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Memphis, TN

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23 Regional Adjustment Bureau Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 7, 2017

RAB contacted us to collect monies owed to our company. They NEVER collected anything for our company but are demanding payment for services never rendered. Their attempts of bullying and intimidation are ridiculous. They are in direct violation of the law for trying to scandalously get money, including threatening me during my work time, calling my mother, and intimidating me with personal information they have of me. We will be pursuing legal action for this harassment. Do NOT do business with this company!!! They are EXTREMELY UNETHICAL!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 19, 2015

I admit I defaulted on my student loans in 2009. And I was contacted by RAB. I began making payments: balloon payments and monthly payments. All on time. I was contacted by the same guy from the company for literally the entire time. The debt got down to about $3000 and I was offered a settlement of about $1500, then 3 final payments of $108. I made all four payments, and I was so relieved. I even got a letter from the original creditor saying, "Congratulations" because that my account was paid off.

The next week, I got a letter saying my debt had been transferred. WHAT?? RAB won't answer my questions, the original creditor won't answer my questions, but they say they got every payment, except for the very last one, and that my account at over $4000 was transferred to another collection agency. I've never EVER been so infuriated. I know my account is missing the amounts shown, but other than the word of the one voice I had from RAB, I have no proof that any settlement was offered... only their recorded conversations would have the evidence of that. I wish I would have gotten that in writing before making any payments.

I can't even call it a scam, but it is a very shrewd way to do business with someone who never missed a payment in 6+ years. I still wonder where my last $108.00 went to, since the original creditor didn't receive it.

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Original review: Oct. 31, 2014

This company is calling people and stating they were listed by my daughter to give them information. Huge lie. The people they are lying to are neighbors. When I called them back they refused to tell me what kind of company they are w/out giving a SS#.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 30, 2013

These people are constantly calling our house and they have the wrong number. I have repeatedly told them that nobody in the years I have had this home (land) line number which is 28 years, that a person by that name has not lived here. They occasionally leave messages saying “This message is for (name). If we have reached the wrong number for this person please call us back at 1-800-829-7759. If you are not, (name), please hang up.” Hello stupid! You are leaving a message on an answering machine. It doesn't hang up in response to your stupidity. The message continues to say since you (answering machine) didn't hang up they assume they have the correct number and proceed to tell said machine to call Regional Adjustment Bureau, that they are trying to collect a debt. Hello, we have already told you time and time again that you have the wrong number. Obviously they are complete idiots who enjoy harassing people. Totally unprofessional.

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Original review: June 5, 2013

Regional Adjustment Bureau seems to be the go to collection agency for student loans both government and private. For government loans, please know that you cannot forgive the debt even in bankruptcy. The reasoning behind this is that those loans are given out a predetermined rate, not based on a credit score and the funds used are taxpayer dollars. For private loans for educational purposes, the loan amount and rate are set by the company based upon your credit score and what program you are in (i.e., MD, JD, Masters).

Up until mid 2005, if you declared bankruptcy, the private loans were dischargeable. Congress (through an aggressive lobby of the student loan lenders) passed new bankruptcy requirements in 2005 of which one was that private educational loans were no longer dischargeable. The problem becomes those loans that were taken out mid 2005 and before, as both the lender and the consumer assumed the loan could be discharged (hence higher interest rates and more limits on the amount borrowed). There is litigation currently pending regarding this issue. If you had a private loan mid 2005 or before, I would resist paying until an outcome is certain.

As for Regional Adjustment Bureau, it is the typical collection agency that uses harassment and untrue consequences to try to entice payment. No reputable company asks you to verify your Social Security number when they call you. Also, you should receive a hardcopy (i.e., mail) letter of verification of the debt. Sometimes, it is possible to have the debt transferred back to the original lender (not always but if you really can pay and press hard enough this can happen, that way you are sure that the debt is paid correctly and there is recourse if it is not shown on your credit report).

