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I purchased a vehicle almost 2 years ago that I am paying off through a financing company. I was recently behind two months in my car note. A representative had called a person I used as a reference, telling them that I was behind on my car note and told them the price and all. Did they breach our contract and break their privacy policy that I signed? I feel that they were supposed to just say, "This is such and such, we are trying to get in touch with **, can you please have her call us back," not, "This is such and such, we are calling because ** is behind two months on her car note in the amount of blank dollars and it may result in repossession. Can you please have her call us?"

I would love your input if possible, to refer me. Thank you. Is this a form of arbitration? In the contract, there is a part about arbitration stating that it is specifically agreed by the parties that any and all disputes arising shall be subject to arbitration, including without limitation, relating to actions of auto finance or their representatives or assigns in seeking to collect monies owed by customer in connection with MVISC, regardless of disputes related to claims of fraud, conversion, misrepresentation, unfair/deceptive trade practices, breach of contract or claims of a violation of any federal, state, or local ordinance, state regulation, and/or rule. Discuss options. I'm voiding the contract due to breach of privacy policy.


My parents (mother and stepfather) went to Auto Finance about 3 weeks ago to pay my van off. We have receipts stating it was paid in full, balance 0. We asked if there was anything else that needed to be paid or if anything else was going to hold up me receiving the title. We're told, "no, you are all paid up!". Well today, Feb. 10, 2011, I received a call from Dwaine stating that they will not be sending me my title because there is a repair bill of $225.00 still to pay (from 2008). These guys sold me a lemon as it was (transmission went out in 2008 and again in 2011).

Actually, the first time the transmission went out was just a few weeks after I bought the van. I tried to renege on the contract because I thought I could under the lemon law, but I was told otherwise and have been stuck with this van. I always either pay early, 90% of the time, or just 3 or 4 days at the very latest. I would receive calls from them, threatening repossession and harassing me and my mother. I understand that this was pretty much a last chance finance place, so they are strict, but strict wasn't the word --more like nasty. Can they withhold my title for this?


I have paid my car note every month and I have all my documentation to support. Apparently, the company has lost some payments.


I have paid my car note every month.


I purchased a 2007 Chevy impala from cars and trucks on 07/15/09, in May 2010. Unbeknownst to me, Cars and Trucks sold my account to auto finance. I made my June payment to Cars and Trucks. Cars and trucks cashed the check and failed to notify Auto Finance of the payment. I started receiving calls from Auto Finance requesting payment for June. I was notified later in June by Auto Finance that they are now the owners of my account. I've since given Auto Finance a copy of the canceled check cashed by Cars and Trucks and to this day they have yet to update my account to show that payment was made.

I have spoken to the owner of Cars and Trucks, Herold, regarding the situation and he advised me that problem will be resolved if I fax over a copy of the cancel check. Each week, I receive harassing phone calls from employees at Auto Finance requesting payment. I made July payment in the office of Auto Finance and they are still saying I am delinquent by one car payment. I have spoken to Allen Sanders who is the assistant VP at Auto Finance and he assured me that the problem will be resolved; however I received a call from Jaeson Perry requesting payment again.

I have (5) payments left before the car is paid off. However, Auto Finance is showing I have (6) payments left before the car is paid off. I ask you to help me in resolving this matter because they (Auto Finance and Cars and Trucks) refused to do the right thing and correct the mistake on their part.

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We purchased a used car and they were the finance company that we had to go through and they have a deal with the dealership we went to. We purchased this car on May 28th 2008. When we went to sign the contract from them, I went and my husband went on his lunch break, I was told that we were signing two copies of the contract, one for our records and one for them. My husband was in a hurry to get back to work and forgot to get the copy of the large amounts of paperwork that we filled out. So I went back to them and asked for a copy of the contract and was informed that they would give me a copy of the Bill of Sale but I could not have a copy of the contract.

So in August of 2008, we moved to Savannah, GA. We fell behind on a couple of payments and arranged to get them paid. They do have a clause stating that they do not accept late payments, but they did allow us to make the late payments. We then were being told, after a few late payments that they were adding late charges to the end of our payments, without advising us at anytime that we were supposed to be adding late fees. Then we're told that we would need to add $14.00 to every late payment we made due to the change in their policy; still never notified of this. So I refused to pay late fees because they never showed us anything where this was policy in writing, nor ever sent us anything in writing.

When they started telling my husband that we were having late charges added to our contract end date, we began asking for a copy of the contract we signed. We first were told that we would have to come in and pick it up in person. We told them that we were in Savannah, Ga and it was a three-hour drive to do so. They told us that they would mail us a copy.

After a couple of more months of listening to them tell us about late fees and charges, we again asked for a copy of our contract. We were then told that we were misinformed and we would have to have it faxed to us which never happened either. Again in a couple of more months, we asked for a copy of the contract so they were sorry we had been misinformed, they would put it in the mail asap. Last time we asked about it, we were told it was in the mail. Still, we have not received a copy.

Dewayne called my husband on Monday and told him that he had sent him a copy of our payment history and did not know why we had not received it. We never asked for payment history, which by the way, has not showed up either. My husband told him that it was not what we asked for and that we wanted a copy of the contract!

So now, we are back to the first lie they told us, we have to come into the office, bring picture ID and they have added that we have to bring a payment with us when we come, then they will give us a copy of the contract. We are also not even a week behind and Dewayne has told my husband that they will just come and get the car. We only owe about $4000.00 on it and it will be paid off next March, so I guess this is how they make their money, by getting more than the car is worth then reposing it to resale!

Anyway, he has called my phone instead of my husband's phone and I refused to talk to him because he does nothing but lie to us. I have had to block his number so he can't call my phone at all. So my complaint is that we have tried for over a year now to get them to send a copy of the contract and no one will send it and they have lied so many times about how to get a copy, that I don't even know if I have told you all they have told us. Everytime is a different story and reason why we don't have one.

All we want is a copy of the papers we signed, so I can see all the things they are telling my husband are in the contract, in writing and that we signed it. We had no credit because we had lost our home, our new car, and both of our jobs so we were forced to pay their high interest rate of 28% to begin with on a 1999 Ford Escort. If they keep up their mess, we would like to consider the last $4000.00 we have to pay, paid in full and have our title sent to us free and clear of all liens.

Economically, they have had us in fear of losing the car over and over meaning that we were stressed over getting up one morning and my husband not having a way to work so that we could not pay any bills not just them. He calls my husband on his cell phone on his job and harasses him after my husband tells him that he is busy and will call him back but he will call him again if he doesn't respond right away. His job is a mechanic for a car dealership and they don't like him to be on his phone during business hours. So, he can get in trouble and possibly lose his job because of it.

I have rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia and when they call and start their mess, I get stressed and begin to swell and hurt from thinking about what they might do and all the lies they have told us. When I get stressed like that I end up in the ER with shots of cortisone and pain meds or at the doctor's office with a med pack of prednisone, and pain meds. My husband gets stressed over it and come home yelling at me over it and both of us ended up yelling and it becomes a really bad night at our house. This happened on February 9th 2010. We stay angry at each other for what seems like forever over Dewayne and his lying butt.


I was used as a personal reference by someone, who must not be making their payments on time so these people call me everday, come to my house in the middle of the night when i've told them i don't know where this person lives. they sit outside my house in a wrecker. when we go to sleep they ring the door bell 3 or 4 am.

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