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Very very nice people. Answered all my question and did help.

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At first wonderful. Then after 90 days cancel service... Told had to speak with accounts. Before could cancel. For 3 weeks called twice daily. Never spoke to real person... On hold for up to 1.5 hours. Finally cancel payment through bank.

I tried to call and reach my acct manager to pay my debit, and the woman likes to have control issues on the phone. Very unprofessional and very nasty. I am a disabled Vet, for serving my country this is how I'm treated. I need to pay off some issues and I can't sit through this woman's nasty behavior, talking over me, cutting me off, this is how you will be talked to when you call in. They have never called me. Also I just wanted a simple answer and all I got was attitude. Hughes is my acct manager at ext ** and he is never in to answer my question.

I paid these people 1200.on two loans. The last 50 payment I asked them to send me a letter that debt would be satisfied and they told me it was against their policy so I told them I was not paying the last payment without a letter. They said they could email me and they did but when I opened it an alert came on the email stating it was an unsafe site. Their email name was nationwide.showbiz. This girl named ** keeps calling my work and my coworker. I paid them on a prepaid debit card and it does have NCS on my statement. I have filed a complaint with the CFPB but these people address isn't correct. I will file again with the CFPB if they continue to harass. They use a robot call and tell you to push option 2. These people are scammers.

The customer service representatives along with supervisors are unprofessional, very rude, have no phone etiquette whatsoever. They talk over you and try to belittle you. I spoke with a supervisor that hung up on me and a representative that talked over me without me getting a word in.

I found the representative at this company (National Credit Solutions) to be rude, insensitive and unprofessional. I called to resolve a debt issue. She was unreasonable and disrespectful! It is no surprise the reviews for NCS are awful!

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Okay, so I am really disturbed by these phone calls, not only on my cell but my home phone as well. According to NCS, I owe a past due amount of $480 from a payday loan in 2011. My first reaction was this was not on my credit report, which I questioned that to the lady I spoke with, which was extremely rude. She said she needed a statement from me to rectify the problem, and I told her I was not a young person. I explained that when you owe money, first your credit is affected, and next they call immediately to make payment arrangements. So why did you contact me four years later?

I also asked what payday loan company was she talking about, and she said that she is doing her job and that she doesn't have that information. I know when you owe money the account # is supposed to correlate with a company that you owe. In conclusion of this scam, it isn't on my credit report and my account is closed - they have on file. I am so happy that people like this have to totally degrade themselves and work for a company that steals from other people just to get a paycheck. I could never do such a thing and lay my head on my pillow every night to get a good night sleep.

Wow. I simply don't know what to say about these people. I received ONE phone call from these people this morning and while I was trying to call them back - they called my mother in law, my father in law, my brother in law, my work, my husband's work, my mother, even my 16 year old child! In all cases they told my family that I was "going to be process served" and would be "Facing severe legal action".

My issue? This is the first I've heard of this! I asked for proof, I was sent a GENERIC email stating the debt, the bill owed to and that was it. It didn't even have the company's address on it OR phone number! They kept shouting at me, telling me I was going to be served, that they were in the process now of serving me and when that happened they would be able to do nothing about it. Said that they would see me in court. Okay. I told them that I was recording the call - and they began to scream at me. First one person, then another! Said that I owed well over 1100 dollars and I had to pay it RIGHT NOW! I refused to give them any information and was told that I would be served papers within an hour. Okay.

Seriously, are these people for real? They are saying that they are "litigations" however when I asked them to be specific and asked if they were collections or a law firm, I was told "they are in litigations" ... okay - which is it? Because I worked collections for a number of years and you have to tell them when they are in collections. You also have the oh I don't know, ADVISE THEM that this is an attempt to collect a debt.. .none of that happened. SCAM. Seriously, these people are no bueno!

I was contacted by NCS and was told that I had written a bad check and that I will be contacted by the law enforcement officials in my county. I never write any checks... I am sick of these scams that try to wiggle and frighten old people from their hard earned cash!!

These people called and sent letters telling me I owe Columbia House $89.82. I'm 59 years old, I'm a war time veteran and I've never ordered anything from Columbia House. I told these people this and they still harass me and my 85 years old father. Please ask these people to stop ASAP. Thank you.