The best way to stop the phone calls is to google them and send a cease and desist letter to stop all phone calls to family or friends as well as yourself. If anything, be honest with family and friends and let them know not to answer. They can eventually try and garnish wages as well as try to place a hold on your DL, but this must be done through the court system, not simply by the collection agency. Most amounts under $20K, they will not file court cases for because the chance of recovery vs. time is not in their favor. Under no circumstances is failure to pay a debt a criminal offense (unless fraud by pretending to be another person when taking out a loan).

If a judgment is entered against you, they do have the right to seize accounts but this must be done through the court system and you will be formally "served" notice of suit. Most collection work is high pressure and minimal pay hence the ghetto people working it. You cannot reason with them so simply use the cease and desist and do not acknowledge the debt in writing or over the phone as this could start the statute of limitations again on the collections process. They are allowed to contact you at work unless you advise them that such calls are prohibited by your employer. Also, place this in the cease and desist letter. Good luck!

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Original review: May 28, 2013

I received a call regarding a "personal matter" for my brother. Once I looked up the company, I realized it was for collections. I called back to inform them that I would not be involved in personal matters that I have no business with. I spoke with Kathy ** and she hung up on me upon requesting she remove my number. Her manager handled the next call with much more grace, but I was disgusted at their tactics to contact family members. These are personal matters I have no business being contacted for or involved in. Shame on them!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 15, 2013

I have a college loan that went fraudulent. For 2 years after graduation, I was unable to find a proper job and I failed behind payments and instead of talking directly to my lender, I tried to ignore the problem. I was young and obviously this shows poor judgement. Anyway, now I have to deal with Regional Adjustment Bureau. I am making more money now and I am capable to make payments and will hopefully be able to take care of this soon despite the outrageous interests. In any case, since dealing with the RAB, I have complied to all of their requirements. I've provided them with my account number, address change and the name and address of family members.

First, I did not know that a prerequisite to work for RAB is to be ghetto and rude. Second, I'm not sure how they handle their contacts and file their paperwork, but they continue to mail my bill and other information to old addresses rather than my current address, even though I have updated my address and account since I started working with them. They somehow managed to get my billing account information right but not my mailing address. Sometimes I get mail from them, sometimes I get calls from them saying their mail was returned to sender. No one can tell me which address it was sent to, because their department doesn't deal with that. I am worried that just how they can't manage my information right, they won't be able to settle my debt and that all the money I'm paying now is going to be "lost" along with all my supposed mail that I should have received.

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17 people found this review helpful
Original review: Feb. 13, 2013

This company has called me every day, twice a day, for the last week. When I answered, they ask for me. When I asked them why, they asked for my Social Security number to verify my identity but will not tell me what the call is regarding. I have called them back and an incredibly rude person told me they have no record of my phone number in their system. This company is a bunch of scammers looking to collect information from you and they do it with public records like sales of homes or business document filings. If you get a call from them, do not give them any personal information. They should be indicted by the FTC.

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Original review: Feb. 5, 2013

I have been contacted by the Texas office for 3 weeks running. The person, Zachary **, called my parent's phone number from their office, four of service phone numbers, to include 2-3 times a day. Zachary even told my parents details of the alleged debt. He even went as far as to tell me I stole the money. I cannot believe they actually are in business legally, especially since any reputable collections office will identify themselves no matter how many times they call, call from a viable phone number, not spoof (which I researched is against the law to cause a phone service to display a false number, blocking or having unknown to appear is legal) and not tell a third party details of alleged debts. You always get "This line may be recorded" or "You're being recorded" or "This is a recorded line" of which none has happened with Regional Adjustment Bureau.

