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I have two chihuahuas, both are very sick after eating Beneful dog food kibbles and bits brand. Both throwing up loose dark stools, not wanting water, before this came to my attention about this lawsuit. I took both dogs off of this food. I pray they will recover.

Every credit card I had to default on because of a medical surgery lost job issue. I went into debt collection via A New Horizon that 3 years later went bankrupt and was not paying all that I sent monthly. Just saying that there was no one to complain to and these debt collection consolidation companies all get started with government grants (your taxes). Also if you do pay them off, be prepared to contact the credit card and find out the payments were not being applied in total and that you still owed, and NO one will clean up your credit score for you so you revert back to all those late fees, higher interest with penalties and still ruined credit score. But we can bail out (tax payers) banks globally, that means on the entire planet not just Greenacres, usual!! Where's my bailout? You are not going to get one cause we all hate the poor consumers who now have a ruined credit score and no way out? Thanks **!

Set up plan in order to get lower interest consolidate payment. The first three months everything went well then they did not pay any of my bills for the following 4 months - at that point then the creditors started calling me and I never was able to get a hold of them. Ruined my credit and lost 2700 dollars.

I have attempted to contact New Horizon for my cash back for completion of the program, no thanks to them! I ended up paying the creditors on my own, on time! They just suddenly quit taking our payments (I guess I should count my blessings)! This all happened when they sold to another company... I called and was "disconnected"! I have tried to email to no avail. My cash back is NOT a small amount and I DO want it back. I will be contacting my Attorney for some type of judgement; however, I am also open to speaking to anyone else who may have any information on placing a judgement against this company.

This process began back in December 2010. Documents were sent to the address above through FedEx. After numerous attempts to contact him, to find out what was taking place with the process, I was told that documents were filled with appropriate agencies. Then after a period of no contact, I then attempted to contact Mr. ******. After having questioned what exactly had been done, I was asked to contact Nekeisha, hired to act as paralegal representing New Horizon Resource, as processor. Only to find out by Ms. *****, that nothing had been done with my documents to file for modification one month later. Mr. ****** lied about filling papers and processing my paper work for which he was paid $3230 dollars for services. To date, I, the client, have not received any legal documents or records showing that anything was done to complete the Loan Modification.

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on 09/10/2009 around 0145 i noticed that my 1990 mercedes was missing call police they informed me that the unit had been repoed. I call the finance company on 09/10 during business hours to find out what was going on spoke with Mr Dunn and he advised me that he had unit recovered because of ph number had changed and then he proceeded to release third party information on another customer he said that the reason he had the unit picked up so quickly was because he had a conversation with my spouse that i had no knowledge of concerning on of our references that had a outstanding loan with their company. this consumer was my spouse brothers girlfriend. I told him all i knew about this young lady was that she was my babysitter and that I knew her as being my brother in law girlfriend he proceeded to tell me about her previous addresses and that she was being evicted from her current address that she had been hiding the unit for 2yrs and that her boyfriend had been driving the unit and had the car impounded by the police.

Again i advised him that this information was new to me. The next day when I return home from work I had a right to cure letter in the mail dated 09/09/2009 that expired on 09/16/2009 but the unit had already been secured at that time. he then proceed to inform me that he had been staking out her job and my address looking for her because my spouse allowed her brother to receive mail at our residence which they never lived there she just babysitted.

i contacted this company for debt consolidation because i had high interest credit cards and loans that were overwhelming. the only later payments i had at the time were 2/ 30 days late and i wanted to do something at once to handle the situation before i messed up my credit any worse. this company asked me for a fee, deposit and from that point forth 400 dollars a month which was supposed to be dispersed to my creditors until paid off (36 months) presently being about 10 months later, i have viewed all 3 of my credit reports and since the date of beginning their "program" there are nothing but 69-90-120 day late marks all over my credit and 4200 dollars that is not accounted for. i am furious and want my money back but have a sinking feeling it will be really difficult if not impossible to repair my credit as the payments were not made to my creditors at all and now my relationships with them and therefore my integrity has been damaged. my credit standing is more important than the money is because i was enrolling in this service so that i could buy a house and build a future.