I got a call from NCS saying I owed over $100 for DoubleDay Large Print I opened in 2008 and someone was paying on the account and now my credit was affected, and to stop the calls, I needed to pay. They gave me some address I had never lived in and said to call them when I was ready to pay.

I looked it up online and it's a scam and someone word for word had the same call, dates and company. So I called NCS back to let them know this is a scam and the girl Crystal laughed and yelled, "This lady thinks we're a scam". She kept saying look us up on the Better Business website and Tennessee is one of their covered states. She kept laughing and acting rude. I asked for her manager and she said she'd take a message. After I said I would hold. I got a manager and she figured out it was another person by my name and gave me the last 4 digits of their SS no. so I knew it wasn't me. It is crazy a company like this exists.

I inquired about a collection that just appeared on my credit report. He told me the only way to get it off was to pay the collection amount. They had a P.O. Box that I used less than two months when I moved. He said they could prove I had received products from that address.

My husband was in an accident and was killed in May of 2005. I moved two times but I had a forwarding address. I never received any mail from this company.

On May 12, 2011 this lady called my house about a debt (NCS) in Laurel Pointe Apt. I told her I am disputing the amount. She asked me why. I was explaining it to her when she cut me off and said you don’t have a job that’s why you can’t pay. You need to get a job you low life then hung up the phone. I called her back to get her name. She said we have nothing to talk about unless you paying us and hung up again. I called back again and she answered told me to pay my bill then hung up again. It was very upsetting and rude how she talked to me.

I received a notice from this company and I called them seeking further information. I was unaware of any debt from Columbia House. It supposedly occurred in 2006. As I started talking the lady was very rude. I was so appalled at this comeback from this person, I told her so and she reduced the payoff from $43.95 to $24.94. I am thinking about paying it but I am furious about this type of customer service!

I received a letter stating that I owed $148.03 to National Credit Solutions. The letter stated that the charges were for an unpaid account balance at Hollywood Video. I do not owe Hollywood Video anything. This has come out of the blue. Hollywood Video has been out of business for at least a year, if not longer. I don't know why I am receiving this letter now. As a result, my credit rating is now being jeopardized.

NCS claims that I have bad debt with Hollywood Video dating back several years. I am sending them a certified return receipt mail asking for the movie rentals, dates, and a signed copy of the rental agreement which was required to leave the premises with the movie, as well as the alleged return date of the movie. I attempted to call them on the 800 number provided, which now has a recording directing you to their new 900 number, and calls to them now cost you $1.50 per call - seriously? And these guys are in business?

I received a collection notice from NCS for Hollywood Video fines in 2009. My account balance was fully paid in person at the local store during their going out of business sale in Feb 2010. I never received any notification that there was a debt after the store clerk informed me that our account was paid in full.

NCS insists that I provide a receipt from items listed as late as 2 years ago! Who keeps receipts that long? Hopefully, I paid it with credit card and my bank representative will find it. I've already submitted complaints to the OK Attorney General's Office and the Federal Trade Commission. The VA Department of Consumer Affairs representative told me that they had received over 100 calls today alone regarding this company. How can they continue to do this kind of thing?

I have received a notice for collection on a Hollywood video, account no. **. They say I have an overdue amount of $914.00. I have read on your website that I am not alone in having a collection notice that is as crazy amount like this. The store I used for years is closed and I don't know who to call to get this corrected before it gets to the credit bureau.

I received a collections' letter for Hollywood Video in the amount of $176.78. The last time I visited the store I owed nothing. Everything had been paid up. I was told now I received this bill a year later from this credit business. They told me it was for later charges and the cost of the item that had the late charge on it. She claimed it was written in the agreement that was signed. I asked them for a copy and she said I would have to request this in writing. I asked her if it would be a copy of the original contract or a falsified copy, she said yes.

I then asked her so it would be falsified and she changed the subject and said I would have to write for it. They cannot seem to give a itemized account summary. She also told me that she did not know what I was trying to do but they were not a scam company which rang a bell to me then.This was the second time I called. They informed me the call was being recorded prior to the conversation. I had a call last week from National Credit with this number **, but no message was left.