Today, I got a call from the Tennessee office people. This is two weeks after I sent a cease and desist letter to the Texas office. Of course, no one bothered to identify themselves or be polite. I made the mistake of calling the complaint hotline, which is a number capture service because the same person called me back from unknown. I've requested paperwork from both offices but they kept saying they'll email it, like I'm going to receive anything without signature or letterhead, unofficial correspondence. I advise anyone who wrote a review, or will write one, to contact the BBB about these people. I've contacted the Better Business Bureau regarding the Texas office and now I'm going to do the same with the Tennessee office. Plus, I'll send another letter to them.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 11, 2013

Regional Adjustment Bureau has been calling my elderly parents for some times - like today, five times a day. They claim that they need to speak to my daughter, my parent's granddaughter, and say that my parents are listed as contacts on her account. In truth, my parents are not now and have never been listed as contacts on any accounts associated with my daughter. I called the Regional Adjustment Bureau to ask them to stop these harassing calls. The representative was incredibly rude and disrespectful. Because my daughter is over 18, she would not give me any information about why the company was calling my parents. I informed Regional Adjustment Bureau that I intended to file a complaint against the company and that they must never contact my parents again. If the company continues to harass my parents, I will contact a lawyer.

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Original review: Jan. 4, 2013

I received calls from my mother and sister who live 3000 miles away that they were receiving harassing phone calls from this company insulting them and insinuating they were harboring a criminal (aka - me). The sad part of all of this is, I have not received any calls from them myself nor do I know what they are calling about. If they have something with me, fine, but harassing my family the way they are is disgusting. I will call them today to see what the harassment is about. My mother was too afraid to get their information but my sister, who harassed right back, managed to call them back and get this name for me. I understand if I or others owe money but it has to stop when it comes to harassing my poor mother or sister.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 1, 2012

I had to leave my desk at work and when I came back, I saw a missed call. I returned to call just to see who it was. When a guy answered, all he said was "Hello, may I help you?" When I asked who this was, he transferred me so I hung up. A few minutes later, they called back demanding to know who I was. They asked if my name was Jennifer **. I said yes. He asked if the last 4 of my social were **. I said, "That all depends on who you are." He refused to give me any information. He (name was Chris **, by the way) got very aggressive asking if my middle initial was *. I hung up on him and he has yet to call back today.

I Googled the company to see who they were and found this website. I have to say I'm a little scared of these people! I used to be a debt collector and I know how it's supposed to work (the company I worked for adhered very strictly to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act). By the looks of it, this company doesn't care about the rules and/or laws.

I'm pretty sure I know who they are collecting for and it is just another reason I am not paying them at the moment (it is not just a matter of principle with me. I really just don't have anything extra.). I know legally I owe the money, but I do not need to be yelled at for it! Times are tough for me and for a lot of other people! I have always paid my bills. I will pay this one eventually. Putting food on the table for my son is more important that a rip-off "loan" for an online "university". I only hope they don't call again because I refused to verify any information. I really don't need this kind of stress. I have enough of that as it is.

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Original review: July 20, 2012

Debt collection harassment - They are threatening to file civil suit even though I have on paper they accepted the proposal from a debt consolidation group. They call and say they will not work with them, even though they said on paper, okay. They have called every family member they can and say they will call others. I have just sent a cease and desist letter with return receipt that has not been received yet.

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Original review: July 16, 2012

They sent a letter claiming to be a rehab program, but when you read the fine print, there’s no amount. They want to sell the debt to other companies. They have 18% interest. They are crooks and rude! If you ask questions, they get mad and rude and talk ugly. This is the worst company ever.

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Original review: June 20, 2012

I got a call on June 19th, 2012 from an unknown 800 number which my girlfriend answered (we share her phone). They told her that it was a personal matter and they could not give her any information. I called once I got home. A fast talking woman informed me it was a call to collect a debt. She informed me it was an $8,000 student loan in collection. I asked what company it was for and she said United Guarantee (1-800-334-8966), which I had no clue what that was. I asked if that was connected through my federal student loan accounts in collection that I am currently paying on since November or if it was a private loan that I took out for college in 2005. She refused to give me that information. She kept telling me she was not arguing with me while I politely kept asking for information to better understand where this loan was originated from.

