terribly wrong there. I finally called my personal counselor (do not remember his name) and complained to him on what I thought was happening.

I almost passed out cold when his voice got real low and told me he thought it would be best for me to file bankruptcy. For starters, isn't it a little odd, that your counselor at the debt consolidation company was actually telling you to file bankruptcy? I had no choice because I had NO money left for anything else. So, not only did my credit go down the tubes now I was really broke. I support myself, only have 1 paycheck to survive on and they steal from me. What really burns me is that they are still advertising to guarantee to help people get out of debt. How may other people's lives are going to be destroyed or very nearly destroyed before these crooks are stopped?

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Original review: Oct. 30, 2008

I joined CCC about 3 1/2-4 years ago because I needed to consolidate some delinquent accounts and get them paid off quicker. CCC said it would take about 3 years to do this. According to their contract, they were not supposed to take the money out of my account prior to the 14th of each month, unless the 14th fell on a weekend or holiday. However, it seems that their own contract means nothing to them as they take their money out of my account whenever they choose. As the account I use for CCC is not my primary account, I deposit the money for CCC into that account prior to the 14th, therefore if they take the money out early - I end up being charged overdraft fees.

Additionally, I have requested on several different occasions for a time frame as to when my debt will be paid in full and they can NEVER give me a straight answer. They always tell me that they would need to see copies of my monthly statements from the credit accounts. Am I missing something? Aren't they the ones who set up the payment arrangements in the first place? Wouldn't they have this information and the ability to look it up? I still have roughly $2000 left to pay on my accounts after 3 1/2 - 4 years of paying almost $200 a month. I thought CCC was supposed to be a free consumer debt relief company - so how come they can get away with charging a monthly fee? I have paid almost $200 a month for (conservative estimate) 3 years that amounts to $6156. Why isn't CCC's monthly fee disclosed on the statements they send out each month?

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Original review: Oct. 22, 2008

I was with them for over 5 years and they almost ruined me and my credit. I trusted them to help me but by the time I found out that Cambridge wasn't, it was too late.

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Original review: Oct. 21, 2008

Our son died in 1996 in his sleep at the age of 19. Reason for death was never found although 2 autopsies were performed. At this time we needed money for burial expenses and turned to credit cards. Prior to this we had never used them. In our grief over the next few years we overspent our budget and it quickly got out of control. I became physically disabled in 1991 and have been on disability ever since. When the payments on the cards became more than we could handle I was looking for some way of consolidating our credit card debts and saw their name on the back of a Christian magazine and thought they would be upfront.

We had to pay a fee upfront and then a monthly fee up front which meant our monthly payments increased. They didn't tell us that we would be basically going into bankruptcy. They were late with our payments of approx.$1000 per month. They said they were free but charged us approx. $100 per month. They did absolutely no credit counseling. It took our credit rating down so low that we finally were able to pay them off in a few years by refinancing our home. Only a federal bank would accept our loan and threatened us every month that our house would be taken away if we didn't make timely payments. We had perfect credit until this time.

We have worked hard to get our credit back where it was. Because of this and the housing problems going on, we are barely able to make our house payments and still eat. As of now, we are in an interest only loan and we still may lose our home if things don't get better. We can't even sell our house besides the fact that houses aren't selling, the value has dropped on our house and we wouldn't make enough out of it to purchase something else. It's all a rebound effect. Our bad judgement in a time of need and their ability to steal our money and credit. We also adopted our granddaughter when our son died. The Credit cards were also used to help us do that. Now we have a 14-year-old daughter to take care of. It's hard to tell her we can't buy her things she needs. I still have everything in a file if it is useful at all to anyone else that has been scandaled.

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Original review: Sept. 27, 2008

The huge up front fee the extra handling fees every month after 4 years of paying on something i was told would take 2 years to pay off I finally inherited some money to pay it all off, and they RUINED my credit then i hear about the lawsuit I filled out the paperwork, and I never heard another word. Who got the settlement they are talking about WHEN WILL I GET MINE?

