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First of all, they kept harassing me, saying that it was my bill and I needed to pay. In all truthfulness, it’s my former stepdaughter’s account. My name was supposed to be removed from the account. However, since it never was, my SS number was still associated with it. Anyway, I told Suzie the agent that I would take it up with Verizon since she refused to give me her supervisor, claiming there is no one above her. So, when I called from the Verizon wireless store, she got upset and all I was doing was asking her to pull the case file. She insisted that it is my bill and refused to do it. So she hung up on me. Ever since then, she took it upon herself to not even listen to me.

In fact, it got to the point where they would not even answer my call. I always got an answering system. If she had listened, she would know that I don't live in Wisconsin. I live in Colorado, so I never even received a letter 5 days after they contacted me with the debt information. They probably sent it to my ex-stepdaughter’s house. I don't think they even believed I live in Colorado. So, anyway, I sent them a letter stating that it’s not my bill and I don't owe her or Miracle Financial anything and I flat out refused to pay anything.


I kept receiving calls from Miracle Financial asking for another person. They would call me at all hours of the day. I had just changed my number, so I am guessing whoever had my new number last was the person they were attempting to call. I called back for the first time about a month ago and also spoke to Wendell. He was very respectful, and although he asked me to provide information that I told him I simply would not give him, like my current address, he promised me that my number was removed from the system.

Today, I received another call from Miracle Financial while at work. Upon returning their call for the second time, I was transferred to the same Lisa immediately without even saying a word. She was very condescending and rude right away. I told her I was not the person she was attempting to call and that I had called before and asked to have my number removed by Wendell. She argued that I had not in fact called. Why would I lie about calling? How would she even know if I had not talked to her?

Eventually, she said, "Ma'am, you've never called this office before." and hung up before I could get in another word. I called back immediately outraged and demanded to have my number removed from a different woman whose name I cannot recall. I told her how rude this Lisa person was to me and the new girl simply insisted my number was not even in their system, neglecting to address the unprofessional conduct.

All in all, it looks like this place is borderline scam-artist and extremely rude. I almost feel like calling Lisa back and reminding her that she is a telephone operator and wishing her a happy life. Point blank, do not give any personal information to this company, and if you are transferred to Lisa, ask for someone else.

I felt I had to share after reading another testimonial on this site about Lisa and Wendell and how extremely rude and even racist Lisa was. The fact that this company is small enough to have the same telephone operators each time you call in and also that they continue to practice condescending and discriminatory behavior scream scam. If they call me again, I will be pursuing legal action.


On 5/6/08 I returned a phone call to Wendell xt. 543015, a customer service representative, that left a message asking me to do so. Miracle Financial is a debt collection agency, once I was transferred to Wendell and he answered the phone I noticed that when Wendell was "verifying" my personal indentification information (ie social security #, address, phone number) he would say the information in its entirety and then ask me to "verify" by responding "Yes" or "No" that the information he read me was correct. I was automatically alarmed at this verification process because it was obviously violating privacy laws.

After discussing the debt that Wendell was attempting to collect, I asked him how many phone numbers he had on file for me. He read all the complete phone numbers to me (there were phone numbers of places I had never resided at) I then asked him about the verification practices of Miracle Financial. When I expressed my concerns he very sarcastically reiterated statements that I made concerning the privacy issue. I then asked to be transeferred to a supervisor he expressed that he wasn't sure why I needed to speak to someone if he and I were about to "hang-up anyway".

I was persistent and after being placed on hold a reprsentative by the name of Lisa answered saying she is his supervisor, she was extremely unhelpful and disrespectful. While speaking to Lisa I tried to express my concerns about the level of confidentiality they were demonstrating regarding the information of individuals they are attempting to collect debts from but sadly all she did was talk over me and ask me when I was going to pay the less that $200 debt in question.

I didn't ask to be transferred to anyone else but she said into the phone's receiver, "Susie what extension are you under because this girl is trippin". I was transferred to Susie who stated that she was a supervisor as well and she said the identification method used by Wendell was common practice at Miracle Financial and she deemed it appropriate to repeat personal identification information to clients in order to get them to verify that it is them.

I was immediately aware of the racial undertone that the remark made by Lisa carried, I tried to address how inappropriate it was with Susie but she didn't want to discuss anything about the (mis)behavior of her colleagues. She was yelling at me over the phone regarding the debt even when I asked her to let me speak she would not, I proceeded to hang up.

I called the Miracle Financial office's mainline (508-) and a young lady named Holly answered she said her title is Client Services Representative. I explained to her that I need to speak to a Quality Control supervisor or Collections department director. She redirected me to contact Ms. Earline W., the floor supervisor of the individuals I had spoken to. I called the 1800 # she provided and got in contact with Earline. It was obvious that she had already been notified by her colleagues. She began the conversation by trying to collect the debt I explained that I had another concern to address first.

I explained to her my concern about Miracle Financial's privacy practices, I also expressed my disapproval with the manner in which Lisa addressed me "this girl is trippin'" is gravely unacceptable in any type of professional context. I explained to her that I felt the remark had racial undertones and Earline Whithead esponded that "she doubted it had any racial meaning because Wendell, the young man that transferred the call to Lisa, was also black." I was livid I could not believe the repeated lack of professionalism and the apparent disregard of tact and not to mention the complete lack of cultural sensitivity.

I, the client, am not an African-American or "black" as Earline Whitehead stated the representative, Wendell is. So what she planned to accomplish by assuring me that Wendell is black is still unknown to me. This entire situation is alarming and I am deeply offended by the manner in which this has been handled. Ms. Earline W. made excuses for her colleagues and did not say she would change anything about the practices of the organization.

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