Also, I updated my address because they had the wrong address for the past 4 years. Then an extremely rude manager came on and said that I had to make arrangements to pay today or he would hang up. I kept asking him to explain the origin of the loan and who United Guarantee was (apparently, they were all just reading a script and what I was asking wasn't on there). Finally, I got the amount of $8,564 from him. I said I could pay monthly payments. He said I have to find the money from a family member and pay that person monthly payments. Ridiculous. I asked to receive something in writing pertaining to the collection amount and he stated that lots of mail was sent to my address in Chicago, yet I had just updated my address from TN a few minutes earlier (guess he got confused or just lied).

He was extremely confrontational and rude in his tone, almost had me in tears. He hung up on me as I was telling him I could make $130 monthly payments. Then I began researching and found that I had a $6,625 student loan I defaulted on in 2008-09 while I was evicted and homeless with an underpaying job that barely feed me. The loan was underwritten by Citi Assist/United Guarantee, which sold the loan out to Regional Adjustment Bureau with $2,261 in interest and fees. The company is located at 1900 Charles Bryan, Suite 110, Cordova, TN 38016. The BBB shows the company has over 63 complaints just this year and over 260 in the past 5 years. Bad business guys! So I called back once I found out the loan was legit and not a phishing scam.

My only option they gave was to pay $1,712 by 8PM and $856 payments every month after. I work full-time and only make $1,100 a month. I currently pay $130/month on Federal student loans and they work with me every month to make it affordable and are very nice. There is no way I can pay more than $100 a month on this after bills and groceries. RAB refused to work with me and see me as a human. They only see people as numbers and could care less about your story. They drank the 1% KoolAid if you know what I mean. So I will be sending RAB $53 money orders (5%) of my net income. Even if sued, federal laws protect my income and property. Plus I am showing that I am willing to work with them even when they refuse to acknowledge my attempts. Shame on you RAB!

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Original review: May 11, 2012

This is a formal written complaint regarding the Regional Adjustment Bureau. I received several calls from Chris ** who has been working on my account. He asked me for a down payment of $575 (every time I speak with someone that number changes). I was unable to pay the $575. I moved on the day the payment was required and in that chaos, I forgot that I was required to make that payment. The last few calls I received were on 5/9/2012. On the third call the next day, I spoke with Mr. ** and he reminded me that I had to produce a down payment ($575) and I explained my circumstances and asked if there was another way to work this out. He said, "I have to get manager's (Mr. Marvin **) approval." He got on the line and demanded that I give him my debit card #. I understand that their job is to collect a debt and I told every person I spoke with that I was more than willing to pay - Mr. ** was exceptionally rude and he and his associates have harassed me which is against the law. If there is a way to work this out so that it is mutually beneficial, I am more than willing to cooperate. I would also like to speak to Mr. **'s superior in the future, as I found his behavior unacceptable. If this problem cannot be solved, I can go directly to the original creditor.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 17, 2012

We had a CitiFinancial account that was being paid by our Consumer Credit company--CredAbility located in Atlanta, GA. The CitiFinancial was in a charge-off status despite the fact that we had been making payments since 2010. We had lost our jobs in 2009 and as a result, much of our credit had been turned over to collections. Nonetheless, we wanted to pay off these accounts. When I learned of this, I contacted CitiFinancial about our account. I was transferred to a different department and spoke with a so-called representative at Regional Adjustment Bureau, who offered me the option of paying off the account within two months. Of course, I agreed. The settlement was established for two payments of $570.57. I sent them two checks, one in 10/2011 and the other on ,11/2011, through our bill-pay at Bank of America. I thought everything was great until I received a letter from Midland Funding LLC informing us that this account had been turned over to collections. We are very upset. Please help us get this situation resolved.

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Original review: Sept. 19, 2011

I just received 4 calls back-to-back on from this company about an account. The final time they called, I answered and they hung up. Each time I called back, I never stated who I was, I immediately asked for the manager and I was transferred to this rude, young woman by the name of Hope. She would not let me speak to the manager until I sunk to her level. The manager, Andre, answered the phone laughing and demanding what was I going to do about my account.