I entered into a debt consolidation program 4 years ago. After about six months of headaches, the company (Union Financial Services at that time - a for profit organization) finally got everything straightened out. First, they continued to up our minimum payment needed, they lied about the amount of time it would take to pay all the creditors off. They told us 49 months, then once they got our money they said they made a mistake. Then one of our creditors kept charging us a late payment - for six months this went on, even though we made our payments on time. After that everything was ok, we made our payments everymonth and our creditors got paid. Four years later the company is merged with A New Horizon (a non-profit organization).

They sent us a letter stating nothing would change, just to put our new account number and send it to the new mailing address. We did that, and they messed up the payments, one credit got paid almost double what they should have, the second got paid correctly and the third got nothing. We weren't notified of this until we received a notice from a collection agency representing the third creditor. We tried to contact them to explain the situation but they wouldn't speak to us, or the debt consolidation company. We had to deal with the collection company and now our credit is ruined.

Four years keeping good credit and its all destroyed because of this company. I requested they release us from the contract and provide us a letter stating they made the mistake and we made our payments on time. They responded stating they would release us but not provide the letter, they wrote they paid the creditors as agreed. Its not fair that people work hard pay there debts, in full, and on time and companies like this can just destroy everything you work for.

On August 20, 2003 I sent a message to you outlining my problem with A New Horizon.

I wanted to update you regarding the results.

I notified via faxed memo to the above listed people that I did contact Florida Telco regarding my account. Gayle Robinson from Florida Telco stated that Florida Telco had not received any proposal from A New Horizon and that if one had been received, a written response would have been sent from Florida Telco.

I related to Ms. Robinson the suggestion given by A New Horizon to allow Florida Telco to charge off my account and approach A New Horizon to work out a new payment plan. Ms. Robinson agreed with me that this was not the best solution and Florida Telco and I came to a payment agreement.

On August 22, 2003, I sent a fax memo to A New Horizon notifying them that arrangements had been made with Florida Telco for all payments to be made directly from me and to remove Florida Telco from my program, effective August 22, 2003. I requested a revised statement from A New Horizon reflecting this change.

Two weeks later, September 5, 2003, I again sent an email to A New Horizon (Melissa Rutherford) that I had not yet received confirmation either via email or regular mail that A New Horizon had removed Florida Telco from my payment plan. I again confirmation that the changed had been made.

On September 8, 2003 at 2:12p I received an email from Melissa Rutherford to the effect that my Florida Telco account had been removed and the funds for this payment was to be directed to another account. It was like she had never even read my fax memo.

My response back to her this afternoon was "At no time was any authorization given to A New Horizon to Direct These Funds to Another Account", as I need those funds to meet the Florida Telco payment.

While I can appreciate the work load that these people have --- for over five months they had misrepresented to me that an agreement had been accepted by Florida Telco. Then, when the fact that no agreement had been presented to Florida Telco by A New Horizon "came to light", A New Horizon effectively "washed their hands" with the problem and told me that I would have to resolve the impact of the lack of an agreement with Florida Telco and work it out on my own.

Now, A New Horizon is notifying me that they are "making a decision" as to how to allocate the funds that were designated for Florida Telco rather than returning these funds for my use toward paying Florida Telco.

It appears that communication on the part of A New Horizon is a tremendous problem in that you cannot "trust" them to follow through on paperwork or to apparently read what is sent to them.

On April 17, 2003 I signed a contract with A New Horizon regarding a working solution with some creditors. A payment plan was forwarded to me and I began actively participating in the plan.

On April 21, 2003 I received a confirmation of the agreed upon payment from Citibank and on May 20, 2003 (less than 30 days later) I received a notice of default from Citibank.

