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I received the exact phone call from a Kate, who she said was from the American Debt Management. She stated that I owed $700 on an old credit card bill in which I, myself, have never applied for a credit card. She continued to ramble on about the consequences I would face if I didn't agree to settle for a lesser amount. The amount that I would have to pay would be well over $4000 if I decided to get a lawyer and proceeded to go forward with a court hearing. After finishing up our conversation, I researched a little on the internet and came across this site. After about 20 min. I found that the 2 numbers that she had called me on and the "number" to reach her were both affiliated with the Skype program. Needless to say, I can't wait till she calls me back in two days to receive the money I "intend" to settle on.

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Kate from American Debt Management left a message of grave importance for fraud and immediate criminal lawsuit. She also said to have my attorney contact her? I returned the call. She insisted I listen to her long tirade of accusing fraud, intentional non-payment and criminal court action on a small consumer GE charge card that was less than $500, now due over $4500? When she concluded, I told her I had received a chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge last May 1. She said I needed an attorney to contact her and she would turn the account over for further investigation. I assure you that this company is accruing years old debt and applying false plus threatening lies to scare people.

First, always ask for the important court action to be sent to you. Never give them your address, if legitimate. They should already have it! (My home phone is 30 years old. I am planning to change now!) Then send this with all your bankruptcy info/addresses: "As you are well aware, you must cease and desist any/and all attempts to contact me and/or collect the above referenced debt, as this is prohibited under Federal Bankruptcy laws, specifically the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), 15 U.S.C. 1692 et seq. Any further attempts at collection and/or communication in the above referenced matter is/are a violation(s) of the automatic stay granted under 11 USC 362 in my Chapter 7 bankruptcy case, and will be reported to the United States Bankruptcy Court, Eastern District of Michigan.”

Again, add all of your important addresses and court bankruptcy numbers! They are trying to get money! I do not owe!

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My husband and I used American Debt Management Services starting in 2004. We turned over several bills we had that we just couldn't keep up with for one reason or the other. They made the payments on our accounts until they said they were all satisfied as of 2009, when we completed our contractual payments with them. A year or so later, we received a bill from one of the businesses that ADM was supposed to have paid off. We contacted ADM, told them and faxed the bill to them and never heard anything else, so I'm assuming it was taken care of.

Now, 3 years after we completed the program, I get a letter from a collection agency telling me I owe a certain amount on a long overdue bill. I didn't recognize the name because the original business went under at some point and the bank bought out their accounts. The point is, I am now fighting collections in this matter and we have been unable to get through to ADM. Their number is constantly busy. My husband did send them an email, with no response yet and Monday he plans on sending them a fax. Can anyone help with this, any ideas? I was fit to be tied. My credit is the lowest it has ever been. I'm sure it's 300 or below. I am just miserable!

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I received a phone call that I was being sued. This is not a possibility since I am currently involved in Chapter 13 and all creditors were given the opportunity to file against it. The person barely spoke English.

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This person called our home phone and told me that he represented a law firm that was going to sue me because of a debt that I owed. I explained to him that that account was settled two years ago, and that he had no right calling me on the phone threatening to sue me. I believe that is illegal. He proceeded to say that they were going to "sue my **." I have blocked their phone number.

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I signed up with the above company on 10/12/05, and I made payments until 02/22/07 totaling almost $70,000.00. I tried to asking my creditors if they receive any funds and could not get any confirmation of payment. My credit is worse off, and my financial status is a mess.


My husband and I were clients of American Debt Management back in 2002 (for 27 months), when my husband was laid off from work. During that time, American Debt Management made 30-day late payments to four of our creditors. For one of the creditors, 27 payments were made late!

My husband and I started a business in December,2007. We just recently applied for a small business loan, and were denied credit. In asking why, we were told that our credit report showed that we made 30-day late payments to four of our creditors back in 2002-2005...and, that there were 27 consecutive 30-day late payments made to one of them. I told them that was impossible, as we were never late on any payment.

In reviewing our credit report, we noticed that the late payments were made during our contract with American Debt Management. Our payments were deducted from our checking account on the same day each month. Therefore, apparently, American Debt Management did not manage our accounts very well with our creditors, as they paid them late every month, while we were in contract with them. This has now affected our credit and credability.

In speaking with the investor, he indicated to us that we were declined credit due to those circumstances. I explained the situation to the investor and asked him if we could obtain a letter from American Debt Management, if he would reconsider. He said, that it would depend upon what the letter indicated. I then called American Debt Management and explained the situation to them. Ricardo sent me a template letter which had no bearing specific to our situation. I then spoke with LaToya, who asked for information, which I provided to her within a matter of 20 minutes of our conversation. That was over a week ago, and I have yet to receive any type of response from her or American Debt Management.

Due to American Debt Management being lacks in their management practices/services, they have cost us our loan; are keeping us from financial income/gain; have jeopardized our business and credit; have created stress for my husband and I, wherein, I have obtained a health issue due to the stress; we are distressed; pain and suffering, etc. We are hopeful that the consumer/client has some type of recourse, and that American Debt Management should be held accountable for their actions.

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