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I acquired your services in June 19 2010. I was in credit card trouble and needed help. I saw your ad on tv and felt like this could be the answer to my problems. We signed a contract. I was to pay you $305 a month, not to exceed four years ($152 every two weeks). I had four credit cards two from Chase and two from Discover. You were to make settlements on these card for me. I was told not to talk to them or to get in touch with them, that was your place to do that. I was very excited. I could settle my cards and it would not take a lifetime. You said if at any time I would need a lawyer that that would be provided for me. Well to make a long story short, it is 2015. Three of the cards got tired of waiting and marked my account off their books.

I really hated they did not get something. One Discover card did not. They have passed my account around to at least three lawyers to collect. I was taken to court. No lawyer was appointed to me. The judge said for us to see if we could settle it without any more court time. I had no idea what to do. ** was the lawyer for Discover at this time. We talked it out, outside and I told them I would pay them $65 a month until I could see what you all were going to do. I paid them for about two years. One time I stopped but started back.

You told me not to pay them, that you would take care of it (you had my power of attorney). A new lawyer has taken this over from ** and are saying they are going to take money out of my checking account and take me back to court. I had paid ** $1500. I have paid you all over $9000 and nothing has been paid to anyone. I have no choice but to sue. Do not use this company. I was under the impression that they were backed by the government. That was how it sounded on tv, but they are not. BEWARE!

I contracted with NoteWorld which then changed to Meracord in 2009. They took 24000 out of my account, but never paid my creditors. My pay was then garnished for 3 years so I have now paid out 3 times the amount I owed to creditors and it has not stopped. I would like my money back to pay off my debt.

Ok in 2010 my parents went into contract with them to help pay off their debt. So I figured they were so good I could to so I did. They paid all my cards off. I paid them 300 dollars a month for 2 yrs. First one they settled was JCPenney's card, paid it off. Couple months later was getting letters and phone calls from a lawyer saying that they need 2,223.95 cents to close my account or they were going to sue me. So I called Noteworld that's already paid off. Make long story short, they harassed me for 4 months. Come to find out here I thought my card had been paid off when in fact it hadn't been because Noteworld's computer system messed up so they throw out my settlement offer.

Now it's 2014. Noteworld is no longer a company so they went to another name. That company doesn't exist. Same thing. They were handling it, yet calling never stopped or letters. Took me to court last year. Now I owe full balance plus interest and court costs and I'm disabled. And now that company Meracord closed its doors. The company that took over for them says that they have been waiting on the copies of my canceled checks. Yet I can't get copy cause they won't give them to me. And it's not my bank checking. It's theirs. Been waiting four months for them to call me back. Wish I had money to get lawyer cause I would sue their ** of.

I became disabled and out of work since 2006. I have a Heart condition, neuropathy and other ailments and was able to keep up for a while. Then I got a modification at .2% IN 2010. Then medical bills and other things were making things hard and I fell behind on the MORTGAGE. After looking online for help, I got a call from NoteWorld Servicing Center. They sounded very convincing, working with a law firm of Friedman Law. Since then, I made a payment of $1,095.00 in Dec. of 2011 and then from Jan. 17 through April 16, I paid $595.00 until they were bought out by Meracord. From May 15 through July 15, I paid $595.00 and had no payments for August and September. Then in October, I got another call from Litvin Law Firm saying that the other firm was put out of business and since October to now, I've been paying $500.00 per month. Sorry to say, I need help BIG TIME.

I have been desperate to keep my home and a man from NoteWorld Service Center called and said he could help me keep my house. I was told that they would be taking $1200 from my account. I looked up NoteWorld Services only to find out it was a fraud. I stopped payment on the check. I was given a law firm’s name, but the check went through as NoteWorld Services. Now, I'm attempting to live on $227.00 unemployment a month. My daughter's prom is this weekend and I have no money. Every bill I have is due. They have had money about a month. They said I would have it back last Monday.

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A company called Noteworld took $1,106.00 out of my elderly parent’s checking account without their consent. When my 93 year old father called them to find out who did this and how, they gave him all kinds of excuses but no one would help him. This is a very dishonest company that has changed their name at least 3 times and is preying on the elderly! They must be stopped. We will be contacting our attorney and seeking other avenues to get the money back from them!

I paid for about 20 months. Creditors are now after me -- twice at Garnishments and court dates. I'm having constant harassment. I fired them; but, what a mess! The next step is probably bankruptcy -- all because I tried to consolidate to avoid this. Ugh!

I went to note world for help on lowering interest on credit cards and they started taking money out of my account every month in the amount of $376.38 and referred me to another company named attorney at law associates Lloyd ward firm for help on the credit cards. The Lloyd ward customers services employees don’t want to get in touch with the creditors over the phones, their way is over the mailing letters instead and not talking for the clients and keep taking my money of $376.38.

I joined them in March the note world and the Lloyd wards for help. The account collected from me about three grand already and I just closed it on October 27, 2010 because the Lloyd wards and note world were taking my money and not helping us. Edith and Paul I tried to file a complaint online with the better business bureau and they want so much information, the money was being debit monthly out of my account. Why do I have to prove how crooked these companies are.