My credit was ruined and they ripped me off

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Original review: June 28, 2008

I want to be included in the restitution. I had to file bankruptcy because they misled me into thinking they could help me pay off all my bills.


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Original review: Jan. 18, 2008

When my wife and I joined CCC we were told the same as many other people. We had a high upfront fee to join, endless empty promises. After joining, we received several threatening phone calls inquiring about why we had missed 6 months of payments and our credit score plummeted and we couldn't get financed for anything without paying an astronomical finance charge. I made numerous phone call and emails with no success. When we finally got out of CCC we were in more debt then than when we started and was out of a tremendous amount of money. I would love to know if there some sort of legal action I could pursue.

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Original review: Oct. 12, 2007

Cambridge Credit Counseling Corp. has undergone a significant restructuring of our operation over the last several years, and we feel it in the best interest of the consumers we are charged to assist that we share the news of our progress.

The changes Cambridge implemented during these last three years are more than simple upgrades to the services we provide; they are evidence of our continuing commitment to consumers, and of our determination to demonstrate leadership in an industry that is under considerable scrutiny. As a result of Cambridges commitment to service, the Better Business Bureau of Central New England reinstated our membership in early 2007.

The first step in our restructuring efforts was to revamp our Board of Directors, because it ensured the appropriate oversight of the reform measures that followed. Our Board now consists of independent community leaders, prominent business executives and citizen representatives.

Among the first actions the new Board took together was the total separation of all company ties to John and Richard Puccio, and with the for-profit affiliates they had created. Since then, the Board has also established distinct Governance, Audit, and Executive Compensation committees to ensure that Cambridge continues to operate within the spirit of our charitable mission.

Cambridge has worked diligently to successfully resolve all past issues related to the business practices of our prior management. This approach has led to the amicable resolution of all litigation. There are no pending actions and consumer complaints are virtually non-existent. New policies, including a 90-day cancellation feature and a consumer friendly grievance policy have been adopted in the last few years.

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Original review: Sept. 26, 2007

In January of 2001 I paid Cambridge too consolidate debt and for monthly payments to be made to may consumers.This never happened and Cambridge kept my money.
I was contacted concerning a class action settlement, I returned all documention I was mailed along with copies from the original papers in my files from 2001. To thtis day I have never heard any thing else from Cambridge and the settlement. I would like to know what happened and why I have never recieved anything from the settlement?

Failure to comply with the agreement that I had with Cambridge to consolidate my credit caused me to lose money and more problelms with my credit and creditors. I really feel I deserve to be included in this settlement and that my money should have been refunded years ago.

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Original review: Sept. 12, 2007

I paid them for three and a half years. When I started paying them I was 41,000 in debt. When I stopped paying them I still had $37,520 outstanding. I then joined CCCS in Washington and in three years and 2 months my debt was paid off.

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Original review: Aug. 29, 2007

They told me that they would help me reestablish my credit. With a low interest rate. They took out $250.00 out of my checking account. I have tried to call all I get is an recording and i leave messages and they still will not call me back.

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Original review: June 14, 2007

I have subscribed with Cambridge Credit Counseling in Dec 2005, and they set up a monthly amount of $279.00, recently I have checked up my credit report and I found out that my payment was late for six consecutive months from March, 2006 to August 2007.

I called the customer representative many times and explained them the situation but no help or response.

Finally I spoke to the manager personally and explained to her my concerns and she promised me to resolve the issue as soon as possible which never happened.

Because of the late payment on our credit report we couldn't sell our house and buy new car. Also we are paying $27 monthly fee to Cambridge Credit to process our payment on time.

We couldn't get any loan, because our score is around 600 or under and if we get it the APR is going to be too high. When we signed up the contract, the customer service representative told me that if I signed up with them my credit score should go up as long as I am making payment on time and should increase my credit score.

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Original review: May 30, 2007

I signed a 59-month agreement with Cambridge Credit Counseling. I have never missed a payment and took it upon myself to completely pay off two of the four creditors covered under the agreement. One of the remaining creditors was sold to another company.

