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"This letter is in response to your fraudulent notice of collection. This product was never received. You should know that. This is very disturbing to us as this was resolved many, many months ago. The order that had been processed through our credit card was credited back to us by your company after we did notify them that the products were never received. We have the transaction records; so why are you trying to collect for something that had been corrected?

I went on line to respond to you and found many letters from other folks who have had this same experience from you. Is fraud a word that sounds correct here? Check out your own web site, folks. You have been exposed. If I hear anything further from you regarding this erroneous collection claim, I will send all my records to Fox news so they can expose you for what you are trying to do."

This is very upsetting to have to re hash this experience, it was hard to get them to re credit our account when this ordeal happened. The letter I read online is so similar to what we went through. It is hard to believe that these people are still at it.


After receiving a collections notice on March 27, 2010 for a product charge that I had cancelled back on September 22, 2009. I called Tiburon to see why I was being charged. The man that answered was instantly extremely rude. He did not hear out why I was even calling, he just asked for the account number listed on the letter and instantly went into his "script" for dealing with calls about this company. He did not listen to anything I had to say or any questions I had. He kept repeating that I didn't cancel within the trial period and that all of these people keep calling in because they didn't read the directions and now they are "boo-hooing" about being charged. He said it was my fault and I had given out too much information and maybe I shouldn't shop on the internet. I asked why he was being so rude to me for no reason and he said "Excuse me? I am not in the business of customer service, I am a debt collector." I asked why then he was the one answering the phone when customers called.

He then proceeded to belittle me and tell me that I don't know how to watch my money. I told him I did read the fine print and it was the company that sold me the product that was not honoring their end of the free trial. He continued to defend the company and claim that they've been in business for 85 years. When I asked him how to get in contact with them (their website was no longer existing) he said look on the internet. When I said I had looked everywhere for their website or a phone number, he said obviously I didn't know how to spell it. I told him I was not stupid, I knew how to spell it, it was simply not there anymore. I even found an old link for the website but when I clicked on it was routed to a "new" skin cream web page with the same look as the Pliatrol one, just with a new name. He said it was there an hour ago and I told him I didn't believe that for a second and if he could find it then why couldn't he tell me the web address of phone number and he said that wasn't his job.

He would not give me any information on how to contact the company but kept defending them saying they were a great company with a great reputation. I asked why then I had read hundreds of posts online about people being scammed by this company, the same exact way I was, with which he went back into his rant about how all these people didn't read the fine print well enough and we were all "stupid for not reading it, or maybe we just didn't know how to read." I finally said, I would be calling back to continue disputing the charge but I could not stand to talk to him anymore. I was appalled at the way I was treated and spoken to by this man and couldn't believe this company was still in business. I hope no one has to deal with this company.


I have received a collection notice from them, stating that I owe their client Colon Cleanse Xr an undisclosed amount of money. I do not however owe any money to that company. The charge was collected from my card prior to the product being sent. I cancelled the product withing the allotted time. I only knew to cancel this because I also ordered the Acai Berry at the same time, in which they held shipment on for 2 1/2 weeks, so I would be past the deadline to return or cancel the product regardless of whether I wanted it or not. I was billed for the Acai Berry because I did not cancel it in time, so I called Colon Cleanse when I found the charge.

Now, I get a collection notice from these people. The product was ordered 9, 2009. I have not received anything prior to this collection. Both Colon Cleanse and Tiburon Financial, both obviously have my mailing address. I sent a letter to the Better Business Bureau in Florida regarding the Acai Berry. The company never responded the the BBB so they said there was nothing they could do. I just resigned myself to losing the money deducted from my card for both the shipping and handling form both companies for the trial bottles and the $80.00 for the Acai Berry , but this has got to stop somewhere. I certainly learned to check companies before I bite. That is why I am writing this. I surfed Tiburon Financial and came upon this site. I don't want to be hounded by these people for something I don't owe like the rest of these people have. Loss of money, product that did not do what was stated. I think that is obvious since you have so many complaints. mental unrest.

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