I signed up with American Debt Settlement Solutions for my debt problem. On Saturday, June 26, 2010, I told ADS to delete the program due to the fact that I had not received any paper of any kind. The man I spoke to said they would be in my mail box by Friday, July 2. Well it didn't happen! I received a letter from NoteWorld on July 6, 2010 to inform me that they are going to process my payments for ADS starting on July 16, 2010. The next day, July 7, I went to my bank to stop this unauthorized debit but I was too late they hit my bank for $465.96. Yes, I was upset. This needs to stop as of yesterday!

Dear Tyler, I am sorry to hear about your bad experience while trying to pay down your debt. I would like to inform you, however, that NoteWorld Servicing Center is not the debt settlement company (DSC), you contracted with to negotiate settlements with your creditor. Additionally, NoteWorld is neither a part of, nor contracted with, J. Hass Group. NoteWorld is a payment servicing company which processed your payments according to the terms of your contract with the DSC.

When a consumer contracts with a DSC for help paying down debt, they will also sign an agreement authorizing a separate payment servicing company (in this case, NoteWorld) to withdraw a specific sum of money from their bank account each month. This is a separate agreement that allows NoteWorld (or other payment servicing company) to make electronic withdrawals from the consumer's bank account to satisfy the amounts payable under the terms of the contract with their DSC. NoteWorld follows the instructions stated in the NoteWorld contract and at no time acts without authorization from the consumer. By selecting NoteWorld for payment processing, consumers are assured their money is being handled by an objective third party who is not involved in negotiating settlements with creditors.

I hope this explanation has helped you to understand NoteWorld's services and obligations. Please also see our response to the previous complaint below. For more information on NoteWorld, our licenses, policies and procedures or services, please visit our website. I wish you the best in reaching your goal of becoming debt free.

My wife lost her job right after we got married. We incidentally accumulated over $11,000 in credit card debt as a result trying to survive. We contacted J Hass Group via internet and they seemed like a dream come true. They told us that we "qualified" to settle our debts for a little over $6,000. For the last 18 months, we have made $250 monthly payments and thought we would be debt free in just a few more short months.

We found out last week that we have now been served to court by one of the credit card companies that was supposed to be paid off by the settlement company. Instead of owing $8,000 for the initial debt on that card, we are now being sued for $24,000 for late fees, interest and attorney fees. We have lost everything because of Noteworld, including our savings, daughters college fund, and our Roth IRA in trying to work with the credit card companies to settle ourselves on top of the $4,500 we have paid into this company that has done nothing for us. Don't fall for these scams! Learn from our mistakes. I wish there was someone out there to tell us about their experience before being defrauded myself.

In response to Ella of Delray Beach, FL:

Consumers voluntarily enter into a contract with a Debt Settlement Company (DSC) to receive assistance with a reduction of their debt. At this time, it is likely that the consumer signs an Automatic Withdrawal (ACH) Sign-Up Form authorizing and requesting that NoteWorld withdraw a specific sum of money from their bank account each month. This Sign-Up Agreement is valid and allows NoteWorld to initiate electronic withdrawals from the consumer's bank account each month to satisfy the amounts payable under the terms of the contract with their DSC. NoteWorld adheres to the instructions according to the contract signed by the consumer and the DSC.

NoteWorld offers consumers, who have chosen to use a DSC to help them manage their debt, a payment option for the secure handling of their money. By selecting NoteWorld as a vehicle for payment processing, consumers are assured that their money is being handled by an objective third party who is not involved in negotiating debt settlements with their creditors. A consumer may opt out of the servicing arrangement at any time with instruction to NoteWorld. Upon receipt of such instruction, the consumer's account is closed and all remaining funds, if any, held by NoteWorld are remitted back to the consumer within two (2) business days.

At all times, NoteWorld undertakes these obligations as an independent and objective third-party and does not act as an agent for the DSC. Moreover, NoteWorld provides these services to consumers for a nominal fee of not more than $12.50 per month. NoteWorld is not a debt settlement company and does not enter into a contract with consumers to provide debt settlement services. A consumer does not contract with NoteWorld to pay off debts or provide any other debt settlement services and only engages NoteWorld to process monthly payments and to provide a safe and secure trust account for the money they voluntarily commit for the purpose of paying the debts owed.

If you would like to contact us directly, we would be happy to address any concerns you might have regarding NoteWorld's handling of your money. In addition, we would be happy to provide any person with a full accounting of the monies that they voluntarily authorized NoteWorld to withdraw from their bank account. For more information on NoteWorld, our licenses, policies and procedures or services, please visit our website.

This company is ripping people off using debt settlement companies as their pawn. The owner and operator (Linda Remberg and Dodie Aperson) are a bunch of selfish loons who run a crummy operation. They used to process escrow for mortgages but when that avenue tanked, they jumped on the debt settlement bandwagon. Noteworld is a scam, they will tell you your feels went back to the company and they have them and are keeping a portion.

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