I experienced nothing but confusion and shock dealing with Cambridge. They bounced me back and forth in an effort to change dates/amounts, etc. After four years, one of those balances is almost as much as when I started. I paid $544 up front and a monthly fee to Cambridge being told that professionals are managing your accounts and instead of sending out countless checks each month, you make one simple payment ot us and we will take care of the rest -- they sure did!

Additionally, I was told that my balances would be reviewed by Cambridge annually, so that we can confirm that your balances are decreasing according to your debt repayment schedule. That never happened!

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Original review: April 21, 2007

We have been at Cambrdige Counseling for 3 years- we had to pay 1,806 up front and paid 180 a month (processing fee) that has recently been reduced to 50.00- so all and all Cambridge has taken 6,126 in processing fees in the last 3 years and my accounts have barely gone down. I was also told that my accounts would be paid off in 3 years- we are going on 3 1/2 with no end in site and we have been told by Cambridge that if we leave all the money that we have been towards our balances would be for nothing becuase our interest rates will go back up to 22%!- I did file the paperwork for the lawsuit but I have not heard anything yet. Please help.

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Original review: April 15, 2007

we have been using ccc for about 5years now and it has worked for us and we have almost finished all are bills they worked on.

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Original review: Feb. 27, 2007

I was told I cambridge credit would cut high interest rates on my credit card.
After a few months I noticed my late fees. Discover card froze my account. Sears want let me us their credit card either. So I felt it was best if I paid the credit cards myself instead of Cambridge credit. The fees were hurting & the high interest rates did not go down.

Its hurt my with Discover card services and sears. Now I can not use theses credit cards at all.

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Original review: Dec. 12, 2006

My husband and I were ripped off by this company. We paid $429 per month for two years and many of our debts increased instead of decreased. We did recieve a form for the class action suite--but unfortunately misplaced it before it got mailed back.

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Original review: Nov. 14, 2006

I have been a client of Cambridge since 2002 and they told me at the time I signed up that it would only take me 2 years to pay off my debt. It has been over 4 years and I am still paying them. My balances have barely gone down on the credit cards. I received a document to send in to an attorney regarding the lawsuit against Cambridge stating that I was eligible to receive money back from the suit. But I have lost the paper and need to receive another one. Can you help me with this?

My credit looks worse than when I signed up with them and I'm still paying on the cards!!!

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Original review: Nov. 5, 2006

In 2001, the financial advisors The Dolans recommended Cambridge Credit Counseling on one of the network morn ing shows. I was trying to get out of debt and to make it quicker, I called them and signed up. At the time I did this, I had excellent credit and was paying my bills on time, but they promised lower interest rates and the ease of one payment.

After a couple of years of creditors calling saying they had not received my payment even though I made it, I dropped out of their program and started paying them back. My cards are higher than ever even though they are closed out and my credit is completely wrecked. I have had to get loans against my house, etc. and there is no end in sight. I regret the day I ever signed up with them.

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Original review: Sept. 5, 2001

I am in the US Air Force and was moved to South Florida for my assignment. Since being here we fell behind on some of our bills. I received an email about debt consolidation and replied to it.

A few days later a gentleman called me. He explained the company and the program to myself. We gathered all our bills and monthly statements together. I faxed all the information requested by the company. Within hours Forrest called me and stated they could help me, and that he needed $964.00 to start. And that all of our creditors would be contacted. This was June 27.

He also stated that the money had to be in the form of a money order or cashiers check, that it could not be a personal check. We sent this company our money, hoping that our worries would be over soon. However, creditors continued to call us about a payment. We told them that it was being handled by Cambridge Credit Counseling. We also gave them the name and number of the company.

After about a month creditors were still calling. Most of the creditors said they were never contacted by Cambridge, by letter or phone, and that they could not talk to anyone at the number, no one would return their call. I also called and was unable to speak to anyone, I left several messages on Forrest's voicemail but he never returned my call. Cambridge actually hurt me more than they helped. I paid them $964.00. What happened to my money? After all this it actually got me and my family even further behind on our bills. I have yet to hear from this company.

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