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Called about my deceased husband. Refused to tell me whom they were but I had caller ID and then they asked me to fax personal info to them and when I said I needed to know who they were he hung up the phone on me.


MRS associates has been harassing and calling me trying to collect a debt. This person Ken B is calling my family home which I do live at and have told them not to call. They have started calling my work and now they are calling my boyfriends mother who I have no relationship with. I called to request that he only speak with me, and he used vile language and told me he can do whatever he wants.

I asked to speak with his supervisor and he hung up on me. I called back and I told him I am referring this to a lawyer and this harassment is illegal and he told me he can do whatever he wants and will call me at work every day until I pay. This is ruining my work reputation and my reputation with my family. About a month ago I tried to settle my debt and they would not talk to me or hear of it and now they are harassing me. I need help dealing with this man and this company. This man, Ken B is completely vile, rude and mocking. I tried to clear this and he mocked me and told me he can call whoever he wants to get information. The physical damage that has occurred is the defamation of my character to people I work with and my boyfriends family.

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