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I received an "Official Business" letter from the "United States of America." When I opened it, I read an official letter from our government stating that I am eligible for debt relief of up to $13,000. It says it was instituted on March 2nd, 2009, which happens to be the day before ARRA was passed by the real government. I'm sure that this was no coincidence.

Then it gives me 3 eligibility requirements that are very vague so that anyone with at least 15k of debt can qualify for. 1) is that you need at least 15k of debt, 2) is you are employed or have at least one source of income (anyone has some kind of income like jobs, welfare, etc. ) and 3) is that the debt causes a burden on me. The letter says that the relief can be as much as 60% of my total debt. The amount in the box ($13,000) just so happens to be right around 60% so obviously this company is viewing my credit report without my permission. I think that it is actually legal for anyone to view another person's credit report, but I think this is wrong and should be looked at by attorneys and the US court systems.

At first, this letter got me so excited. I even called a couple friends and said that I would be able to go on vacations with them this summer. I'm in a really tough spot with my debt. I work incredibly hard at my job and they don't pay well at all. However, I've always been one of the people who always has a job. I'm a male. I don't have any children and I live with my parents (because I don't get paid well). That means that I've never been eligible for any sort of government assistance in my life. Granted, an official letter from the government finally telling me that they will help me got my hopes up. Finally, there is light at the end of my tunnel and I can become debt free and perhaps finally move out on my own.

Nope, this was a fake letter from a company pretending to be the government. I just saw a similar complaint here from someone talking about this same company. I think they should be shut down. Isn't it illegal to pretend to be a police officer? Then why isn't it illegal to pretend to be a government office?

How have I been hurt? Well, first of all, my employer is hurting me financially more than anyone considering my work ethic, education and experience, but the government is too because they help everyone else except for people in my situation. Then this company made things 10 times worse by insulting me, reading my credit report and causing extreme false hope.

Just please do something about the "United States of America" as they shouldn't be sending this letter to people.

My daughter received a letter from this company saying she could receive up to $16,000 in debt relief. It does have a disclaimer at the bottom of the letter in tiny font, that it is not a part of any government agency. It is misleading, especially to young people, to receive this letter.

I'm just registering a complaint about a mailing I received from this company, as I believe their envelopes and letter format make their advertising appear to be something sent by the government. There is a very very tiny disclaimer at the bottom of the letter saying the "product or service has not been approved or endorsed by any government agency and the offer is not being made by any agency of the government".

However, an elderly person, seeing the official business and other information on the envelope, could be misled to believe the document comes from the government. I think it is an extremely misleading document that makes it sound as though someone could call for immediate debt relief of $19,000.Has anyone else complained about this?

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