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I've been paying some of my debtors through American Debt Management, one in particular is C.T.I. (care credit). About every 3 months or so, I got a call stating they haven't received a payment since January. Yet every month, they were debiting my checking account $37.00 every month for the past 4 years. I felt I’m being taken in for a ride here! I’m doing more leg work tomorrow, 07/07/09. I'm going to call AmeriDebt and demand all the account numbers I owe money to, and statements that they should have sent out of payments made.

I believed that they are playing games with my money it caused me a lot of stress. Once, some crazy agency called my work and told a co-worker my personal business! And it's just madness that 3 months they had me talking to someone telling me that they are receiving payments that were held for 3 months and I’ll only be charged 9 percent. Only now, I’m getting calls from CTI stating they haven't gotten a payment since January! I think I’m being abused.


I began a credit counseling contract with American Debt Management that had a deposit provision. I paid the $1,660 deposit and went through the program. American Debt Management transferred my account to Intellidebt part way through the program. I have now completed the program and Intellidebt is refusing to refund my deposit even though I have provided them with copies of all account information showing the accounts have been paid in full.

I am out the $1,660 deposit that should have been refunded to me.


I gave them over 3800.00 to setup and to pay the bills to keep from filling bankruptcy They never paid a thing to any of my creditors just kept my money

let me behind in bills alot of late charges. Called them they would say they are working on it.


I used this company from late 1999 until early this year. Never once did I have a problem or late charge. Interest rates were reduced to amazing levels, thankfully as I was suffering from extensive debt after a separation. My income was always good and I never failed to have the money available to Ameridebt. I would highly recommend this company if it still existed. Don't believe everything you hear from others as it is not a miracle company. All they say they will do is automate the payment and reduce your interest. No miracles, period. And if you don't get the money to them don't expect them to pay your bills for you.


Utilized as a debt consolidation. Turned out that was not the service they were providing.

Paid Ameridebt thousands of dollars. I am currently going through foreclosure on my home as well as bankruptcy.

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My telephone rang. When I answered there was an automatic message stating that this collection angency was calling, had tried to reach me many times, and that I had better return their call. I decided it was a mistaken call and I'd straighten it out so that my phone would stop ringing.

When I called them, they switched me to a credit person who had my first and last name, told me this was a pre-legal call, and that action was going to be taken on my account tomorrow. I asked what this was in reference to and they said I owed $6,200 on a Ford Escort--which I never boght. I told her as much, that there was a mistake, and she called me a liar. I then hung up on her.

I would like action taken against Ameridebt and my name and number taken off of any lists they may have conjured up.


I was 19 and a half and in debt, because of school and other situations, I decided to go on Ameridebt. I thought and everything seemed legitimate so I kept making payments to them from 1999 until the year of 2002-2003. I would call them up they said they were making payments, expect in my case they told me I was done and my bills were paid off.

I just found out yesterday I have a levy on my account, and i wasn't send a thing. Ameridebt didn't pay off my bill, they lied, and I am on disability with a fixed income. I would like to know where the heck my money went one, two, I was mostly too sick to question a thing.

What is a person supposed to do when they paid the money in full and finds out, things weren't really ever paid off, and I am in worse trouble now, than I was before this stupid Ameridebt. I am so stressed out now, I have to take anti-psychotics yesterday just to calm down.


I used AmeriDebt as a way to fix my credit. I was a sophomore in College and had a lot of debt because I had to take out loans for school. They insured that my payments every month would eventually pay off my debts. I recently received my updated credit report and now my debt is worse than when I started with AmeriDebt

I am married with a child and because of AmeriDebt I am in worse shape then when I applied for assistance. None of my debt was paid off that AmeriDebt said they would pay off. Now I have no way of getting a car or a house for my family.


I have just received information that a hospital bill added in with my Ameridebt was never paid, and now my bill from 2001 is showing up from Advantage Network Systems.


I join Ameridebt in 1999 after seeing their commercial. I was 4 months pregnant with my first child and unemployed. I called Ameridebt to help me get my credit on track. I was close to $8000.00 in debt which include two hospital bills. Everything started out at first then about then about 7 months later I notice that my debt was not really going down. So called them left several messages and finally someone got back to me. They said if I paid a little more I'll see my debt go down. So I went from $297.00 a month to $417.00 dollars a month. Then four months later I still did not see my debt go down.

I couldn't reach them and the bill collectors started harrassing me again. My check was being garnished by the NYC Marshals and I ended up being homeless with my child because my check was not suffient enough to pay my rent. The homeless shelter help me and refered meto bankruptcy lawyer. I filed bankruptcy because Ameridebt never helped me.


I was laid off work for a while, and my finances were in trouble, so I contacted AmeriDebt to help me to get them back in order. Within about 3-4 months, I was receiving late charges on all my credit cards, and things weren't getting taken care of in the way I was assured they would be, I tried contacting AmeriDebt on numerous occasions, and I left several messages, but to no avail. My credit was ruined because of all of this.

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