On May 23, 2003 I was finally able to get through to A New Horizon and my counselor regarding the information of about the two letters from Citibank and forwarded copies of these two letters. I was advised by Dasha that she would "take care of it".

On June 25, 2003 I faxed Dasha Colon a memo relating that the statement from Citibank for July reflected an increased rate of interest and that in addition to a late fee that another fee had been charged. I also related to Dasha in this fax that I was receiving calls at work from both Citibank and Florida Telco in an increasing aggressive nature. I let her know that I had asked them to call A New Horizon (which was related as to how to handle this in the contract) but that both firms refused to do so as I was the "responsible person for the account". Also at this time Dasha requested copies of recent statements from the creditors involved in this plan and I forwarded them for her review.

I was again assured that the matter would be straightened out by Dasha.

I continued to let Dasha know via email that I was receiving phone calls two to three times a week from Citibank and Florida Telco and asked for an update as to what was going on.

On August 1, 2003 I again sent/faxed an email to Dasha regarding Florida Telco's July statement and that while they acknowledge receipt of my disbursed payment, that in addition to a late fee they had added another fee, were stating they would take more severe measures and asking for an update. I received no response.

At this point I have been five months into this program and now very frustrated.

On August 6, 2003, I noticed that a new conselor, Melissa Rutherford, was assigned to my file. I sent her an email relating that I was still receiving calls from Citibank and had an ongoing problem with Florida Telco. I forwarded to her all my fax/email correspondence and asked for her help.

Melissa was able (four months later) to negotiate a different payment with Citibank (interestingly in less than 24 hours) but as a result of the delay of over three months since the default letter, of course, it meant that I would have to make a higher payment. Additionally, she informed me that most likely I would continue to receive colleciton calls from Citibank for a time period of up to 30 days --- and yes they continue - collection calls for five months.

On August 12, 2003 - I forwarded a complaint message to A New Horizon outlining the problems with my account. I specifically outlined that I was seeing no progress on the creditor statements and that my debt load after almost five months into this program had increased by approximately $1,000.

In response I received a telephone call from A New Horizon, Mr. Brad Middaugh. We spoke at length about this situation and he specifically told me that I had done everything as outlined on the contract with A New Horizon. He advised me that he would contact Florida Telco directly to discuss this situation and work to resolve the situation.

On August 15, 2003 I received an email from Melissa Rutherford explaining that they had finally contacted Florida Telco. Florida Telco stated that they had never heard from A New Horizon and would not agree to the payment plan that had been proposed in April. Additionally, along with a higher payment amount, Florida Telco was requiring an additional penalty payment.

My response back to Melissa was to speak with Brad Middaugh regarding his discussion with me.

Her response was that Brad Middaugh would be giving me an update Tuesday, August 19, 2003 and thate "there are no guarantees with these creditors because it is entirely their decision on how they handle your account".

My response back to Melissa was that if I had been informed two or three months ago about Florida Telco's decision it would have been understandable. I related my view was that A New Horizon was not meeting their contract obligation of keeping me informed and that I had not been informed of any decline by Florida Telco.

August 19, 2003 - 2:30p.m. I emailed and left messages that I had not heard from either Melissa Rutherford or Brad Middaugh regarding information as to what solution had been agreed with concerning Florida Telco.

At 9:30p.m. (A New Horizon is based within my time zone) Mr. Brad Middaugh did telephone - to relate that he would be in touch with me August 20, 2003

On August 20, 2003 shortly after Noon I did receive a call from Mr. Brad Middaugh. He informed me that effectively, A New Horizon was no longer able to assist me concerning Florida Telco and that I would have to make my own arrangements with them regarding repayment. I asked why no decline letter was ever issued. His response was that Florida Telco did not have to reply at all. His advise was to let Florida Telco Charge off my account and contact A New Horizon to arrange a new payment plan.

Oh and by the way, A New Horizon withdrew from my checking account today their disbursement monies which included Florida Telco.

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