While checking my credit reports, I noticed that NCS was on my TransUnion report as a collection account for original creditor, Hollywood Video. I have never been called or notified in any way about this supposed debt. I do not owe Hollywood Video or NCS anything. I called NCS and spoke with Misty, who was rude and hung up on me while I was talking. I called back and talked to Therron. He wanted to transfer me to Misty until I asked him not to. He put me on hold and came back on the line and told me he could take care of all my problems. All I had to do was pay the amount I owed. I asked to speak to a supervisor and he said no, several times.

I asked him not to hang up on me numerous times and finally, he silently put me on hold. I held for 10 minutes, another man answered then put me on hold for 10 more minutes until Marci **, a supervisor, came on the line. She was very professional, but I was basically told the same thing. I will have to write them and request the information. I notified her about her rude employees and she apologized. I have sent a certified letter to them requesting numerous items be sent to me to try to prove their claim.

I found out that I had been turned into NCS today for not paying late fees to Hollywood video (which is now closed). They could not give me any details as to what I had turned in late. All they told me was that I had late fees and since they were never paid, I had to pay the cost of the game or movie. I was turned over to NCS in October and I was never sent any sort of bill or notice of any sort. I had to find out by doing a credit report. They also expect me to pay in full the amount owed by Friday, which is only four days away. I intend on getting records of the dates and movies/games that I had turned in late and if they cannot give me any proof, I will be reporting them to the attorney general's office.

They just popped up on my credit report for a collection of $36! I did order from Columbia House back in maybe '97 or '98 and fulfilled my membership commitments with them! This lowered my credit score considerably, after I have been working so hard to build it back up. I have filed a dispute with Experian. This debt, which is invalid, is also beyond the statute of limitations. NCS has violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act and has re-aged the debt as of July of 2010. This has dropped my credit score by 45 points and it isn't even valid! If this gets removed, will my credit score go back up to where it was?

They claim to be representing Hollywood Video in collecting a balance of $99.86. This was never owed by us to Hollywood Video, and we never failed to return a video to them while they were still in business. The NCS company says that they do not need to provide evidence that the debt is owed, and that the burden of proof is on us to prove we do not owe the debt.

We are well along in years and have never had a blemish on our credit. This not only has been a great inconvenience. Their threat to ruin our credit has created a very difficult emotional state for me and my wife. When we have tried to speak with an agent, they become defensive and hostile, in spite of our efforts to be cool and factual about the situation.

In January of 2011, I was in the process of buying a home and my lender contacted me about an outstanding item on my credit report. I had cleared all of my debt back in 2009, so I was shocked that this item showed up out of the blue. My lender informed me that the creditor was National Credit Solutions. I gave them a call, and they told me that there was a balance of $150 and that the original creditor was BMG/Columbia House.

Several years prior, BMG attempted to collect for a DVD that I never received, and I fought with them for quite some time about the charges. I didn't hear anything for several years, and I assumed the situation was rectified.

The representative from National Credit Solutions informed me that since BMG/Columbia House was no longer in business, my only course of action was to pay the balance on the account. In the interest of getting the item settled, I paid the $150 and was told to expect a "Paid in Full" letter within 3-4 days.

More than a week has passed and I still have not received the letter. I contacted NCS this morning to try and get a copy of the letter (which they claim to have mailed) faxed to me. I was told I would have to send them a letter authorizing them to fax it to me. I did, and after several hours, I called to check on the status of the fax as I had not received the letter.

Another representative from NCS informed me that faxes sometimes take "up to 48 hours" to get to them, but that she would check on it and call me back in an hour. Two hours passed and I called again to find out what was going on. I got the obligatory "All of our credit assistants are currently serving other clients" message, and was told (by the system) that I was caller 20. After 5 minutes of nothing, I hung up and called again. I received the same results on subsequent attempts.

Aside from obvious damage to my credit score resulting from an unresolved debt apparently sitting on my credit report for more than a year, I may be in danger of my mortgage not being approved. This company is conducting fraud and I can't believe that they are being allowed to continue to do this to more and more people.