Again, I never told them who I was or acknowledged this was my account. I simply asked them to stop calling my phone or that I was going to contact the Attorney General's Office if they didn't. I called back and asked for the address so that I could send a cease and desist letter, but seemed to get the same people on the phone claiming to be someone else and refusing to give me a simple answer. Finally, when Andre answered claiming to be someone else, he gave me the information. I don't trust them and I've worked in Third Party Collections before. This is out of control. The BBB will hear about this.

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7 people found this review helpful
Original review: Sept. 7, 2011

I have received countless phone calls from ** asking for a "Tania **" I have explained several times that my cell phone is brand new and I was obviously given this "Tania" person's previous phone number. I have called and asked them to stop calling this number. The harassment did not stop with the constant barrage of phone calls.

I received a call from a man who "interrogated" me about how long it usually takes for someone's old phone number to recirculate. I feel as if the "regional adjustment bureau" is bullying an innocent person. I suspect they deal with people "dodging" their phone calls by having someone else answer their phone for them to lie for them by claiming, "This isn't that person's phone number anymore," but I assure you, this is genuinely the case here. I feel as if my life has been intruded upon.

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7 people found this review helpful
Original review: Oct. 1, 2010

I received half a dozen calls today on my cell phone, and work phone. The first representative I spoke with, stated she would close my case, because I could not make payments on my private student loans, until next year. After the first rude and unprofessional phone call, I called back RAB Inc. I asked to speak to the manager. I was then transferred to Michael **, who was extremely rude and unprofessional and threatening. I advised him not to call my work line, as I am not allowed to take personal calls. He stated he would continue to harass me at work, until my payment was taken care of. I told him it was against the law to harass me at work. He stated that I should check my laws, because he could harass me at work. I cannot continue to receive these harassing calls at work. I would like these calls to stop immediately, as I am in jeopardy of losing my job.

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Original review: Sept. 14, 2010

These "highly trained" people keep calling and harassing us early am and late pm even though we told them we don't know who they are and the person they are looking for doesn't even live here or has any association with our phone number. After formally letting them know that they are not to call again which becomes a crime if they do again after you let them know that, they still call. So we are filing a police report, unethical and unprofessional. Where do they get their employees? How on earth can people who cannot even follow a linear train of thought be "highly trainbed" as it says on their website? I wouldn't hire these people to scoop **** off the sidewalk for me!

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Original review: May 6, 2010

My name is Mayra. I work at a psychiatrist office. I received a call this morning from Ms. Rae. She wanted to settle the amount of $9,212.43. Right then, I told her I would have to call her back. I had patients at the window and the phones were ringing. She was threatening me that they would put a hold on my TX DL. When I told her I would call her back, she got upset. Around 12:30 pm or so, I called her back to see what I can pay a month. When I told her that I can only pay $20, she got upset. She told me that was not acceptable. She was also telling me that they would garnish it out of check, and put a hold on my TX DL & take my taxes.

What they wanted me to pay was $100.00 a month. I told them I couldn't do that. I even explained to her why I couldn't pay that much which I didn't have to. She also asked me if I had any family or friends that can loan me the money. I told her, "I am not going to ask my family or friends for the money. This is my loan not theirs." After that, she put the district manager on the phone who, by the way, was real rude. I told him the same thing I told Ms. Rae, which he didn't like and they were going to send me to collections since I couldn't make the $100 monthly payment. He also told me they were going to put a hold on my TX DL and before we hung up, I told him, "Don't call me at my job." He told me that as long as I'm in collections, they will call me.

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Original review: Feb. 18, 2010

I had about $1,300 debt to credit card company (Capital One) and went to collection agency named Regional Adjustment Bureau CO. I made the settlement in amount of $515 to them and now I realize they only put the settlement amount as partial payment. I called the collection agency to get some sort of letter and they kept transferring to other department and when they finally answer, they just hang up. This is scam so please help me with this issue. Thank you.

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