I received a notice from an alert on my credit report that I had a negative hit before I received the notice from the credit agency. They were pursuing $184.70 for late fees from a Hollywood Video account. I had never received anything from Hollywood Video in writing or by phone and never had a chance to dispute if it was correct. When I contacted National Credit Solutions, they indicated that it was for three movies returned late. I informed them that it was incorrect, not to mention that had it been true, it would have been just about $6.00 in late fees. The lady then said that they charged other fees on top.

I have filed a complaint with Michigan Attorney General, FTC, and am going to send to my local paper, news, and other agencies. Clearly, something is up with how Hollywood Video handled the bankruptcy, how the credit agency comes up with an arbitrary number, and the fact that your credit report is hit before any contact is made with the consumer. I would love to see a class action lawsuit by all Hollywood Video customers. Most of us were up sold on unlimited plans with no late fees and then had late fees attached anyway. No wonder they went out of business.

I called on 1/6/11 after finding their name on my credit report. I have a credit monitoring service so it was just reported on 12/10. The male person at NCS "politely" said that the $99.00 I "owe" was for late fees on a PS3 game rented on 1/30/09. I am not saying I did not rent this game, but it was returned on time! He informed me that if I did not have a receipt that I can not prove that. I asked how come I was not notified that there were late fees owed. He said that in HWV's contract, it is stated that they only have to tell you when it is due back. If you do not go in the store when returning and get a receipt, it's your responsibility to know or find out if it is late. They do not have to notify you at any time by phone, letter or otherwise.

National Credit Solutions said the same thing when I asked them why they did not call or write to notify me. I would not have even known if I did not have my credit monitoring service. This is the most asinine thing I have ever heard of.

First of all, let's say I did get a receipt on 1/30/09 stating that I did return it on time, who the ** is going to have that receipt now, 1/6/11? I asked NCS how they can prove this claim. His response was that it was in their files that were sent to them for collections. ** is what I say. He said it would stay on my credit report until it was paid in full.

I informed him this conversation was over and hung up.

I have a bad credit report saying that I got a DVD from the Movie Gallery that no longer exist (this is a bunch of **). Nobody can get a hold of you to let you know what is going on. I had a great credit report and it is now bad because of these people. Now, they won't even answer their phone. You are always the 33rd caller and then, nothing.

I just received a credit alert about some debt for $178.00 from National Credit Solutions. When I reviewed it in more detail from my credit monitoring service by Experian, it seems to come from Hollywood Video. I do not know of any balance due at Hollywood. They went out of business, and I have never received an invoice nor any other communication from them. Now I have this collection notice, and my credit report has plummeted.

I received an alert from Equifax today that my credit report shows that Experian reported that "Collection information has been added to or changed on your credit file." The report goes on to say "If you do not have a past due account that may have been sent to collections, contact the collection agency reporting the collection account as this may be a sign of fraud." The report states National Credit Solutions is the company and that I owe them $148.

This is definitely fraudulent. I have never heard of them. I do not have any overdue accounts with anyone. Tonight, I googled National Credit Solutions, and this website is my first stop. Now I am angry and worried and have no idea what to do. I would like help please! Thank you.

I recently noticed that a bill for $108 is on my credit report and lists BMG as the original creditor. I do not recall owing them any money and I have not dealt with them in the past. I attempted to dispute this with Experian but I was advised that is was verified and will remain. I am in the process of cleaning up my credit report. This is very damaging.

I received an ID alert re my credit report of negative activity. I got credit report copy and found this item and call NCS regarding this as I have never gotten one letter from Hollywood Video or collection agency. The store closed many months ago and I had returned all movies and paid any late charges as I have done all along.The person at NCS said I owed for 13 movies and late charges! Also stated even if I did not have any movies, I still owed the price of full movie since they were returned late!

NCS person said it was in contract (which I had never heard of) and was yelling and acting like I was a deadbeat who didn't pay my bills. I never would have known about this but because I have ID alert I was able to find out. Never ever received any letter, phone calls ever regarding this matter from Hollywood Video or NCS. I see there are many complaints about this happening to others!

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